Religion: A danger or tool?

1231On the subject of minorities at the moment trying to get equal rights. Is god’s word hate? or of peace? or do you want to ignore a whole community of people who are asexual, gay, bisexual and transgender? These shades of grey in the human gender spectrum will exist no matter how hard to try to hide them. Religion needs to change in that if it does not stop it’s discrimination towards these minorities that they will cause a world of hate and self destruction for these lives. How are you going to deal with these people?  ignore them and force these humans to live their life confused and closed off from other people? This is a major issue, If god is not accepting of these minorities then religion is a tool of hate and separation. The United states is a country working towards a world of tolerance and justice. And the bible is calling it Modern Babylon.. when they accused rome of being Babylon at one point. Where is the scarlet, gold and purple? Where are the kings that are represented by the crown the beast wears? These refrences from the bible are vague and honestly i can’t believe people are studying the bible as a science or history book. It’s a book of faith and faith is what the people of the past needed – we build on futures based on science, general social ethics, politics, economy and services now.

We have taken a book that may save us from eternal damnation and turned into a walk through book that shouldn’t be. The book is not a walk through but encoded and influenced by the spirit of the holy ghost. It is to be interpreted and reflected on, not a step by step guidance through life. This is what your ancestors did and we have grown to know better then to do what religion in the past has done. What happened to peace and love? living in the comfort of a warm home with safe water and safe food. A job and safe passage to and from work. A family to look out for you, a family of your own to raise. This is all possible for anyone. One who looks hard enough in this world will find a way to get it to work even if it isn’t perfect. The words of scriptures have been twisted and misinterpreted because circumstance, conditions and situations the writer and reader have been put in. Catholics and Hollywood media depict Christ as a white man. Christ was black apparently, with bronze skin and hair like sheep’s wool (kinky hair). How is it possible ? — imaginiation for one.. circumstance, condition and situation. This just shows the magnitude of the misconception from the bible today. The name Jesus isn’t even the original christ name, history, people and condition/circumstance/situation changed it. His original name was Yeshua. I think what we made is a whole new person and possibly conjured a religion based on misconception and time twisted ideas.

I’m just saying all we need is love; Tolerance, virtue and understanding to get through these times. It’ll get better! We just gotta push through these bullies and misguided idealists and create a path that works. The world is not perfect and you can only work with what you got.

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