Ethos Syndicate: Timeless chivalry and conscience.


Identity: Anonymous, no one but everyone, a body of people nameless but conscious. To be all but nothing. As a body of people we act as one nameless and we act out of kindness or favor. Working through the emptiness of nothingness to achieve a desired result. Humanity is the heaven’s conscience. Timeless reaching back in time physically to touch the lives of the hopeless and backwards thinking of our misguided selves. Tell them to be better, know better and to spread the word of love which is kindness of heart. The care like that of a mother’s grace. Merciful, thoughtful and understanding hands that guide by faith. Faith, Hope and Redemption is the trinity that never fails. It is heaven’s mark and man kind’s destination, what we stand for and what we do to achieve greatness.

This name “Ethos Syndicate” represents a body of people with a system of moral beliefs and a standard system of guidance.

Defining a person-

Ethos: The guiding beliefs of a group, organization or person.

Syndicate: a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.

Shared journey:

I am the Ethos Syndicate of the heroes I cherish in this life. Fictional characters to living or dead heroes of today. I have the desire and interests of their spirits to do what I believe is right.

My life is a tangled web of time. I affect all that is around me and I have the opportunity to nurture those under the stems of my web. I am at the center, a medium that speaks balance and demands all and nothing. Love is my savior and love is my redemption. Service is my reward. I am the trinity of humanity. The product of hope, faith and redemption.

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