Katana: A product of behavior manipulation


imagesTraditions in Japan just like the tea ceremonies make them do strange and unusual routines. These routines are sometimes necessary for humans to jog a person’s memory in the case of crafting such a sophisticated weapon. Like the hours they must wait the next day before working on it again. It takes a couple months to create (possibly 2-6 and 1-15 men) a masterful Katana.

Crafting a Katana in the times of feudal japan and tempering a sword there was a ceremony performed that took years of practice to master and craft the best swords around the world. The technology of crafting swords made Samurais the most feared swordsmen of all time. They created swords purging impurities by folding steel over and over again around 15 times yielding 32,768 layers. Then heating it at 750 degrees celcius and then from austenite cooling it immediately to create martensite. The pattern in which the forge smith does all this helps in remembering when to do something and how. Tradition has it’s place and preserving such things as tradition will yield great things.

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