Turned to rock by a serpent and evil spirits.

Had another dream. It was an Eastern Dragon and it consumed a man by twisting his head off. The head went up in a cloud of smoke. Watching from afar a man confronted him who glowed green and he was a round man, bald and in robes. The dragon looked into his mind and went to the location where all this man’s gold was hidden. There was gold and gems from all sides and the dragon shoved all of it down the mans throat as though it was to mock who he was and turned him to stone.

An interpretation of this story may be that the serpent is lust and that all the man’s work to enlightenment may be wasted through wealth and temptation by the serpent.

I recognize the animal that may be in me. It was like the dream was telling me that i was being bought out of enlightenment with money. That temptation is the challenge i face. Either that or someone is in trouble of this happening because i was in third person when it happened.

I read an interesting article today about a spirit that feeds on the polarization of a person’s emotions. I learned that it acts out of your blind spot and only exists when you don’t see it. What it does is that it hides inside of you and when you see the evil that is out there and do not have compassion for the person committing the evil, you yourself will be possessed by this spirit. Its an aboriginal evil spirit called a Wetiko. I think it means if you don’t identify with the evil inside of you with this other man then you yourself will be a a target for doing an evil of your own. I’m not sure i understood much more of his content but he is a very intelligent man who’s been a Buddhist for 30 years and worked with some famous monks. He went through some hospital time because they told him he had a chemical imbalance in the brain but he lives without any medication and is fully recovered despite the doctors saying he will have to take medication for the rest of his life.


If you want to check his work out.

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