Ain Soph Aur, The Kabbalah and Heavenly Father


“What did you learn from the infinity and The Father?” I was asked this strange question in my dream last night. I guess this is the question i’m suppose to answer. What is Ain Soph Aur, the tree of life, who is Heavenly Father? The dreams last night were all scrambled though, i guess i wasn’t sleeping too well last night it was like a VHS with sound but all the pictures were fried. So i guess i’m going to have to answer what is Ain Soph Aur, what is the Tree of Life and who is The Father in this post.

After Keter the Crown of the Kabbalah, there are three abstract but very real veils of creation. These are three Veils from entering to the higher realms; Ain Soph Aur, Ain Soph and Ain.

The Ain Soph Aur idea is when you look beyond what the tree is, you see that even before the tree there is only light. Light metaphorically and abstractly through nurturing essence of Life, Grace, Hope, Faith, Redemption, Truth, Universe, God and Love (The list is pretty endless because according to this idea anything that likens or is nurtured by light is part of the light body). It’s an inner communion with the eternal light that can heal and transform you, it’s not as simple as light itself from our relative perspective. If you think of Einstein and the state of relativity if you are traveling at the speed of light you would be everywhere in all time and space. When the world was created and the first light came into being the whole entirety of space and time were created and the experience was held simultaneously with that creation.

Ain Soph meaning Boundless Light or “No Limit” This is the idea that if there is nothing here then you have reached the place of no limit. It is divinity, infinity, eternity in it’s purest state.

Ain Soph means The Infinite or translated to “No Limit”. Ain Soph also means Boundless Light. It seems as we go higher into the spiritual realms of The Monadic World everything becomes more abstract and less concrete. It becomes more reliant on the defined expression of what it is more so than what it actually is according to our basic senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell and more of a knowing rather than anything else.

Ain means No or Nothing. Ain is best related as a metaphor or parallel to outer space but to a further extreme. It is Absolute nothing, it means nothing or no place. In this place is an absence of anything, no light has touched this place – not even god has manifested there.


The “Tree of Life” also known as the Kabbalah.

Keter: In the matter of Cause and Effect of all beginnings of life. Keter is the Effect. Metatron is in this seat. Malkuth (The Physical World) Is likened to that of burning coal. The coal creates fire but fire is the cause of coal, the fire cannot exist without the coal and neither can the coal without the fire. The relation is mutual and dependent on one another. Kether is represented as Pure energy and the Physical World is passive earth of matter. In according to the Einsteins E=Mc^2 math, Light can have two meanings pure being and pure awareness. Malkuth is the state of being for light but not with pure awareness. In order for it to know it would need a subject to do the knowing.

Chokmah/Hochmah =Wisdom, The Word of God/Radiant Consciousness

Binah = Understanding/ Sanctifying Intelligence

Daath/Daat (The hidden one because you see the sun, but you cannot touch it) = Knowledge

Chesed/Hesed = Mercy, Majesty/ Cohesive Intelligence

Geburah/Gevura = Severity, Strength, Justice, Radical Intelligence and Rooted Consciousness

Tipareth/Tifereth = Beauty, The Holy Child, Intelligence of the Mediating Influence / Transcendental Influx Consciousness

Netzache/Nezach = Victory, The Beauty of Nature, Hidden Intelligence, Occult

Hod = Splendour of Science and Craft. Perfect Consciousness, Absolute Intelligence.

Yesod = The Foundations, Clear Intelligence

Malkuth/Malcuth = The Bride, The Kingdom, The Virgin, The Gate, The resplendent Intelligence.

This is the Original Tree of Life: The Kabbalah

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This is the Ladder of Jacob an extended and expanded one.

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(Started this project called Jacobs Ladder an extension to the Kabbalah [Tree of Life]. Done on Adobe Photoshop Custom also thanks to this site for the layout.


The Heavenly Father is a fatherly figure who as the body of light through the angels he speaks and does his work. But through his pure essence he is in us and all around us in every person, place or thing. Subjectively, Objectively and Benevolently. In all Spaces, Times and Dimensions. He is with us at all times in our essence, if you are conscious, he is conscious essentially. We are as a collective a part of him, God who has given all of us the creative spark of life, love and light. This is who heavenly Father is. The Universe in one respect in all living/static/dead matter, but he is also Truth in all things good and bad, The equity and fairness of life. Nature who is not always conscientious of it’s abilities. And finally he has a form but it is through us as the collective we are extensions of his hand, heart and mind.

Ein Sof; Tree of Life. Mapping of Modern Sciences, Alchemy Sciences and Divine Sciences.


Ein Sof; is the divine origin of all created existence, in contrast to the Ein (or Ayn), which is infinite nothingness. It was first used by Azriel ben Menahem, who, sharing the Neoplatonic view that God can have no desire, thought, word, or action, emphasized by it the negation of any attribute.

Before there was a god, there was a tree; And it nurtured the universe, gave shade, shelter and gave the manifestation of god in the form of light. Borning God and all his forms physical, mental and spiritual. His Soul.  The Tree is known as Ein Sof “The Endless One” or “Infinity”.

The source of all life; Though this does not contain answers you face in this world. The answer is what is deep unconscious within you, your relation with god, your world and your truths. Absent or not. You are merely an extension or a vessel for god to see through. Your life is his and the experience you gain is your happiness as well as his.

Ein Sof (Tree of Life, Universal Mother, Panentheism. Oversoul Logos.)

Universe, God, Truth and Determine Fate.

Universe; Garden of Eden, The Big Bang, Virtual Simulation . Always Existed

The Big Bang; Eternal science, Ambiguous science, Celestial science and Alchemic science

Eternal science is the science of life and death. The modern science we understand today:

Physics; Relativity, Quantum mechanics and String theory. Quantum gravity.

Biology; Genetic, Physiological and Systemic. Evolutionary. 

Psychology; Biological Psychology, Social Psychology and Psychoanalysis. Extential-humanistic.

Study of Soul; Transcendence, Ascendance, and Inter-dimensional transcendence. Consciousness Ascendance. 

Ambiguity science happens to be the field of study for Virtues and it’s affects. Actually a good example of that is what we are doing right here.

Ambiguity science; 3d dimensional mapping, Information values implementing and Animation/Rendering. Information Delivering and Processing.

Divine science. I have not had the pleasure of exploring fully but i’m sure the technology in heaven should surely be more advanced. Any idea here for Divine Science is guesswork and vaguely general.

Divine Science; Ceremony, Miracles and Summoning. Embodiment.

Ceremony; Elemental cores, Healing Rites, Mixture of Holy Writs/Callings. Sacrifice of Holy body to degenerate to lower form.

Miracles;  Celestial Interpretation of Stars, Inscribing/Enchanting and Formation. Prophesying.

Summoning; Identifying spirit, Calling forward, and Opening Dimensional Gateways. Materialization into reality.

Embodiment; Picking Host, Protect Host and Inspiriting Host. Embody Host.

Alchemic: Is the ascended element of this triangle and is the gateway between all three sciences that bring heaven onto Earth.

Science of Alchemy; Religion, Magic and Mythology. Spirituality.

Religion; Imbued stones/crystals/blood, Practice/Chants/Hymns, and Ritual. Spirit/Jinn Summon.

Magic; Elemental, Astronomy Alignment and Astrology Spheres. Elemental Manifestation.

Mythology; Ideology Summoning, Mythological Summoning, Divination Summoning. Celestial Manifestation.

Spiritual/Elemental Summoning; Sanctuary(Health), Remote viewing/Astral projection, Elemental Manipulation. Creation of Crude Temporary Life.

The divine origin of all created existence is in Panentheism (All in One) and that the source is Ein Sof the Tree of life or Mother of the Universe.

Ein Sof the; Tree of Life, Universal Mother, Panentheism. Oversoul Logos.

Picture reference: Noah Bradly