Symbolism of life in the microcosm to macrocosms.

A flower, sand and starfish. What do they have in common? they are all in our interactive plain of environment. We are the center plain of existence what we see and touch is our plain of experience. Understanding the world and seeing the pattern of life around us is key to altruistic love. All things have a place, purpose and time. It blooms in it’s short life span. The living world:

Vertical dimension of living spectrum.

State of our plain of existence. From the microcosm to macrocosm.

nothingness, ghost, animal, human, demi gods, god


The environmental world: Spectrums of world from minimal world to maximal world. positive, neutral to negative.

nothingness,  dust, protons, starfish, star, embodiment of stars.

nothingness, quarks, neutrons, sand, planets, universe

nothingness, gas, electrons,  flower, black holes, massive central Black hole

A pattern shown in nature emerges that show a consistency in shape and behavior/pattern in body. These are the celestial or divine bodies that I have identified.

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