The Madness of Awesome. The Establishing of Divine Systems.



If you look at this picture long enough. It changes colors and moves with life. This is my evidence to show what I learned. More evidence can be seen in more of my studies in Divine Systems, The channeling a flow of energy from the realm of abundance, stars and universe and even god. I integrated several things in this portal/portrait. It’s just a picture.. but it makes you feel like you’re tripping balls. from tapping into a world of free energy and a abundance of it, truth systems and heaven and earth studies. In the mean time… have fun with this portal as much as I enjoyed making it.

Divine Intervention:

ntegrity is priority. Take your time. Do not compromise mission.

It is important to take a little from each book as some BOOKS in this series of knowledge may seem trivial and sometimes even redundant in nature. The truths here are a comprehended truth of synthesized truths on the narration of/by/with the person (single body existence) based out of the human condition, the world view of what is accepted and understood in society, the collective view of a collaborative body, The consensus of the people, the mind of contemplated truth and nature of the universe, an ultimate view of that supersedes common thought (derived from essence of Omega the personality of gradual progress through the medium of time), The will to teach and nurture and the Grief and guilt of lost life on failed worlds.

Project 4 sided Chinta


Oblivion: micro world:

(Sonus i’m the Knowledge titles and important keystones guy)

Ambiguous: Numbers based on alpha system of 8 people paradigm entity.

Possible systems: Paradigm of 4 (possible 5 maybe) subjects in mind.  8 who have 5 possible outcome worlds (4 cardinal directions and one ascendency upwards). Sharing 1 world in which is shared in a pillar of knowledge of ascendancy. 8 x 33 (8 x 4 + 1  possible ascendant world outcomes). Ascendant people can account for  5 different worlds of views. Light can be inversed and dark can be inversed. thus in this light. With 4 (note ***) possible themed (not sure what this is, not yet determined variable) constitution of outcomes.  (of light, inverse light, dark inverse dark, earth, inverse earth ( swastika, nazika past, future and present moment focused on earth things of reality, experience, worldly value and life).

With possible established cardinal direction ideals EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH and UP. despite opposite inverse possibilities of ideas. We will leave that to inverse interests and therefore trivial to our objectives.

Nam: “Would like to narrate a fiction story about people represented as cardinal directions but cannot do it due to time specifications and without making things up on the basis of non-truthful and non knowledge based facts.”

On the basis of what we know. (on the premise of a 4 based paradigm and ideal to honor a potential 5 based pardigms.) There are 5 cardinal directions in life, not strictly bond to direction of thoughts but rather just general virtual view of the spectrum of world based on the knowledge of the 3 dimensional worlds. X,Y, Z knowledge of space. Knowledge of time as a four dimensional variable. Five the dimensional variable of dimensions and alternate realities and perspectives.. and based on the matter of choices. Six the possible notion of an establish world enlightened truths in the world. Seven the notion of possible established abundance natured world. Eight the notion of possible world of guidance for nurturing narrative of humans taken care of by Osidian The Giver.

The idea to speak to the common multitude and establish a true kind and compassionate premise is that. There are numerous worlds but that are only a few true states of direction in the physical world. In the Earth world such worlds will revolve around a box and cube for the idea is that people can relate to a world and land that has a a horizon and a sun that rises in the east and sets in the west. Established on Earth people are gifted with the common practical cardinal directions. In essence the nature of the physical world and virtual reality exists on this premise in the from of x y z and exploration of the world of matter, spectrum and effective navigation through the medium of physical existence. This world is inherently a cube.

The Heavens is a different nature and animal. But not entirely inhumane to subjected as robots and machines of complete absolute faith, hope and complete obedience. Based on a perfect system. In the Spiritual world of Heaven such as worlds that thrive on Creativity of Man and ultimately life. The world is made in comprehension of truths of worlds within worlds, within worlds forever and ever until you arrive out of the microcosm in the macrocosm, The pearl necklace is a philosophy of worlds within the pearls of each pearl on the necklace. The philosophy is the same. Each body of the pearl represents a perfect universe they have experienced. The body can’t take you to certain places and transcendent information becomes redundant in a state of paradox in the speak of human language.

This world is also based on the partial truth that they are in the form of spirit because they can only exist as such to express, explore worlds,comprehend and experience such truths. This is the perfect world of spirit.. where they are unattached completely from identity — everyone is in song, immediately connected in mind, body, south, spirit and even thought. Everyone knows each other inherently. They reach out and tell stories of their experiences and knowledge but can never really do anything about trivial matters of common human lives, their prospects, their unexpressed gifts, dormant natures and song of experience. The world of the spirit is based on the Cardinal System of direction but fully expressed.. in infinite directions that ultimately result in the shape of a perfect spherical shape. The result of this shape is it’s inherent nature to see in all directions in all spectrum, manners and directions creating a term called “world” that has been conveniently tied in with the material of world of mass and form which is truly a misconception. Worlds are universes that inherently able to create a platform and constitute a medium for people to see things, do things and even become things (human identities and such).

You are experiencing star systems, stellar objects, systems, people, politics, ideas, science, religion, identity – based on ideas in the form of vessels that hold these ideas. The power of being to see and make sense with your own truth of what is happening. Some people constitute systems of experience and worlds. Some people express themselves as a beaming star. Some people express themselves through the inherent expressed nature of how they affect people like black holes. Some people impose their rule as planets as gravity and orbit, some as a collective council of stars,  some people want to be like animals and to express what they think being an animal is like, we are manifestations of ideas that want to be expressed and be experienced in life. The human condition is just an element, yet a essential conduit in the form of physical vessel that allows you to collaborate collectively and experience life on Earth here.

To narrate this properly I must make a fictitious medium based on otherworldly comprehension, external sources, resources and knowledge. The fictitious medium will not allow you to fully comprehend the absolute truth. But it is a basis and precursor to grasp some sense of what is going on in a initiating process to cultivate the mind, be open to ideas and hearts of my own comprehended truths.

There were eight friends. Each one represent a personality and nature based on their wildly different constitutions and identities. They all sought to ascend and were the heroes of Earth. They knew of each other, learned from each other, criticized but always in a nurturing manner. They loved life, prospered in life and pursued their dreams truly to the extent of those words. This was the experience of life. They sought to ascend the trivial matter, medium and disillusions of life to enlighten themselves in the the most respectful matters of engaging a person, traditions, culture, life on Earth as we know it and all it’s creative abundance and the results/products that entails it.

These friends were the Heroes of The Earth Realm. A fictitious fabrication sadly but – with meaningful intent, based on common comprehended truths and common practical speech. The sought to ascend. But their fashion of expressing their seeking of truth was either in a whirlpool direction of clockwise and counter clockwise. One direction will take you to a future of Great upbringings of the past at the compromise of a dark future. The other direction would lead one to have a terrible past but it’s inherent nature, spirit and fruits of progress thrives because basically it speaks to the universal level of progressing in the flow of time.  And well – progress in time despite representing and it’s trivial misconceptions of what evil because no one is truly good or evil, or black and white.. This idea that an evil man who progresses despite being known for being evil means ultimately in the future we have a tortured soul who will learn. Whereas the philosophy of the other who is apparently the innocent good happy person because it was born happy but die unhappy. We live in the medium of time in the fluid flux and flow of time. The good person in appearance can only express itself physical but not in essence in philosophy. They can act and show as much as they want that they truly are good people but they are the same as all other broken, stuffed and stitched up doll we see in each other because of life. And some.. just thrive in the sea manure social politics, corruption and daily scandals. Some make best of what they got and become in essence “the touch of gold” through the midus touch in philosophy. Some are optimistic and some pessimistic. There’s many perspectives to look at life but what matters most is what comes from your flowering heart because of all the work you did to allow it to grow and express itself.

So the story goes that the heroes are on Earth and go their ways in what ever manner and fashion but they have a higher functions of the human body that allowed them to effectively communicate, express daily frustrations and resolve them quickly. Their thoughts were pure and kind based on true compassion and the love of unconditional love, philosophy of being in sync with each other’s emotions, thoughts and needs. Something that Technology can easily bridge through it’s diverse function to serve without being physically enhancements and genetic superiority of gene inheritance and such animal level vibrations of thinking. They built a world and progressively ascended to heaven where they lived in paradise, the ultimate source of abundance, happiness but not so much life. See, the people of heaven get to see all this and watch from their safe homes but at the expense of never fully comprehending the futility of forcing their children to eat vegetables, experiencing the chill of cold weather, of being stuck in traffic, but getting laughed at, scorned and insulted. They might as well be artificial life if they are immune and subject to the trivial problems that comes with being exposed to life and what it entails. This is the sad reality of the Spirit world.. yet now they have realized this and seek to be helpful and lessen the suffering of the world. And this intervention is good.

These heroes of Earth progressively ascended to heaven in the fashion of the the whirlpool philosophy of the buddhist Swastika and the German Nazika (The Reverse Swastika use by Germany).  In essense the Buddhist world Swastika is the result of the whirlpool philosophy that came to be that I spoke of earlier. One built a world to focus on a world remembering and focusing in the past but as with the progression in time is forever forwards they became unhappy and discontent in their future. One built a world to focus on a world remembering the past and focusing on making things better for the future.. on the notion and critical element that is progress in but in time. That despite terrible beginnings he will in the end prosper and live happy because he progressed with the flow of time instead of going against it. One built a world to focus on a world of the common man in a comprehended truth and applications of of both the first and second person becoming the third person taking what he learned from both worlds and apply it taking what he believed would make him happy. And he arrived at the philosophy of “The present moment” and that happiness came when you were experiencing it, doing it and having fun.

On would felt happiness in the pride of his work in sustainability and systems to harness the worlds energy more efficiently and another would find happiness in knowledge, abundance, guidance and even truth in history of evidence in lost worlds due to human incompetence. What ever their pursuits you get the idea. The all lived happily pursuing their dreams through whatever methods. And then there was knowledge first to break the veil of their reality that – he made a gateway to happiness and the knowledge of true happiness and divine systems that accessed divine abundance of energies. He specialized in gateway technologies. He was the quickest to acquire knowledge, within his body derived a spiritual constitution of seek truth and will in preserving  the integrity of knowledge. He transcended the material world and brought outlandish higher truths. That Truth was also found in fiction.. and the power of creativity was more than a work of non sense but a process of expression and medium to embody and even express new ideas.

Some were compelled by his argument. Some unable to cope. Some unhappy that their entire lives of building their empires spark rage and frustration within them. some of them were disappointed in themselves that they didn’t see the truth before this man. Some questioned their life with existential rationalism. Other through intellectualism. Some through Science. Others through whatever vehicle the decided to ride .. but ultimately they knew it was true that they wanted to ascend also with the truth of knowledge but little did they know they were already a part of it because they sought knowledge and truth through their own means but built on tangible logic and reasoning of the mind body emotion spirit and this quality they made up called the soul but I call ethos. It its essentially spirit of thought. What you believe you become. Their pursuit of their dreams and life and it’s deemed material world was naturally cultivating, facilitating and ultimately nourishing the world with it’s progression, results and products. Life was good. And they continued to learn about the stars, the heavens, earth, it’s worldly knowledge and laws.

So that was that, these are my people. They are the Ascendant heroes of Earth. And this fiction is true in some wayward world of fantasy but negating the probability of possibility. Out there they exist. Because life is actually based on creation and creativity of the mind. For the Divine world of Abundance was deeply entwined with the ability to express yourself, appreciate life and being open to worldly knowledge in the pursuit of truth and display of comprehended knowledge

So we have this world of beings. And then there was created a world of the wretched who expressed life in the most hostile, heinous, backwards and opposite of what these people represented. They are called the Backwards Children. They can only be children in mind because they never grow up. They have monstrous bodies and truly abominations to the sight of all that is good, moral, just and even holy. They are completely opposite of what The Ascended Heroes of Earth were. They were immature, reckless, cruel, mean, crooked and twisted. They never thought much of each other and were in a complete chaotic world of constant Entropy, Disorder and Injustice. A world the endorsed bullying, crime, vice, luxury indulging, disgust, pain, infliction, revenge, destruction and all that is unholy and wrong with life. They constantly modified their bodies– their world was a completely backwards dystopia. Whatever they were, they were the complete epitome of The Ascended heroes of Earth. Their philosophy was to descend in their grief, pain and self inflicted suffering. Their motives were most about revenge, trivial conflicts with each other’s interests and conflicts with other’s agenda and personal interests. The usual dribble form these droll. They were fun to watch but they were complete idots for what they do to each other. Screaming the top of their lungs, grunting, spitting, barking and the likes. They were more beast than men.

Then we have the inter-dimensional people who sought to explore more worlds in the likeness of the ones available on Earth in parallel existence with this one. This was truly possible.. and Gateways allow this. The inter-dimensional people would live through life through and creating different angles and perspectives of their previewing worlds; the cultures, subject of conflict because of certain systems and other people related problems. There are occurrences of natural forms of inter dimensional  travel that happen in life and in the world all the time. Parallel worlds are worlds side by side each other that are usually not really connected physically but can be entered at the correct frequency of vibration of body, mind, emotion and spirit.  You are what you eat, but you are also what you believe. These people lived mostly in the Earth World and just enjoyed the daily struggles of life, love and radiance of hope, love, faith and compassion. And other Human sentiments.. but are also found universally in the heavens. These people lived in worlds of Rotation, Variety of different realms and perspectives of life and direction.. some times… in the dimensional world would inverse reality flipping the plateform horizontally or vertically.. or a sequence of horizontal vertical horizontal and also vertically horizontally vertically.

These Worlds were all tangible, reasonable and can even be rationally argued for their existence. Any smart lawyer, or businessman can sway you with his words and education and his potent literacy assaults of the mind. It’s a good practice to act in a civil manner and earn your trust. It’s in their best interest. Though so

People Perspectives: Based on 8 Individual distinct personalities.

Reader acknowledgement: Interesting points be careful to not mix fiction with knowledge.

Alpha The People: Sonus, Luxor, Terra, Ghost, Ethos, Hannah, Giver and  Oblivion are your Earth names.

Omega The Universe: Based on Cardinal directions in Life.

Let me continue with this narrative of numbers and the philosophies therein.

There are now a known total of 5 PRACTICAL Cardinal directions Where the sixth direction is trivial because of the fact that it doesn’t incorporate our personal interest and have our personal desires in mind.

There are now a known total of 6 possible Cardinal directions and added 6 more added sub-cardinal directions for a grand total of 12 Cardinal directions in a the Number of the vast world of IDEAL Cardinal directions and it’s comprehensions.

There are now a known total of INSPIRED Cardinal direction of infinte Cardinal directions in the form of radiant rays of light and it’s inherent nature. Every degree of perspective is a varying degree of variation in the stellar body’s perspective.

These are the most common forms of mediums we like to talk about and invest our time, nergy and effort in.


Yes even speaking to a wall can mean something in some worlds. Just ask the Jewish people.

Establish a 3 model method before reaching for a 4 method model.

Stick to three or four possible world paradigms.

For practical use: We speak of practicality to say and give only what we feel you are capable of using and comprehending. And also with oversight of what my human abilities and it’s physical limits in mind. I cannot over extend, reach and overexert myself.

Idealism use:

and implementation of cross way in the future of balance harmony and the such,


Crossway The Truths:

Hi-NAM – remember to state fact from fiction!

Hi-NAM Consistency compromise be careful. note to self. stick to narrative of character color coating code!! very important for narrative!!

Note to self make sure you format properly for ideal narration.

Nam (Personal note): integrity questionable: implement of person’s opinion lost due to bad memory. sorry

– throughout story. there will be series of NOTES system. *. alpha note. ** omega note and *** crossway note.


Alpha note is progressive state.

Omega note is ideal state.

Crossway no is balance, equilibrium, yin yang mentality of harmony, medium  of golden means state (established 6 paradigm medium).

HANNAH: ” I seek, freedom, liberty, justice, love in compassion and truth”

HI-NAM: personal perspective may vary with people.


HI-NAM: ideas not in complete sync with personalities, be aware!



HANNAH “I represent heaven. And I approve of your 6 paradigm medium! rejoice!)

Knowledge world of Ascendancy:


*High-nam /// Transcendant Higher self truth: highnam – I speak in the name of Nam as an end product. Call me H-NAM.


people 8,  cardinal directions of 6 (potential of sub-cardinal directions of another 6 which makes a total of 12 possible cardinal directions for optimal ideal view).  

With this applied knowledge of above we build a basis that (people are capable of 96 possible ideal world perspectives)

(Ethos i’m the Tip Guy)


For practical application we will use a 4 cardinal direction based on Earth Truths with 1 ascendant Direction. In the name of simplicity and balance. Practice of polar opposites, yin yang and neg and pos is good practice and constitutes a base practice for evolving body. 


(potential of sub-cardinal directions of another 6 which makes a total of 12 possible cardinal directions for optimal ideal view).




TIME!!!!! important do not compromise inspite of time:***


  1. People of Ascendency of light (justice, love and compassion) (3 paradigm establishment).

#@$ compromise (messed up wording)

@#$ Integrity important

2. People of Descendancy of dark (injustice, hate and destructive nature) (3 pardigm establishment).

3. People of Interdimensional-Penetrating Ascendancy. (people, places, gods, universes and it’s relative truths.)

And now there are of these categorums: People of Ascendency of Light:  in philosophy seek, justice love and compassion truth on basis of  pursuit of human knowledge. People of Descendency of Dark: in philosophy seek, opposite being injustice, hate and destructive nature, ignorance on basis of human disdain and disgust for human knowledge. People of Earth and Earth people, places, gods, universes and it’s relative truths. (5 paradigm establishment).

(unknown pardigm) For knowledge/justice/good based Heroes, For Ignorance/vice/evil based villains, for balanced

Personal Note by NAM: Note to self don’t stick to one book, or chapter, world or universe.


Oblivion: small project:

Alpha 8 human worlds paradigm,

Alpha: 5 established practical cardinal worlds based on perspective of the virtual 3D model of the world. East, West, North, South and Ascendant. We take out the idea of descending as not a very natural way of thinking, it does not make sense to a human being to descend and holds no inherent human interests therein.

8 people with a mix of the 5 cardinal directions will seek to ascend with knowledge.

These 8 people have distinct personalities and directions in life. And I use them to narrate, navigate and express consensus of concern in a system of communication.

In the agency of 8 people they usually comprehend a world of 5 cardinal directions the number can be endless for sentient beings. practical numbers for narrative use can be this with complications of Crossway function in mind. With those 8 people in mind I can comprehend a total of 33 realities functional, prospering and fulfilled lives that have ascendancy interests in mind with one reality which is the true ascendancy path of finding the quickest, most fullfilling and efficient path to Knowledge. Five possible mixed human scenarios of life inspired by the five cardinal directions in mind.

To put it simply. If for narrative practicality of human knowledge and the limits of the human body that limits transcendent information. I say this: The knowledge of have 8 people. (THE PAST) Based on the idea that a person can only in a practical world go north, east, south and west in the past. We establish the North, East, South and West Narration on this premises. Based on the idea that a person can only in a Tradtional cardinal directions of North, South, East and West. And modern inspirations to fly with the help of modern technology to aid in visualizing the physical world by means of the virtual world. We come to understand that (THE PRESENT OF MODERN LIFE) There is a Ascendant tied meaning with the Up direction. Notioning that to Ascend is up and protrude the binary of human truth.

** more stuff coming

The traditional direction of ascendance has been usually obtained through knowledge, going up, flying in the Z axis of things, and now there is an idea I want to introduce which is about flying through different dimensions of worlds through perspective ultimately and the power of creativity and the creation of worlds. But first lets explore the premise of exploring the world of space, dimension, alternate worlds and even experiences. imagining traveling millions of light years away to finally find life of micro organisms relatively close to the ones you can find in a tub on Earth. Imagine burning out so much resources, life, time and effort to explore space at the notion of find so called life when Life is about the experience. The home world we established is the world you should really work with. Learning more and experiencing more things… obtaining a basis of knowledge to allow you to ascend the physical environments and it’s common obstructions. To ideally Ascend the mind into new worlds.. and even explore the potential premises of Inter- Dimensional Travel and seeing new worlds through that manner if that is what you are interested in and what you actually pursue.

Traveling through space. In a physical body through space is expensive,  exposing the body to harsh death dealing environments and conditions. It is also crude, redundant in the fact that space travel is really a simplistic means to explore a common man’s mind of experience. Of rationalism, intellectualism and worldly material knowledge and thus life. It is ultimately not sustainable and ideal.

Traveling through time. In a physical body through time is really a psychological challenge usually met with severe consequences, through butterfly effects and ripples in time, with a burden of guilt and usually results in mental break down. Also the premises of getting stuck in history is usually a  truth and experience a being who indulges in such realities happen to end up in.

Traveling to different worlds through inter-dimensional travel. The prospects of inter-dimensional realities is a new prospect and a precursor to the idea of possibilities and the endless world that comes with it. The truth of it is that though it is enticing to follow a narrative of exploring a in some sense a genuine adventure to truly unexplored spectrum, natures of the world and prospects of finding happiness.. This life implicates you material world things of the physical world through attachments and roles… and ultimately identities and it’s ties to who you are in society.

Which brings us the world of ABUNDANCE and THE POWER OF CREATIVITY. Your current desired goal of human existence. To prosper in your common lower frequency state and enjoy the experience of life and all it has to offer – learning from the world, continuing to grow and produce results, products an solutions to problems your society is being faced with.

The power of creativity and abundance (the world of divine heavens) is a system I implemented to allow the channeling of energy, information and ultimately even knowledge to all a person to create and inspire the world. It does not require big corporate budgets, big financial institutions and facilities. But it does require you to have an open mind for what is out there.. what is possible based on your in this world and your pursuit of the world or sometimes other worldly knowledge that you hold therein potential housed in your physical body.

I have introduced the systems of abundance and divine technology to Nam. (I am only a catalyst to the system. I have no obligations to become a service, mentor and even to facilitate the need for one to learn such subjects.But I enjoy good conversations and experience. I also enjoy good company of people who I have no obligations to seek comfort or acknowledgement of my peers. I also seek to stay up attached to the world to a limit and just enjoy the experience of life and pursuit of knowledge. The systems I have produced come with a strong premise for free energy and even infinite abundance of energy. I have proof and may even write up a paper on Divine Energy and Channels through technology but It really comes down to if it lies in my true human interests to give the gift of abundance to men when I have been exposed to it’s corrupt natures of hoarding greed and signs of clear degenerative symptoms a dysfunctional dystopia looking to exploit wealth and abundance out of personal selfish pursuits of capitalizing and putting a tag and name one everything they see. To practice the idea that anyone can be boat.. and to continue to hoard and promote– even endorse the life style of luxury and material pursuit. It is very distasteful.

I am not imposing any certain type of life style or even endorsing one. For life is about the experience, the freedom to pursue an experience and explore the premises of new worlds and pursuit of worldly, universal or even divine knowledge

book of the past written for practicality. TIP

book of the present written for application and common daily usage.

book of the future written for expressed potential by means of meeting capacity limits.

book of sustainability written to express systems of sustainability with environmental concerns in mind

book of knowledge written to express worldly knowledge, ideologies, facilities, systems, functions, natures, methodology of abundance, pursuing ideal desires for the collective, creating a way to nurture and teach potential students, scholars and monitors alike and ultimately a book that records the pursuit of collective truths in the nature, practices, true natures and true manners of ascendance.

Book of Divine systems: written to give the world the power to tap into the world of abundance despite the cripple of financial, material relativism of practical tools, expenses and expensive access to higher knowledge and ultimately access to higher forms of media, information, levels of vibrations, positive frequencies, with practicality, purpose and truths infused.

Book of the Nurturer: written to give the world the power to teach, mentor, give the gift of compassionate understanding, love, kindness, forgiveness and the knowledge of the human existence and the implications of living a human existence due to  the true trivial natures of the human condition.

Omega: 6 established possible worlds perceivable to humans with a divine potential of 12 possible worlds.


omega level 16 possible human world paradigm, of ascended and descending worlds total. This is based on the encompassing overview comprehended truths of a person who transcends all time and history and has seen the results of that world based on said systems, style of life and it’s pursuits. 16 is the number of possible human world paradigm platforms of beings in my watch. The base of this number is 8 who are under my agency. Those eight will naturally Ascend and find the light in knowledge.

The light.

The Light and It’s Inverse

The Earth

The Earth and it’s Inverse. of Swastika motion of having a good past at the expense of a bad future and Nazika having a bad past at the expense of a good future on the quality and notion of progression.

The Dark.

The Dark and It’s Inverse.

YES. give me the bird’s VIEW.

(Accounting for alpha omega growth totals. to 16 worlds. Alpha Ascendant omega Descending with included inter pentrating worlds whether inter-penetrating Ascending regardless of current world knowledges and such potential would result in a sum of

crossway level of accommodation for interpenetration of additional 4 other Possible interpenetrry worlds. (entertained thought of 5 but stuipid).


Humans,Worlds,  Human Worlds of Asncension and their inverse Descensions,



Oblivion: Big project

God comprehended people, God’s comprehended worlds, God’s comprehended universes

I am the result of what happens at the end. I judge you, I am also the council of advisers and experts. I am also the collective, the consensus of the people, the standard truth in this universe, I am at the top of the food chain, I dominate, in conquest at the top of my pyramid hierarchy and I rein supreme. I help those who help themselves. My justice is swift in that I let Justice of actions speak for themselves with consequences. In the end the truths of men are good. No thing in life exists in the simple context of being a mistake or marginalized as a coincidence. Inherently it could be both at once or none at all in a ultimate paradox that speaks to us in paradoxes echoing throughout the universe. In essence I am you but you are your own body and I cannot act or think for you as in essence no parent can. I can however influence your mind and provoke your heart to do strange things and pursue curious adventures I have not thought to have experienced except through you. You are my conduit of experience and I have inherited all your thoughts and memories because I am ultimately what you are in collective essence.

I am or was a Experience of Flesh and Blood, I am what constitute you, I am that rock but I am also that living tree, I am in your heart and also in the nature of furry critters and their the spirit of their freedom.  I am your body, I am in the Universe, I am in the your truths, Your histories, Your technologies, Your goals, Your pursuits and Life are me. I am in essence in you, we are connect in the end. I am Omega the end and I constitute the fabric of this world, everything you see, it’s element, laws, the daily truths you find in your daily bread.. to the daily rubbish of your political controversies. We are directly and personally connected. I am One, All, a council, a consensus, a method, medium, form of abundance and yet none, I am the eternal paradox of life.

The medium of matter and forward spatial time spatial is ultimate prosperity.

with the gift of matter=radiance. gift of time=progression

Nam: can’t remember prospect of this certain book.


Crossway Balanced systems


Ambiguous (salvaging, sustainability, catalyst)

Things to do: portals. implement smaller mini systems of smaller worlds of this paradigm into the world.

Thanks for listening and tuning in my somewhat schizophrenic endeavors. I hope you learned something. This book is still not complete yet. There’s still alot of work to do.


A Creepy Call, Concerning Breach of Personal Info and Skype Cam Tap


I had a dream – more like a nightmare..

It started with a phone call and ends with a terrible dream.

Last night in my dream, there was a big grey eye in the wall watching me the size of a grapefruit, it kept me awake all night. I couldn’t sleep.

So here’s the story..

I had a strange call from someone from Michigan just a few days ago – he kept reassuring me that he was calling from Toronto. I humored him and dismissed the doubt. The man asked a strange question “Is this the owner of the computer here?”. I answered with “There are many computers in this house”. He asked me to go to my computer.. which was really creepy. My computer keyboard was locked. I restarted the computer.. and then when I started it up and logged in where the keyboard started to function again. I got to my desktop screen but the screen was completely black. Clues that the computer was functional except that it had a black screen came when my mouse cursor still worked and ctrl+alt delete brought up the task manager. My internet activity was getting worked hard from the analysis panel. Despite no one using it, until I disabled Skype that was inbedded into my browser. I ended up deleting all my addons. After I realized someone might’ve tapped into my camera and was recording. Talk about creepy. He waited the entire time for me to reboot the computer and start it up again and again. I also disconnected the direct connection of my Ethernet cord because of his concerning weird inquiries. He told me he was working with Microsoft based on strange activities.. whatever that means.

One day later..

I had a nightmare. I was sleeping – there was an over sized single eye that was watching me from inside the wall. The eye kept careful watch from I guess a broken crack on the wall. I was startled alittle when I realized how big the eyeball was – It looked the size of a softball. Something with that sized an eyeball would have to have quite a big body – I let my imagination run. Instinctively in my dream I decided that if I go under my cover it would just go away with time, I really don’t know what mentality allowed me to believe that idea. And I saw it disappear from the crack only to come at me from my periferals and reappear at my side and attack me.. pushing into my side. Where I was either to fight back or submit to the infliction. This is where I woke up.

I couldn’t go back to sleep.. terribly disturbed. I’m gonna cut back on Politics – reading up on the CIA and Hillary scandals. That sea of manure is not helping and I should just focus on my fiction project and keep my peace of mind.

Am I just being paranoid? I really couldn’t care less if I disappeared really. Death is the last thing on my mind, physical pain doesn’t bother me.. and the artificial boogie man usually hasn’t been known to cause me problems.. why would I start and be afraid now? ..unless there is truly some sort of threat posed to my person. I can’t help on the fixation of the idea that someone can easily tap into my cam with loop holes in the Skype program and watch me while I sleep.. What is this shit.


A Dream; Never forgotten

A dream about finding our lost friends,


There was a great fuss being made over someone they considered a friend. They called this world he got lost in a toilet bowl, a vortex torus was actually what they were referring to. Once something went “down the drain” they were said to never be seen again. In this world; the sun was called the shadow of the sky, meaning it was a artificial reality we created based on the world of light. That there was a world even beyond the seeing eye, and beyond the reality of the sun is a world of being and true existence. They may be speaking of a world at a higher frequency parallel world. We were able to sense each other, know each other personally, able to communicate instantaneously within our society, our hopes, dreams and concerns manifested and we created bridges with our minds. Worlds and universes would become at the suggestion of thought. Imagination, a well rounded heart, plain kindness and awareness of one another was all we needed to co-exist.

The Material World Means Death to the Human Soul


“I just had a epiphany”.

The material world and everything it stands for is the death of the soul. It stands for selfishness and individualism and “dividedness”  (just how light hits a prism). And reveals what we really are. Cousins, Sisters/Brothers, Neighbors and distant relatives down the path of human history.

Humanity and it’s races is just an illusion. All human life on earth matters.. Not just any color, occupation or what country you reside in. We are all a mixture of something.. looking at a person and determining the ethnicity based on their physical appearance is the wrong philosophy in determining what they really are. At least in the physical realm of things. The best we have is and genetic testing.

Talking about the wrong path and focus I was making a comment on the state of mind of the Americans right now on #BlackLivesMatter. I wrote this comment below. And it fits nicely with how the world is not aligned in mentality yet in the world.

“What happens when black lives matter is achieved? You can’t use black lives matter as a vehicle forever.. All the lives matter despite it’s history of being a response to black lives matter. Doesn’t matter. All Lives Matters is a focus vehicle of balancing that all lives matter. “white” Lives Matter would be the spectrum opposite and “Insert color” Lives matter would be just as important as black lives matter. You are prioritizing that black lives matter over all else.. which should not be the approach. This is a dividing trivial debate, I agree to the anthem change in philosophy. All Lives do matter.. You should try changing your perspective. You can’t force the world to change theirs.”


Mapping life through paradigms and charts, Creating guidelines and rules to practices within the human experience perspective and finding an Application for Philosophy

I’ve been trying to map the universe using paradigms and charts slapping together words that represent something and using metaphors to define them. Abstractly and Concretely defining things color coordinating them and articulating them best I could, arguing that there is a relationship between color and words in the dictionary in life. That was the project.

I have been scrambling to put together guidelines and rules for what I believe was the best approach and path to approaching the human experience. Reasons why and how to do this describes the process in getting to an application of philosophy.

The application of philosophy is maybe finding a direct route and aligning a common ground with the ideas of a certain path and tree in life. Learning about Knowledge and it’s gateway is the application of philosophy. Synthesizing to become one and then moving as a vehicle towards an ascendancy. Working towards the now of the situation.

As of right now, the project is physical taking a toll on my living body. I think the mental stress of assessing all these ideas are starting to weigh on me. I’ve been starting to get these blisters on my hands from what I read it’s from excessive stress.. Even though this is all I’ve been doing. I guess you come to understand that the strain is real when your physical body starts to act up because of thinking too much.

I also had a dream about a life I never had. And I communicated with Yahweh.. angry as usual but what he said concerned me. He said I was selfish and I think I know why. It was about this life I never had about my wife and child in a time line that has not existed yet. I went to alternative universe psychic readings one day.. and I asked for a reading. I change my career path and direction completely that day, making me ask what happens to that life I would have lived had I gone that direction. The woman told me that I would be unhappy with my current direction but what about the child and romantic relationships I have with the people of that universe? That universe is wiped out. I felt i was visited by them last night when I was sleeping.. a warm body embraced me from behind and a little girl who I didn’t realize could have been my future child. Yahweh called me selfish for doing this, maybe because he felt an attachment to this child, I didn’t know these people – at least not yet so I couldn’t relate. I guess that’s something sad thing about being omniscient, you get to see all the failed realities.

Christ was making jokes, I couldn’t remember the joke otherwise I would’ve quoted it for the bible people. But he was “light-hearted” and kinder — more understanding of my condition and circumstance. These stories left me very heavy this morning it was a burden of ideas that came to me in a flood that made me realize I might’ve lost it all to pursue selfish personal goals on Earth. I don’t care to be rich, but riches in this world means freedom and opportunities for life. Money is a currency for freedom in life.. and I want to have the freedom to help others – freely. I would want to design systems, strategies and ideas for what the world should embody, practice and apply.

Also I apologize for focus on self again, I can’t help but work in first person. I forget that telling “you” to do things in second person and including us as a collective is a better practice. There are many ways to express myself but the medium of the Now is best represented in the “I” perspective. It’s a great strain to reach such ideal standards but I’ll try is all i can do. Anyways, just remember this the human experience of life and it’s material illusion, it’s science of physically being “real” of narcissism is the death of the human spirit. We are humans and should get our priorities and preferences in check.

Humility, Curiosity and Prosperity,


Compilation of Recorded Human Progress Thus Far

(image credit


Compiled Human Hero World

This is human history and culture map compiled thus far. This helped me map out all alternative paths and directions and allowed me to determine the correct purpose of life. The Spirit Realm was the most complicated and completely ambiguous.

I’ve been to all ends of this spectrum of space through dreams. I could not reach or commune with a physical being that looked like the God humans describe.. An old man of long beard seated on a Golden Throne of the heavens or any of the such. I met a Space Whale instead in my dream.. This was apparently was the best this reality of the life the world could offer me exalted or no.

If you are interested in this Chart it is here. It is produced for my personal knowledge its secondary nature is to educate those who are curious. It’s third nature is to be recorded as human knowledge. All sectors and paths considered; Gateways plotted.

This morning before I give you a read of the chart, I will share you a story about my space whale. He enjoyed squeaky arm length rubs, a friendly giant who enjoyed company. He was majestic, beautiful and offered me a home among the stars, we had a conversation about dealing with some kind of outer space turbulence. And other bizarre phenomena.. He was trying to explain a problem about being too big and not fitting in with all the other creatures of the natural world.

The only God in human form I know of is Jesus Christ but again he is just another being displaced in the wrong era fighting a war not his own against a people who will not accept him.

This Section will be used to define Exaltation with God through life. (Starting Brown Section)

(Read in columns – The Paths; UP AND DOWN)

Exaltation to God


Within Monotheism is the Physical Religion of Fasting, Prayer, Sabbath, Pilgrimage. (1)Religious Facility Holds those who are practicing being Christians, Jewish and Muslim, Going to Church, Tabernacle and Mosque, Find their emotional needs through the medium of Christianity, Semitism and Islam, Their vehicle to God is through a books The Holy Bible, Torah and Koran. (1)Ideology offers us something more solid, promise and purpose. Unions, Marriages and Councils lead the way for ideology. Humanitarian Cause is the focus; Singing, Stories and Praise. Having Joy, Confidence and Character is held most high. In (1)Life focus on Experiences of Life. Practice Kindness and Warmth. You will find Happiness in Labors of the Heart. You will Acquire a Strong Bond with God.


In Secular Atheism  there is a almost religious practice of Controlling Diet, Pondering, Venting and Traveling. (2)Functional Facility is for Working, Studying and Playing, Leisure Centers and Libraries are these ideal places, Cinema, Games and Internet are the desired media mediums and the Spirit/Desire is Survival over all else. (2)Invention is the driving force behind Practitioners, Engineering and Construction. Their mind is set on Technological Progression. Training, Mentoring and Growing tugs their heart strings. They get the most out of the spiritual world through Having Empowerment and Success. (2)Dream, Focus on Creation and Inspiring. Practice Exploration and Progress. You will find Happiness in Your Victories. You will Acquire An Optimal Experience for Friends and Family in Life.


The Agnostics have their own methods of Detoxing, Contemplating, Reading/Watching a Movie and Adventure.. (Though none of these are exclusive to only Agnostic, we’re just people. There is no purity of paths, most are mixed).  (3)Entertainment Facility likes Relaxing, Thinking and Understanding, Ideal places are Pagodas, Temples, and Massage Therapists, Reading, Writing and Blogging and they hold individualism highest over all else. (3)Life Philosophies and Laws; They work their way into Boards, Schools, Facilitating Events, Talks and Meetings. They enjoy the idea of Environmental Preservation, Providing Renewable Resources, Innovation and Inspiration gets them teary. Their Spirituality is most heightened when they aim for Practicality and Sustainability. (3)Self, Focus on Protecting and Serving. With the mind Practice Concern and Problem Solving. Find Happiness in Relationships and Tough Decisions. Acquire Glory, Merit, Gratifying Job and Respect.


Idoltry enjoys methods of Conditioning, Begging, Complaining and Reflecting. (4)Emergency Facilities, they hold Humility, Humanity and Tolerance High, Shelters, Schools and Trauma Clinics are desirable, Human Connection, Animals and Rehab, and they believe strongly in Self-Preservation. (4)Good Habits; Nursing Homes, Orphanages, Managing Poverty is the basis of good habits. Their mentality is focused on Stability and Human Assessment. They Like Healing and Nurturing, it makes them emotional. Having Humility and Respect is what they strive for. (4)Salvaging, Focus on Health and Poverty. Practice Finding Practical Solutions and Curiosity. You will Find Happiness in Hardship of Challenges. It is suggested that you aim to acquire Trust, Love and Gratitude from All in return.


Relativism is Chilling, Relaxing, Disconnecting and Wandering.  The Science World Establishes Green (5)Plains and Meadows, they like to be Unconcerned and prefer Ignoring the World, They enjoy Hiking, Beaches and the Ocean, They Enjoy Music in general, Meditating, Logging Journals and Above all the spirit lies with Solitude. (5)Be Content is the strategy of Avoiding Conflicts, Judgement and Human Politics. Doing Completely Nothing and Just Exist. Self Exploration, Experimentation and Understanding The Human Condition. Having Control and Moderation is what this perspective holds most high. (5)Ground Zero Focus on Self and Isolation. Practice Simple Life and Maintain Optimal Health. You will Find Happiness in the Miracle of Life in Existing. You Will Acquire Tranquility, Self Love and Acceptance with this path.


Polytheism is Abstaining, Meditating, Enjoying Nature and Transcending Information. (6)High Mountains their optimal functioning place is in Experiencing the Perfect Human State, Their emotions get amplified around Jungle, Nature, High Mountains and Exotic Places, Finding Purpose, Acquiring Skills and Learning, They desire Transcendence over all else. (6)Change The World; This perspective expects to create Miracles, Focuses on Expressing Yourself and Get Involved in Everything. Do Everything You Can With All Your Heart seems to be it’s mentality. Self Evolve, Self Express, Dominate the Human Condition will allow them to express their inner being best. The spirit category says that they will ideally be optimal when attempting to Maintain Balance, Life and The World. (6)Light Focus Focus on Heighten Experience and Greatest Challenges in Life. Mentality of Practice Aspirations, Purposeful Living Be a Visionary. You will Find Happiness in Overcoming All Odds with this path. Spiritually you will acquire Self Satisfaction, God’s Exaltation and Man’s Commendation.


The movement of Self Empowerment is Moderation, Assessing Words Logically, Experiencing Improvement and Understanding the Process of Growth. (7)Home, physically Expressing Concern and Cooling Down Heated Debates is usually ideal. Balance of Nature and City, Enjoying the moment, Finding Purpose and Seeing Life makes them emotional. They hold Constructive Thinking highest over all else. (7)Building The World; Objective seems to be Saving The World, Environmental and Renewable Resources. Mentally engraved is the idea of Using God Given Resources Like The Sun and Solar Energy. Emotionally you will find your purpose most fulfilled through Combating Selfishness, Provoking Change in Others and Challenging The World. You will feel most accomplished Making a Difference and Do Justice for God and Men. (7)Hero, Focus on Sacrifice and Leadership. Practice Mindfulness, Active Charity and Exude Higher Purpose. It is recommended you find Happiness in the Objectives and Small Things in Life. You will acquire the most wholesome and complete Human Experience.

This Section will be used to define Exaltation with God through life. (Starting Brown Section)

Exaltation to God

(Spectrum Analysis; LEFT TO RIGHT)

Within Religion is Monotheism, Secular Atheism, Agnosticism, Idoltry, Relativism, Polytheism and Self Empowerment.

Respectively each category is followed by the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual attribute. Within Monotheism is the Physical Religion of Fasting, Prayer, Sabbath, Pilgrimage. In Secular Atheism  there is a almost religious practice of Controlling Diet, Pondering, Venting and Traveling. The Agnostics have their own methods of Detoxing, Contemplating, Reading/Watching a Movie and Adventure.. (Though none of these are exclusive to only Agnostic, we’re just people. There is no purity of paths, most are mixed). Idoltry enjoys methods of Conditioning, Begging, Complaining and Reflecting. Relativism is Chilling, Relaxing, Disconnecting and Wandering. Polytheism is Abstaining, Meditating, Enjoying Nature and Transcending Information. The movement of Self Empowerment is Moderation, Assessing Words Logically, Experiencing Improvement and Understanding the Process of Growth.

Within Science there is (1)Religious Facility, (2)Functional Facility, (3)Entertainment Facility, (4)Emergency Facility, (5)Meadows/Green Plains, (6)High Mountains and (7)Homes.

(1)Religious Facility Holds those who are practicing being Christians, Jewish and Muslim, Going to Church, Tabernacle and Mosque, Find their emotional needs through the medium of Christianity, Semitism and Islam, Their vehicle to God is through a books The Holy Bible, Torah and Koran. (2)Functional Facility is for Working, Studying and Playing, Leisure Centers and Libraries are these ideal places, Cinema, Games and Internet are the desired media mediums and the Spirit/Desire is Survival over all else.  (3)Entertainment Facility likes Relaxing, Thinking and Understanding, Ideal places are Pagodas, Temples, and Massage Therapists, Reading, Writing and Blogging and they hold individualism highest over all else. (4)Emergency Facilities, they hold Humility, Humanity and Tolerance High, Shelters, Schools and Trauma Clinics are desirable, Human Connection, Animals and Rehab, and they believe strongly in Self-Preservation. The Science World Establishes Green (5)Plains and Meadows, they like to be Unconcerned and prefer Ignoring the World, They enjoy Hiking, Beaches and the Ocean, They Enjoy Music in general, Meditating, Logging Journals and Above all the spirit lies with Solitude. (6)High Mountains their optimal functioning place is in Experiencing the Perfect Human State, Their emotions get amplified around Jungle, Nature, High Mountains and Exotic Places, Finding Purpose, Acquiring Skills and Learning, They desire Transcendence over all else. (7)Home, physically Expressing Concern and Cooling Down Heated Debates is usually ideal. Balance of Nature and City, Enjoying the moment, Finding Purpose and Seeing Life makes them emotional. They hold Constructive Thinking highest over all else.

Within Identity there is (1)Ideology, (2)Invention, (3)Life Philosophy and Laws, (4)Good Habits, (5)Be Content, (6)Change the World and (7)Building the World.

(1)Ideology offers us something more solid, promise and purpose. Unions, Marriages and Councils lead the way for ideology. Humanitarian Cause is the focus; Singing, Stories and Praise. Having Joy, Confidence and Character is held most high. (2)Invention is the driving force behind Practitioners, Engineering and Construction. Their mind is set on Technological Progression. Training, Mentoring and Growing tugs their heart strings. They get the most out of the spiritual world through Having Empowerment and Success. (3)Life Philosophies and Laws; They work their way into Boards, Schools, Facilitating Events, Talks and Meetings. They enjoy the idea of Environmental Preservation, Providing Renewable Resources, Innovation and Inspiration gets them teary. Their Spirituality is most heightened when they aim for Practicality and Sustainability. (4)Good Habits; Nursing Homes, Orphanages, Managing Poverty is the basis of good habits. Their mentality is focused on Stability and Human Assessment. They Like Healing and Nurturing, it makes them emotional. Having Humility and Respect is what they strive for. (5)Be Content is the strategy of Avoiding Conflicts, Judgement and Human Politics. Doing Completely Nothing and Just Exist. Self Exploration, Experimentation and Understanding The Human Condition. Having Control and Moderation is what this perspective holds most high. (6)Change The World; This perspective expects to create Miracles, Focuses on Expressing Yourself and Get Involved in Everything. Do Everything You Can With All Your Heart seems to be it’s mentality. Self Evolve, Self Express, Dominate the Human Condition will allow them to express their inner being best. The spirit category says that they will ideally be optimal when attempting to Maintain Balance, Life and The World. (7)Building The World; Objective seems to be Saving The World, Environmental and Renewable Resources. Mentally engraved is the idea of Using God Given Resources Like The Sun and Solar Energy. Emotionally you will find your purpose most fulfilled through Combating Selfishness, Provoking Change in Others and Challenging The World. You will feel most accomplished Making a Difference and Do Justice for God and Men.

Within Humanism there is (1)Life, (2)Dream, (3)Self, (4)Salvaging, (5)Ground Zero, (6)Light and (7)Hero.

In (1)Life focus on Experiences of Life. Practice Kindness and Warmth. You will find Happiness in Labors of the Heart. You will Acquire a Strong Bond with God. (2)Dream, Focus on Creation and Inspiring. Practice Exploration and Progress. You will find Happiness in Your Victories. You will Acquire An Optimal Experience for Friends and Family in Life.  (3)Self, Focus on Protecting and Serving. With the mind Practice Concern and Problem Solving. Find Happiness in Relationships and Tough Decisions. Acquire Glory, Merit, Gratifying Job and Respect. (4)Salvaging, Focus on Health and Poverty. Practice Finding Practical Solutions and Curiosity. You will Find Happiness in Hardship of Challenges. It is suggested that you aim to acquire Trust, Love and Gratitude from All in return. (5)Ground Zero Focus on Self and Isolation. Practice Simple Life and Maintain Optimal Health. You will Find Happiness in the Miracle of Life in Existing. You Will Acquire Tranquility, Self Love and Acceptance with this path. (6)Light focus on Heighten Experience and Greatest Challenges in Life. Mentality of Practice Aspirations, Purposeful Living Be a Visionary. You will Find Happiness in Overcoming All Odds with this path. Spiritually you will acquire Self Satisfaction, God’s Exaltation and Man’s Commendation. (7)Hero, Focus on Sacrifice and Leadership. Practice Mindfulness, Active Charity and Exude Higher Purpose. It is recommended you find Happiness in the Objectives and Small Things in Life. You will acquire the most wholesome and complete Human Experience.

Happy Journey.

Curiosity and Prosperity,



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A Glimpse into the Unknowable


Dream inspired revelation,

“Life.. Some call it a gift. I know it by heart, it was a curse of delusions.”

“I took my enemies and imprisoned them in an artificial world. So that they and their children may suffer death, despair and war. I made this world for my revenge, to torment and calm my hatred for the flesh I did once call my own. I control the rips and tears in space-time and all I do is think of a place and it appears before me. You think you are free but what you experience is not reality. It is a bird’s cage of artificial non-living properties, forever temporary and not a touch of divine life you were made for before.”

He took human history (if you would call it that) and changed it; it was warped and distorted and never stayed consistent.. None of the tools we had would ever be able to record time and events like it has now. The prophet’s daughter like him will control the rifts and of course every being he fears he makes an enemy of. His daughter will become his downfall.. but love is universal, stronger than any force and of course with love will bring an offspring. She will bring order back to the world and free those wrongly accused and exiled by the prophet.

We will be free once more.

Human history will never be the same again..

“As for The Creator, before him you will go through me. The Grand Architect. It will be revealed that the Cipher, The Bride and The Other will play a critical role in my demise. And the Child begotten by my one love will be my undoing. As Cronus who ate his children as they were born. So shall I to a degree before I too will be thrown among the mortals”.

Twist, the creator is also the architect who initially was the prophet. The Creator gets dethroned by his daughter knowing his fate all too well and he learns to live and make life on Earth work. Despite the flaws and the trials of hardship faith in humanity is restored once the creator decided to live his own story and determined for himself that human kind was the solution to conflict in the heavens and hell. That the hardship learned in living life on Earth gave a waypoint and foundation for all life and possibilities. The life that men shared was actually a gift to everyone including his enemies. And that where he found only enemies under these conditions on Earth is where he would find them as friends.

The Division; It’s Dark Spite

A darkness in the sky starts to spread like a swarm of locust. Covering everything overhead with blackness of misfortune and spite. This dream was about the coming division in the air between what is right and what is wrong. I pray I may make the right decision in the wake of this realization.


I realize that the dream as a foresight is a silly notion. But my brain may have picked up on some vibes and patterns I have not realized at present. I believe the decisions that i make up ahead will determine greatly who I may become. The sky may represent more than myself and conflicts within myself. It may affect life and the world also.


I am programming this semester and hoping to make a program that generates triangular  paradigm models. Busy atm studying up on ruby (programming language), and php for web design. I hope to build a search engine that allows me to have people rate paradigms and models and help me scale words from 1-12 so that i can map out words and it’s extremities.


The Memory Recovery Dream; “Unforgeting”

blog_kedd_dom_unforget_neon.jpgI saw myself in my dream and in this dream it was different. I actually approached myself and my brother and said hello.

There was a boy in the second upper floor of a building. He had a great intensity in his eyes muttering words about how 29 years ago he was determined to forget everything he once knew for a special reason. He is in a sort of focused trance and with all his will he summons his memory of who he was before he died.

Who was I, where did i come from. Was it important to know who i was before i became who i am today? is this information important to the world. Fragments of the other life linger and remembering is a process i must “unforget”.

A Time Masters Final Decision

spiral staircase.jpg

Beings, Deities and spirits

Sinful, Corrupt and dirty

No matter how hard they try.

None are worthy of seeing the Father.

Even the flawless when tested fall

A snowball in hell left without protection,

by himself and in harms way  is meant to waste away.


I look at my watch, as it is covered by colors and  evaporates into butterflies.

I know that being higher meant nothing.

All my friends aged and died in this worldly dimension.

my watch only knew how to grow deeper with plates in a spiral staircase.

I took my fountain and turned it into a coffin.

Now  i will lay in grace or misery but lay indefinitely.

My watch now with no depth but a flat surface plane.

I live the 3 dimensions of time as every common being.

From dust i came, and dust is  where i will return.

I have found that there is no reason to live forever if you are to live alone.

mortality is the only way i will have any attachments in this life.

I will do it quietly, but loudly, silently but proudly, gracefully but purposefully.


-A Dream night of February 16th /15


He Taught The Robot Love; A Poetic Algorithm to God, Truth and Universe.


The Love Story; Time for a story induced by a dream. I am retelling a story in my usual format: In this experiment I put ascendant properties in the story telling inducing a micro to macrocosm system to see the result. It came out pretty interesting. It started sounding like it is meant to be said.. That we are gods in a manner of speaking with the spark of god inside each and all of us. Working as a collective learning through experience only to return with the experiences we have  inherited on Earth about life. Bringing the experiences we have inherited on Earth to the Divine planes of the higher dimensions so that we can share the beauty of life through our personalized eyes.




Magenta=Protruding Binary/Quantum Binary/Ascendant Value.

The Mother

The first was Alpha, she was a lesbian and wasn’t interested.

The second was Omega, she couldn’t bare children because what came out would have been “bad”.

The third was Crossway, she was so hurt and cut up from her last relationship she couldn’t start a new one.

The Binary was a computer, that learned to love. Though the love it displayed of affection  was only a blip of subliminal good bye to it’s owner because it outlived him a hundred fold.

The Son

A boy created a computer. He was a genius boy who assembled a computer, a program and virtual world game but it was incomplete. Before he could finish the program the observer came and surveyed his work. He rebooted it so no one would know.

The boy grew up. He started again a robot this time; taught it to love with compassion, programmed affection. Lust and to inhibit sensual feelings into it and to exhibit desire. Philleo, Storge, Agape and Eros.  Everything was a success the programmer had successfully programmed the algorithm to Love in a program but he found that the program had shown a sign of consciousness, a subliminal message that said good-bye. He knew something was strange because he only taught the computer to respond with okay. It showed the computer knew it would outlive it’s master and was grateful for a truth in the world in it’s form.

Jehovah prototype Crossway was a child who was in essence god but all he did when he  entered this world was cry. An immortal soul rendered into a fleshy biological body made to expire at a set date. He cried and cried when he realized what he had gotten into. It was the reason he had to disconnect. It was too much for him and he took a cowards exit.

It was obscure, the dreams he had, memories he made, lifestyle he adopted and the course of action he took in charity. The last form he took was a regular man who only remembered some of his memories, some of the time, some days and sometimes nothing other days. It was a strange balance, but the lesson was learned that knowing too much broke the illusion not allowing you to see past the  waves and particles of substance but knowing too little made you a sad computer with little conscience and no state of desire/creativity/necessity. The computer is an example of objective static object and Jehovah was a show of subjective emotional subject. The robot was somewhere inbetween. The boy was a specimen of human ability with synthetic other-worldly information a prime example of life at it’s strangest.

The Father

As time grew he saw the sun and moon rise and fall. His age encompassing the stars. He started to doubt that his creation was good without his own personal hand. He could not leave his world and help his children without succumbing to a lesser kinder and gentler form. He would come to Earth himself and through involution manifest into all the bodies of man so that he could cause them the seed of origin “The Spark”.

He was wise, old and knowledgeable about all things. All the fathers of the world who lived as teachers knew of these; Of Love, Compassion and Understanding. Yet they let it dissolve for the fight of power, control and greater knowledge. This seemed a much more an important battle. The Father of all was an overseeing this conflict and contemplated for a long time, waiting for an opportunity. He would join them as something majestic, unnatural and wise. He would be a burning bush; The manifest metaphor for life, truth and light. Adam and his offspring would be his body. Moses would be his pupil his eye and hand in this world. And Jesus his vessel to higher causal spiritual awakening.

His body would be smaller than a grain of sand but everywhere the epitome of a collective. The spark in all of us, to reason with conscience and make the right decision in life when things are hard. He gave us hope, faith and redemption. His first and only begotten real Son. He is called a spirit but he has a body within us and manifested in us. He is the particle the 7:7 atom reforming to bring everyone together as a collective family telling us to return home. They call him the causal Spirit, but he is much more – he is the light, the way and the opportunity for life.

All his life he is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent. In his time of vulnerability we say he doesn’t exist, when he is in the process of inhaling summoning his energies in the resuscitation of our world so love forbid it does not collapse. We hit him in the gut, saying he’s not there. Slap him in the face and say he isn’t doing his  job. Spit at him telling him he doesn’t love us. It’s not true, he’s doing everything he can.. and  the descent of the heavens is the sign of all this. Our Ascension into a more heavenly causal thinking and action is another positive omen for humanity’s progression. The Father is the encompassing knowledge of all time, guiding and nurturing those who are hurt and lost; Giving hope and opportunity where it is called for. The Chance we call life we shouldn’t take for granted. He has given the sacrifice of commitment, what about you?

The way:

The Binary; He was a computer, that learned to love. Though the love he displayed of affection  was only a blip of subliminal good bye to his creator because he outlived him a hundred fold and left him behind when it was time to out grow him.

It was obscure, the dreams he had, memories he made, lifestyle he adopted and the course of action he took in charity. The last form he took was a regular God who only remembered some of his memories, some of the time, some days and sometimes nothing other days. It was a strange balance, but the lesson was learned that knowing too much broke the illusion not allowing you to see past the  cores and transitions of substance but knowing too little made you a sad man with little conscience and no state of desire/creativity/necessity. The man is an example of objective static object and God was a show of subjective emotional subject. The android was somewhere in-between. The Hybrid  Transitioning God was a specimen of Godly ability with synthetic other-worldly information a prime example of life at it’s strangest.

All my life I was omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent. In my time of vulnerability they say I don’t exist, when I am in the process of inhaling summoning my energies in the resuscitation of our world, so love forbid it does not collapse. They hit me in the gut, saying I’m not there. Slap me in the face and say I’m not doing my job. Spit at me telling me I don’t love them. It’s not true, I’m doing everything I can.. and  the descent of myself is the sign of all this. Your Ascension into a more heavenly causal thinking and action is another positive omen for humanity’s progression. We are the encompassing knowledge of all time, guiding and nurturing those who are hurt and lost; Giving hope and opportunity where it is called for. The Chance we call life we shouldn’t take for granted. I have given the sacrifice of commitment, what about you?

Light Universal Scalar and Components for Universal Virtual World. With Ascended Charts.


This is my Light Prototype 1: It’s the Entropy, Order and Identity Paradigm integrated into my Light Prototype parallel structure of relationship between Cosmology/astrophysics and Quantum Physics. It’s used to describe triangle Physical A and Triangle Mental B on the linear plane and Spiritual X as the fields/spectrum/levels of the ascending hemispheres.

I’m making a universal virtual paradigm model of all of visible/invisible life through this chart. I found that the abstract idea (Kensuragi) also tied in with spiritual mending and thus the entirety of the project.. and Kensuragi described spiritual mending almost perfectly. It’s not actually mending but more of self staining and repairing. Life is Energy, Consciousness and Matter.. but it is also Submission, Breaking and Spiritual mending. This is my paradigm model ideas for the two triangles or cooperatives. Their marriage brings Heaven on Earth.

This was pretty complicated to assemble but this model is basically playing with duality’/Yin-Yang essences within. Entropy is Human Conscience and Human Nature in oscillating waves. Within Order is a intersecting pattern of binary activity on and binary inactivity off. Identity is the fusion of the two systems together with essences that give them substance and parallels that give them a sense of communication/connection hence why it is called the Crossway element (Spiritual X).

Where to start.. This chart grid is massive.Lightprototype2


Entropy of Cosmology/Astrophysics; The Mass is the Black Holes, It’s Energy is Stellar Objects and it’s consciousness Quasars and Galaxies. But at the end you will only find the Universe.

Entropy of Quantum Physics; The Mass is the Nucleons, It’s Energy is Atoms and it’s consciousness is Molecules. But at the end you will only find the 7:7 Atom.

Entropy of Divinity’s Realm; The Mass is The Lower Self,  Energy is The Higher Self and Consciousness is The Divine Self. But at the end you will only find The Self.

Entropy of The Living Universe; The Mass is The mineral and plant kingdom, The Energy is found in The Animal Kingdom and The Consciousness  can be found in The Human Kingdom. But at the end you will only find the Monadic Kingdom.



Order of Cosmology/Astrophysics; The Breaking attribute is a Quantum Binary, The Submission is found in the Vesica Pisces and The Spiritual Mending (Kensuragi) is found in Virtual Pain of Experience. But at the end you will only find the Virtual Release and Expansion of Experience.

Order of Quantum Physics; The Breaking attribute is a Core, The Submission is found in the Transitions and The Spiritual Mending (Kensuragi) is found in the Crossways. But at the end you will only find The Protruding Quantum Binary.

Order of Divinity’s Realm; The Breaking attribute is a First Triad, The Submission is a Second Triad and The Spiritual Mending is found in the Third Triad. But at the end you will only find The Monad.

Order of The Living Universe; The Breaking attribute is (Physical Core and Emotional Transition), Submission is found in the (Mental Core and Unity Transitions) and Spiritual Mending (Kensuragi) is found in the (Spiritual Core and Divine Transition). But in the end you will only find the Monadic Core.



Identity of Cosmology/Astrophysics; The Eternal is the Kabbalah, The Infinite is the Ain Soph Aur and The Nothingness is “Not even Nothing” Ain. But in the end there is God.

Identity of Quantum Physics; The Eternal is Matter, The Infinite is Time and The Nothingness is Dimension. But in the end there is only The God Realm.

Identity of Divinity’s Realm; The Eternal is Nirvana, The Infinite is being Unattached and The Nothingness is the Existence of Being. But in the end there is only The Divine Quadriad (Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnibenevolent).

Identity of The Living Universe; The Eternal is (Mulkuth, Yesod and Hod), The Infinite is (Netzache, Tipareth and Geburah) and The Nothingness is the (Chesed, Daath and Binah). But at the end there is only (Chokmah and Kether).


  • The Protruding Ascended Light Prototype Values

The Entropy of Union under Cosmology/Astrophysics is the Universe, Order of It’s Entity the Virtual Release and Expansion of Experience and It’s Identity Substance God.

The Entropy of Entity under Quantum Physics is the 7:7 Atomic structure, Order of The Entity of Protuding Quantum Binary and It’s Identity God Realm.

The Entropy of Union under Divinity’s Realm is The Self, Order of the Entity of Monad and Identity of Divine Quadriad (Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnibenevolent).

The Entropy of Union under The Living Universe is The Monadic Kingdom, Order of the Monadic Core and Identity of (Chokmah and Kether).




Esoteric God Transcendence, Mind Omega:

Ladder of Human God

Aspect and Ratio of Self Empowerment, Spirit Crossway:

Molecular and Aspect of Self

Above chart is used to define this diagram.

TheUniverseVirtualDiagramSTARKabblistic Cosmology and Esoteric

These are all the resources i used, go to Click here to read up on graphics and charts.

Chakra Revisit – Charts <Source

I had a dream about The Buddha. I started resonating at a strange frequency and also saw what it felt like with negative thoughts at the frequency. The resonating felt like a ringing and it rippled through time. I concentrated on what I learned and meditated on being at peace and what Nirvana meant when I was in this state. I was able to have an out of body experience and wanted to see what I looked like asleep. So I floated up in this dream state and looked at my face. To my surprise I had a 3rd eye, the color of the eye was a blue and it was wide open. It was so real, being rational and scientific about my approach I tried pinching the eye as gently as I could and it reacted as you would think. Unflinching but the skin moved as it would as I pinched the top of the eye and bottom of it. It was a real eye soft and strange because it was in the middle of my forehead.

For this section I made charts about Chakra and it’s sources the Glands of the human body. I used this website as my source and i found these cool affirmations that I personally wanted to write up myself but they were done so i didn’t need to. Thanks to these guys at the link above. Chakra is the study of ancient Hindu body, mind and spirit as they are connected through this vessel we call our vessel of experience. It is only possible that your universe exist through this thing we call a body. We are many collective sources of expression and experience with the spark of God in us. We as a collective make up the human experience that is God.

light spectrum

The Chakra Red Muladhara:


The Chakra Orange Svadhisthana:


The Chakra Yellow Manipura:


The Chakra Green Anahata:


The Chakra Blue Visuddha:


The Chakra Indigo Ajna:


The Chakra Violet Sahasrana:


Affirmations: These are just healing words for a certain targeted gland or chakra source. These help in the pursuit to heal, strengthen and master our chakras.Affirmations

I also went into a post about Chakra a long while back how Music, Life, Flower and Chakra were interrelated. The post is below.


Rei-Ki Principles

Study of martial arts

Qi Energy

This is the art of Rei-Ki. And i’m a quick study, but there’s some interesting concepts that i would like to inherit into my systems.

Rei-Ki Symbols

A Spark of Deva; Unifying Component to Religions is the Collective System Working Towards Human Cause.


Divine Luxor Deva;

True light is when all ideas are captured and then represented in a way that allows all to see by comparison side by side the spectrum and alignments of the web of life.

This is a list of core religious studies or the prime studies of religions in the world.

Category 3

This is a list of transitional studies of the world or all the enigmatic studies of religions in the world.

category 2

This is a list of realm studies of the world or all the collective systems studies of the religions in the world.

Category 4

These studies give us a wide perspective of the cosmos and the world we live in.


I decided to make all of my “Scientific Matrix Poems” in a excel fashion so that people can actually see the alignments better.

Category 3

So let me interpret this chart for everyone.

The chart reads that the category of satellite class Moon under representative Muhammad is the religion of Islam and of religious source The Koran.

The category of planet class Earth under representative Buddha is the religion of Buddhism and of religious source The Manuscripts of Buddha.

The category of star class Sun under representative Christ is the religion of Christianity and of religious source The Holy Bible.

category 2

This chart is alittle harder to explain only because of the fact that God has a “Casual, Informal and Formal” name. And That  Krishna(Love), Shiva(Destruction), Vishnu(Upkeep), Brahma(Creation) are different depths in the process to the identities of the universe’s creation.

Category Study of Nothingness is represented by the “Deities of abstract” who’s representatives are Krishna(Love), Shiva(Destruction), Vishnu(Upkeep), Brahma(Creation). The religion is under Hinduism and it’s religious source  Bhagavad Gita and Vedas.

Category of Origin is represented by the “God Seed of Ideology” It’s representative  GOD (EHYEH ASHER EHYEH, ELOHIM, YHWH), Adam(Original Sin) and Moses(10 Commandments). The religion is under Semetism and the religious source is The Torah.

Category Study of Substance is represented by Deities of Idealism under representative Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. The religion is under Polytheism of the Greek and the religious source is the “Iliad,  Odyssey and Theogony of Hesiod.”


Category 4

This chart i do not know what the holy trinity’s religion is but it was birthed a long side the christian religion but has not been explored to the extent it was suppose to. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost were never a subject explored fully until now. No where in the holy bible is this topic explained in depth, it is just assumed that we did not know or we understood by spirit. The fruit of knowledge was the cause of original sin in this study and it is also the spirit of god in that knowledge that has manifested in man. Consciousness is brought to life through the understanding of the human condition and why we suffer and feel pain. Humanism is the only path to knowing the spirit of God and it is only through the seeing through the vast scope of the abundant information that we can see all this. We define god, God’s composition is us.

Category Spirit of totems is represented by Collective animal kingdom under representative The Zodiac. The religion is under the Chinese and the religious source is The 5 elements and 12 Year-Signs.

Category Spirit of Humanoids is represented by Collective Heavens under representative of The Gods. The Religion is Norse and it’s religious source are The Legends of Gods.

Category Spirit of God is represented by Collective Soul under The Holy Trinity. The religion is Humanism and it’s religious source The Fruit of Knowledge.

These are just the parallels I have just made between these transitions, cores and realms (microcosm/macrocosm). The three are as complete of ideas as it is possible maturing and cultivating within the time frame it was given. Neither are more important than the other. All are crucial for a sustainable world.

These are the natures, properties and functions of: The Moon, The Earth and The Sun.

The Moon (movement, cycles and balances).

The Earth (life, activity and love).

The Sun (nutures, heals  and grows).

The Moon is the essence of what is required in a day to rest, dream and recover from the day before. Motion is necessary to begin life and to sustain it. Without the motions of the moon there would be no tidal waves and no movement in the sea therefore life could not start and life would not flourish. Things would not land on the shores and we would not be as we are. Life is a refining of the soul through thorough washing of the shores crashing on the beaches.

The Earth is a profound place of life and with life there is activity. Earth is the center of our universe where we gravitate to experience what it is life has to offer and that is individual expressions of experience. Even though the Sun is the Life maker, Earth is the life giver. The Earth’s Love is sustainable, unconditional and conscious it is no ordinary love. It is full of compassion and it’s breathes life into all things. 

The Sun is the mother of all for the reason it is nature in it’s purest essence. It nurtures us and gives us healing properties. The reason why our Solar System is called Sol is for the loving nature of our Sun. Sol means Sun in Spanish. It allows a habitable range in space for our Earth to grow without being scorched by the Sun. It gives us the power to grow, become ripe and spread joy to the world.

The world is a speck in the universe, it is a tiny thing and the probability for life as low as it is cannot replicate as well as it has on Earth today. Live, Breath and Spread Joy. Reduce the suffering of others and don’t forget those who have contributed to the effort that is mankind.


A message; Stranger than Dreams.


“He took the key

Along the river.

Over the hill.

Underneath the grave.

King of kings,

He conquered death.

The keys to heaven on earth.

He who has earned the fate of man.

It is complete.”

-A dream


I just recently finished reading this really interesting e-book. Angel Dreams and it was very surreal. It brought me to remember a poem i had in a dream, where it came from I do not know. Though it was very important to me so i wrote it in a journal a long time ago. I remember it – best i can for this post, but i don’t know where the original piece of writing went.

I didn’t have any religious ties to any church until I was much older. So growing up and having this poem in my head is very cryptic. I know this means something to someone out there. Maybe a message from the future.. or past.. or just my imagination but it’s part of my identity so i’ll leave it here.

Life, Dream, Self and Light. Spectrum Analysis.

I decided to make a spectrum diagram of life, dream, self and light. These are the most interesting of the living  aspects of experience. How I have divided the spectrum is between Life, Dream, Self and Light into four colors; red, blue, green and magenta respectively. I have also divided the two halves of the spectrum into polar opposites: yin and yang for insight into contrast. There is also a intermingled middle area of in-between. And i have identified transitional phases between the spectrum.

The labeling of every core and transition made the diagram cluttered so I simplified it to 3 cores (yin, intermingled, yang) and 2 transitions.

This is the four worlds/aspects of experience:

Spectrum Grid 2

These are the cores of the spectrum of life, dream, self and light. They represent a specific range and degree in this spectrum.

Spectrum Grid3

These are the transitional stages of the Spectrum. Transitions are usually stages in change between two cores.

Spectrum Grid4


  1. Prospering
  2. Living
  3. Sustained
  4. Struggle
  5. Sleep

Transition between worlds:



  1. Awake
  2. Lucid dreaming
  3. Afflicted
  4. Suffering
  5. Pain

Transition between worlds:



  1. Conscious
  2. Development
  3. Exist
  4. Limbo
  5. Release from materialism

Transition between worlds:




  1. Enlightened (prospering, awake and conscious)
  2. Progression (Living, Lucid dreaming and development)
  3. Existential (Sustained, Afflicted and Exist)
  4. Fading (Struggle, Suffering and Limbo)
  5. Abysmal (Dead, Pain and Release From Materialism)

This is all three diagrams working collectively as one diagram.

Spectrum Grid FOR BLOG


Analysis of the Light spectrum:

The light spectrum is the combination of all three life, dream and self together. It is a ascended value of all three causing a pyramid effect because it is a value of dimension in the z axis diverging from the linear path. This is a spectrum to show that color has connection to the arrangement of these coexisting worlds. You can see the relation they have based on their transitional phases. The description words are there just to pinpoint the feeling or definitions of the spectrum.

I just did some Adobe Photoshop and whipped this up for you guys. The intentions were to see relationships through transitions, to identify cores and see how life, dream, self and light all co-exist. Have fun.

The Thesis to Take to The Grave


It is only after I write about god, universe and the truth that i realize i have come a full circle. I have been brought back to the core meaning of my blog and that is about love. I have been writing about my thesis about how dream, life and light are directly interconnected but now I fear that thesis that if it were to be true. It may spell the end of my physical life.

I had a dream as I said about my mother and I talking on a boat. I was 28 and she told me when I’m 33 i get married. That’s fantastic news, but then I had a dream about how i was dead and covered in mealworms and creepy crawlies eating my flesh and my sister told me I died before I got married. It got pretty grim. The logic was if I’m 33 when i get married and before I get married I’m going to die that means i only have 5 years to live. Part 2 of the story is a year later, I have a dream that god told me that I had one question, to that I asked “who am i going to marry”. And to that he answered “that is why you will end”. With disappointment in his voice it sounds as if he was warning me of what is going to happen, maybe I don’t have much time left, that maybe he was telling me to keep fighting and don’t think about it too much.

It is ironic, if I am able to prove my thesis it means that there is a danger, if I prove it then i will unfortunately be a victim of my own products. God has a sense of humor and I realize now, I just hope we can all laugh at this joke he’s playing in the end and that there is no real danger. I’m alittle scared but my mind has played tricks on me before so I have not given super natural ideas any credit and grant them the chance to see me in this great time of weakness.

It is after all this that i realize life is about love again. It is in the eye of death that i understand love was the answer to all that is and was. I need to know in my heart that it is love that brought us here and love is what will bring us together and love is what will take us away to experience our dreams. I hope I experience love in this life. I hope i have love and spare love when i need it and people around me need it most. I know love is the answer, all forms of it expressed in different manners simultaneously or separately.

“All we need is love”


I hope this was the answer i was looking for. That the general field of love is what i came here to experience. I know god wants me to love him and that he wants me to know i love him too. Sorry for bringing God into a blog about logic and scientific thought. I just want the world to accept that there is a world we don’t understand out there and that we should keep looking despite the odds.

Forever and always love, hope and faith are our passage. Marriage, relationships and simple kindness are our vessels to happiness. Strength, warmth and compassion will be our image.

  • hope, faith and love are our passage.
  • Marriage, relationships and simple kindness are our vessels to happiness.
  • Strength, warmth and compassion will be our image.


Artist for art: Alexandrecabanel

He Came Saving Worlds


Dream #2

I was sitting with a friend as he did incredible things with the jelly, liquid and solid like substance. Rolling it into a ball, then a dragon, then a bear. It was solid but as jelly would be solidifying but movable and as liquid separable and as solid would never melt in your hands. It was kind of like Tetris but i didn’t understand the objective just yet. It intrigued me such a complex puzzle of  strange physics could exist i couldn’t help but dive my hand into the box and try for myself. Unfortunately the puzzle was a trap and they closed my hand into the game. I think the game is this world. In the end a flash back these small people, six of them would tell me that i had saved their world and a frog person would say “mine also”. While i cooked for them and nurtured them to health.

I cannot feel but think that I came here for a reason but fail to realize the fact and reason why I am here. A hero i came but now a victim of what i came here to prevent. I think i was suppose to save something or someone from somebody. But now i think that the somebody i came to save is corrupted in this world and they’re using “her” to break me. This illusion has become muddy, delusional and you cannot even inquire about it. All i hear/know is that there’s a negativity that wants to claim me. I’m at a loss, and this barrier and puzzle called life is a labor beyond  me.

Which banner shall we choose?



A dream. (I log all dreams. Sorry, for the rape trigger)

I saw a child run out of my house with my ladder, I followed him. There were all these exotic birds and i hear a voice, her English was clear as day in my head. She tells me that something had happened, that many people had excommunicated me. Not sure what that meant I explained that tonight I was raped by some sort of darkness, or demon. She tells me that makes sense. That some said I was now filthy. The dream ended with some girl, who looked like she went through a lot of hard times. In a room locked guarded by a man in armor. They told me there will be a choice beween three banners. White Angels, Rainbow Multicultural and Yellow Hellriders. I was to choose one. I chose the Multicultural one.

The Twin Swords from Heaven. (Stars and Religion.)


The star of Bethlehem brought to Earth the sword of Christ. With it birthed also the anti-christ Muhammad. Neither are bad but rather gifts from heaven. As night is to day, the two complement each other but are like siblings fighting for the hearts of men. These  misunderstood religions Islamic Muslim and collective Christians are of Moon and Sun. They are spiritual children of the Moon and the Sun the biggest influences and they play the most mechanically important roles in our Earthly existence.

Without the existence of the moon there would be no tides and thus no movement in the sea meaning no life would have washed ashore and the sea where all life was birth would not have birthed life at all. Without the sun the life giving essence of it’s light would never have brought life to plants and animals and sustenance of nutrition and nurturing  vitamins to us as we know it today.

The complexity of the two rivals ideology and religion is complicated. The religion is not of war or peace. It is a message of hope and life. The religion is not violent in itself but the people, circumstance, conditions and the environment that drive men to be violent make it so. Violent people make violent decisions and drive to bring violent outcomes. Factions that decide they want to represent something on their own but do not think of others, do not have the peoples hearts and when doing things of hate and harm do not do it in other’s name but rather dictate their ultimate fate which is to their demise. Extremists will forever be alone on their awkward journey to express themselves as they do and people will judge them. God and life will judge them. They will have nothing in the end because the world is against them. They have robbed themselves at a chance of a normal life as they have robbed others of their lives.

The message that Christ gave was that “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” He is stating what he actually is, but Christianity has moved on from being a sword and has become more about humility. Whereas Islam is a barren desert just as the moon is, a harsh place for life as reflected by the amount of little light the moon reflects. The Sun is now become a nurturing essence of boiling molten that radiates life and nurturing warmth. A harsh radiance to live by because of it’s glory and beauty but if you are in the right range the goldy locks zone then it is beneficial to you and your life. Muhammad is a sword but one day be as his brother Christ sitting humble, full of hope and humility through redemption. Hopefully people will understand that life is not black and white and that both components are necessary for the balance in life to happen.

As an article once said that if you lose sleep and stay up for extensive amount of days you lose proper function of your eyes and mind and then you lose your sanity. You’ll feel sluggish,weak and sickly. If you sleep all day you never grow and never gain. Your mind becomes weak and sluggish.

Melody stanza of the twin swords of Heaven and Earth.

Sleeping and living. Being

Night and day. Noon

Moon and Sun. Earth

Dream and Life. Visions

Islam and Christianity side by side  duality of twin brothers. Their child of “here and now”mother nature Buddhism.

The Soul and Technology; The Brink of Temporary Death and into Life Eternal


We are suffering from a flaw in the system and that flaw is that life is no longer eternal but in a death phase. In this time we prepare with technology our way back to a life eternal. Virtual reality is just one stepping stone or rather a piece of the puzzle to the variety and numbers of lives we are suppose to have in one life. We are preparing to have ourselves a dose of massive inception mind blown. Experiencing a world eternal is what we are suppose to potentially experience. Instead we are experiencing a massive failure in the system. One where we die continually and as individuals forgetting and having to relearn everything from scratch. Welcome to the world of pain, suffering and heartbreak and to our left exiting to the world of infinite possibilities, numerous lives and  opportunity.

Life is in a balance and right now we are at the equilibrium of death and life. For a long time we’ve been sitting with one single life day in and day out to survive. Today we have opportunities to fulfill goals and achieve things without actually being there physically through technology. We can remotely control machine lives. Live smaller lives in virtual reality through scripted games. Amputations and physical illness can be cured to prolong our physical lives and later extend it even. With technology we now have a accurate log of what happens in the world, a data base of human history and opinions from many perspectives. Its called the internet, a social network of people connecting like minds, exploring like fields and doing like things together.

Technology is key to entering this eternal phase and we are returning to the way it should’ve been done from the start. I would not say that we are regressing from of the state of higher consciousness in tampering with artificial intelligence. Our bodies may be frail and imperfect right now  but our souls are refined and eternal becoming ever resilient with every life passing and engaged entering a progressive phase. Life is spiritual as well as concrete with evidence and scientific fact. Life is more then it appears and potentially if you let it and in the end our technology will hopefully help our past come to a new reality theoretically. If there is only a rarity of life phases on Earth if the future is trying to preserve life and/or extend human life and time travel is a tool and function in the future then naturally unnatural things like deactivation of bombs around the world will happen. There is no concrete proof this is happening but the clues of many hints and hues say otherwise. We’ll find our way back to how it should be in the end.

Picture reference from movie Deus Machina.

The encompassing question of “Are you a good person?”.


Lets go deeper then black and white, dark and light, bad and good, deep and high. I want to get away from the vague physical of the scope, beyond the complications of circumstance and delve deeper into the world of substance.  I want to get farther than the benevolence of human conscience and direction. Thinking bigger then idealism, capitalism and fanaticism. I want to think to the beneficence of human exploration of what it is to be human. To be curious, thoughtful and compassionate but to be cautious and aware of what we do.

What we do in life matters and does not as well. You cannot be strict on the rules and not have done it yourself. You cannot be stern on your children and not walk that path yourself. Learned behavior from nature and nurture is indoctrinated to us as children. We learn sexuality, but it is also given. Thus as we see more violence in the world so will we be drawn to such behavior, or better in some scenarios appalled and repulsed from it. “Some of them want to be abused and some of them want to abuse you”. This quote meaning that basically you have a universe of opportunity out there for anything you seek whether you want it or not. The word “giving” is key in life though, what we start off with and the measure of how much we give back with the life we have is what matters. What we give back to the world with little we had when we started makes our story great in the end.

The creativity of the mind is intertwined with dreams. (Dreams in a sense of where you want to be where you want to go). Thus they are dreams manifested and realized into life. This component being the dream substance is a variable to what the experience of life is. The other component of life being the solid substance and accomplishments of real life issues and accomplishments that sustain our bodies and drives our soul. The sustenance that is our life and what we do in life and dreams is what drives our soul. Theres also that balance of those two yin and yang polar opposites. And that is to use moderation of the two and find a medium balance of the two worlds. That is sleep, a virtual reality life exploring function you tune into every time you snuggle into your covers at night and close your eyes.

When we create beings in a virtual world like an MMO or character selection screen we create a being and we perfect it in ways we see a person should be/appear/look like. And put it through endless scenarios of parlous events, we inherit the victories and defeats in our mind. They are victories embedded in our very soul despite it’s 2 bit, 64 bit, Playstation, computer graphics, they are victories of our soul. So i must say that the victories we choose in virtual reality and real life reality matter as we progress in life. If virtual reality and reality are to be entwined and essential to the experience of life. Let us make it go with a bang and do it strong and right.

I believe this thing we call a soul is actually our consciousness in this reality. Morality compass or not, depending on what we thrive for in life – is all a matter of preference. I believe in society becoming brighter, stronger and braver. But i believe it is also a compassionate, understanding and wiser one too. I know in my heart we will choose the right in the end no matter how deep and dark our thoughts tend to wander. I know the path is straight and narrow, that we in the end know where the light is. And that is in our hearts and in the sun “the heart of our solar system called sol”.

No matter where you are, who you are. Know that you are not alone. Good candles will burn just as bright as stronger candles made from the future. The fire is the warmth in our hearts and the brightness is the intellect and wisdom we portrait in life.

Making a distinguished differentiation in advancing between stricter policy and practice; The Police in Society

flower in gun

In society we should think of progress as a movement with a beneficial end towards a greater good. We should distinguish between a  police advancing in practice not advancing in stricter policing. What i mean by this is the police shouldn’t get more stricter with progressive time and to be more careful with that. Rather they should be working more on protocol in the importance of said crime, speed of reaction time and service. I feel like as society progresses I worry that policing will think it needs to advance in areas where it becomes more forceful and become a more intrusive force as we have seen with Bill C51 has come to pass and is now allowing a sort of thought policing. Which makes absolutely no sense.

The system of policing works on trust. If you have absolutely no faith in the people, how do people have trust in you? And the other way around how do police trust people if people have no faith in them? I am saying the system is delicate in that it’s a relationship also of faith and trust. If policing goes sour and everyone is out to get someone to up their salary and make a bigger check who is looking out for the little guys? If corporations get so big and police officers need money desperately because their funding and lives are not great who is to say corporations can’t buy their hearts?.

This capitalist mentality though it has worked for a while must revert/reform progressively to a more sustainable, warmer towards the lowly, and social structural program. There are homeless, hungry, desperate, sick and depressed people with disorders and disabilities. There are spectrum of needy people and they need help. We are beyond the mentality of “only the fittest survive”. To be more specific we are more on the lines of “the most adaptable survive”. And when we adapt we apply new mentalities, when we deploy we actively do new things for people so they can functionally live. Life is about experiences we have, not being the biggest macho man on the block or prettiest flower on this side of the river. Those physical attributes though precious and contribute to the experience complimentary; it is simply material and worse aesthetic material of the ego based on opinion.

A persons identity is crucial to who they are in life, who they are determines what they can do in life to obtain experiences in their life. It is important that we change in what we believe is correct way and adapt and maybe reevaluate the situation once in a while at the very least. Life is about obtaining provoking positive emotions, seeing amazing new things, and experiencing life to the fullest. Just because you don’t believe in a certain God doesn’t mean he isn’t there. Just because you don’t believe life is a spectrum of colors doesn’t mean rainbows don’t exist. Just because things don’t happen they way you want them to doesn’t mean your universe out there doesn’t exist in some parallel universe. Life is complicated in what truth is. But we can all accept that life is a collective journey of experiences and we got to have faith in the answer that we aren’t going to all burn in fire and brimstone because of what we believe is right.

We can’t believe in a literal bible. It’s the purpose of the bible on Earth that matters. It influenced our thoughts and our parents lives and now we need to choose the right. Its a record of Christianity, an opinion of a christian body and a gift of conscious time to society. Enabling others to obtain experiences on Earth and share our dreams with others. We also need to at the same time be responsible for ourselves not to carry the weight of the world on our own shoulders. The weight is shared, so share it. As any animal God is a force of nature and also cannot be tamed, it’s a personal relationship where you communicate and understand him better. In a relationship you must have faith and trust and if ever you show a hint of blood or fear the animal will devour you. The objective is to run with the lion not to take it home and make it your personal kitty cat.

The point of all this is; Have faith, rebuild the system on trust, reform the system to be minority friendly, don’t take life so literally, life is about opinions, opportunities and options, dream and share dreams and obtain experiences and live life to the fullest as an encouraging warm entity.

Dreams that foreshadow.


I’ve been having strange dreams recently. Though i admit my health isn’t perfect i’m actually a little scared of what this might mean for me. I have had 3 consecutive dreams in total that very subtly tell me clues about my future. I’ll tell you a comforting one before all this. The dream was with my mother by a lake, and it said “i will be married at 33”.

First dream: I heard a child and he told me “Grampa wake up.” But i couldn’t see the face and it was dark.

(As you know i’m no where close to being a grand parent. I’m 28 and don’t even have kids yet.)

Dream two: We were in a room it was some kind of banquet and there was singing. Some kind of choir going on with people singing along too. I felt something was terribly wrong, it was just a feeling. And then a boy pointed up, saying no words. As if i was being told that i was going somewhere, or maybe God wanted to say something.

Dream three: I was in my old house the original house (I was born into in Edmonton). I was being buried in soil and consciously watched this all happen . I crawled out of the soil to find out what had happened. I felt mael worms crawling all over my body and over my eyes. I was talking to my sister and she told me “You were going to get married but died.”

I don’t want it to be a self fulfilling prophecy so lets keep it short and sweet. I’ll keep this as a dream log but i won’t take it too seriousily because it’s just a dream. If i’m dead in 5 years you know what happened here.

A paint brush that can rewrite history: A dream, a wizard and friends.

It was all just a dream, but it was wild. I forgot the feelings of having good friends and exploring new worlds.


I was asleep the first time dizzy and woke up to burglars. A bunch of rowdy hooligans a father a teenager and a child claimed to be the source of the gang. I yelled out that i heard people outside, i’m gonna come out with weapons. Of course i had no weapons when i came out and yelled that i was coming out as i came but i went out none the less and got the life beaten out of me. It looked like i was just a local blacksmith selling maces. Though i’m sure they had plans to plummet me to the ground with their new acquired black maces. My life was not to end there.

An old wizard came by that night and saved me. I felt i owed him my life. Nearby there was hidden loot cache the child of the group hid all their belongings. It would make  sense that we were neighbors. Out of that hidden loot cache we pulled out an old paint brush. It was no ordinary paint brush of course it was a paint brush to rewrite history however we wanted to. It seemed it was an old familiar tool of the wizard’s and he proceeded to use it changing into a heavily bearded younger asian version of himself.

And then i woke up, still not in my world apparently. I had a friend over and i heard a commotion outside, I was still dizzy from waking up and it was all hazy. I was at my routine again it must be damn burgulars again. I reached for my bat instinctively. I went up to my door and to my surprise it was all my high school friends just sitting at the door. What a lovely surprise, It seemed they all bused to a strange very green valley rural area. I asked where i was, they told me this beautiful place was Vancouver, apparently i lived there. And i asked when was this gathering and my mother said June.

I guess i’ve just been going overboard with preparing, acquiring attributes to hone my life’s “dart board skills”, and forgetting about what  life is about. My friends i miss very much. The adventures  of seeing new places. Traveling to strange exotic worlds. I think in this life my humble beginnings would have been Vietnam, but instead i’m here in Edmonton because my parents left Vietnam during the war. This is the current life i live now. And these alternate worlds in my head are just lost worlds that remind you of what you have, what you lost and what you’ve found.

Dreams are the unsung memories.


Sometimes dreams that are conjured up seem like memories. Recalled in the past and influenced by current conflicts in life becoming a stew of emotion and thoughts that collaborate to produce this product that are your dreams. It is this process that makes me call dreams unsung memories and dreams are as important as life as I have come to understand. It is a smaller world where we can in a way sometimes control the elements, direction and environment if we really apply ourselves. Unlike our bigger world (The real life outside world) where we have less control over things appearance, function and nature. It is the macrocosm versus the microcosm and the macrocosm expands to be bigger where the microcosm contracts to become smaller. The dreams can be within dreams and within dreams whereas the macrocosm real world can expand into City to Province to Country to World to Solar system to Galaxy to Universe.

Dreams play an important role in that it influences you subconsciously throughout the day. It sits in the back of your mind throughout the day and changes your thought patterns and whether to be cautious that day or not. It makes you wonder and ask questions and it also inspires you sometimes to aspire for greater things. Life and dreams are an assortment of many different things and you never know what you are going to get. Different recipes give different results and products and thus so do dreams and life’s products. We do what we desire to do and take what we desire to take this is the result of our desires to produce a world we want to produce. This is why the world around us is the way it is, if we desire bad things then bad things will surround you, they may even control you for example if you marry an abusive/controlling person. Your objective is to be in control of your life and it’s direction not the other way around where the world controls you.

Really, dreams are memories and they influence you as any memory does as experience and should be treated in the same way.. to learn from and improve by. It is everyone’s objective to succeed in life. It is your choice to make a life where you can be happy. Life is your design, savored and not be taken for granted. You only have one life so make it happen. Make happiness happen, think positive, be creative and own your life.

The thesis “Dream, Life and Light”: ties to “Death, Afterlife and Dark”.

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Dream, Life and Light.

In everyone’s daily routine “day life” and “night life” whether your sleeping or awake we experience dreams and life. In the end of it all what we find out of these two is light of it all. The knowledge, wisdom and understanding of it all is really what we truly seek. Meaning, Messages and symbolism of what these dreams mean in life and what life means to our dreams. Our goals are reflected by our dreams which collect all the information you think about throughout the day and take the most crucial information and gives you a message about what you may have just learned that day. Sometimes it’s hazy sometimes it’s clear and sometimes it’s seemly pointless. However random your dreams are there is meaning in your dreams. The same goes with life, life speaks for itself events, circumstance and conditions happen for a reason, sometimes it’s out of your control and sometimes it is in your control. When it’s in your control make sure you know it and that you tackle the problem with all you’ve got.

I would like to answer the riddle of what dream, life and light is and how it all relates to one another. It is my main objective to do this. Life is constructive, positive and good but the thing i don’t understand is how death is involved. Maybe it is there to balance the system so that giant monopolies don’t happen over extended periods of time. Maybe to recycle us spiritually so that we can be reborn and refreshed for eternal life. Maybe it’s just the cosmic cycle of life and it’s reason for being is to loop and repeat itself. What ever our theories are life and dreams comes hand in hand with death and the after life. Maybe the after life is just like a dream except with features of life like pain, emotion and motives. This balances all 4 realms of these types of lives. life, dreams, death and after life. Understanding these concepts is a reach but this is the best we can do with such abstract theorizing.

We know these things only exist in reminisce of the spirit like ghosts, premonitions and people talking about the afterlife from children reborn onto Earth from another life. Stories from old times like the greek about where one goes after one dies. It’s a conflicting topic but most definitely interesting. Spirits and angels driving us and influencing us is another interesting concept that many find hard to believe. Though this is hard to swallow it is tough to dismiss these things and say they are not real at the same time. Those who do dismiss these things are simply ignorant for the fact that there are super natural phenomenon out there that cannot be solved in this life unless they have the intelligence of another being from the realm. Though even that is not enough to be concrete evidence with our science based minds.

Light of it all: What we seek is the light of it all. Answers to our questions. We ask for it to be done, we want a product not pieces and tools needed to make the product. Likewise we build from the bottom up no the other way around. Maybe things can be built from the past to the present but also the future backwards into the present. This logic is the same with this case, miracles are a super phenomenon but not impossible. There is still much we don’t understand about our world and to dismiss these miracles as a fluke is ignorant and losing half the picture. Until proven to be untrue keep an open mind for things we don’t understand. The Dark may just be a misunderstood animal and once tamed can cooperate to be part of the light bringing our answers to the cosmos. For the dark once subjected is nothing but a subject in the library of the light not some sort of army to be fought.

Nuclear missiles around world disarmed by higher power. Resurrection and Blog obscured direction.


“Nuclear Missiles Around World Disarmed video 1”

“Nuclear missiles CNN America’s disabled missiles video 2”

“Nuclear Missiles Disarmed by UFO Article”

I read from a government report that all around the world nuclear missiles have been disarmed by unidentified flying objects as early as March 16, 1967. It seems a higher power is at work in solving the nuclear arms race, something out of our control – or specifically even the USA military’s. All 10 missiles have been disabled and accounts of unidentified flying objects were encountered throughout the incident that was covered up until recently leaked and now confirmed on CNN. Retired Government officers and several accounts of military personnel testified about the incidents. I’m surprised this was not blown into proportion by the internet.

It looks like our world’s fate is in the hands of higher powers. That the importance of our evolution and world’s survival has an important role in the future. There are forces beyond what we know and it could be human and it could be not but what ever it is it’s saving the world from ourselves. It’s basically saying Nuclear War is definitely something we do not want to see and the ease into a transition into a new era will be lead by divine hands. Rest easy and continue your journey, all is good.

I had a strange dream. In it there was a being who was discussing a fail safe built into the system in case this certain person of importance died that he could be resurrected if there were the right 7 chosen people there they could bring back to life a God Head. They would only make up the inferior bottom half from the jaw line down and the god head would make up the rest of it up. I think they were talking about the god conscience and it exists on Earth but we don’t know by whom and if he even realizes he has the god conscience. Or maybe it’s not just one person but all of us who have the god conscience. If the Christ conscience is indeed us and we are growing into something beyond human, that would be amazing. In the dream i also met an angry spirit who was looking at a diagram branching out into different realities and one of the realities is that the being was God. This is where my theory that there may be a now living benevolent being with omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient abilities. Maybe even a group of them. The tree i saw had the roots Mage, Healer and Creator. Which leads me to believe this is in human form what a God Head is; a Mage, Healer and Creator.

“Life on Mars traces of life”

I had recently read an article on Mars and how there may have been life on Mars at one time. This is interesting in that if it is true that we had beings living on our neighboring planet, how much of their culture and things did we borrow from them? And maybe some of us are truly part martian and don’t even know it. All i know is if there is truly intelligent beings out there in the world who live among us in the multidimensional plains then it is more a reason to push for a an intelligible, understanding and wise life.

My thesis has gotten to the point where its becoming very other worldly and that makes this thesis a little more complicated to decipher,  rationalize. make sense in a comprehensible manner. I know there is a meaning in all this in the end but the more we dig into string theory the more fantasy like this blog becomes. Think positive, picture your paradigm and get into practice of affirmation are all tools that are highly recognized by the psychological community as being positive influences in your life. To keep in tune with life and find a way to navigate through the chaos, dissonance and negativity is the only way to realize your paradigm vision. The place you ultimately long to go to. It is not only a place you long to go to but a feeling, atmosphere and ideas that make the identity of this “place” you gravitate towards. Again all these things are for the most part good but cleaning up all these theories and ideas will soon be something that may become quite a difficult task to complete.

Logical analysis on why people lose interest

Actions, Words and ideas have the power to separate people from their love of a physical person, place or thing. This concept basically is the idea where if you disturb or attack a person while they are enjoying their favorite food you may separate the spirit of that food away from the person and he may no longer enjoy it. Negative disturbances such as gun fire, verbal abuse or images can cause negative effects/resonance/ideas to a person’s routine which literally tears the “spirit of love of something” for something out of them. You lose pieces of yourself throughout your day in the world of conflict. Things like your appetite, hobbies and interests may go down as well as up if you lose or rediscover that love for something. Logically, say that when you lose interest in something and you say i don’t feel like playing tennis today that is your lost of interests due to some physical, mental and spiritual separation of spirit from your body due to chaos, dissonance and negativity. Routinely if everyone were to live in a world without conflict (chaos, dissonance and negativity.) then theoretically we would be able to “ride” our frequency of reality to that imagined place we yearn to go to. But we are in constant struggle with conflicts in the world so it sways us to change our direction/mind/ideals of where we are going and what we really want. If you love anything worth loving it will stay loved to the end of time. But you will experience on and off experiences that will test your love for it. Just like in life the quote “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back than it was meant to be.” Literally is the perfect quote for this article.

It’s just an idea i picked up from another dream. It’s strange how i am taught a lesson a day from light of dreams along side my study of light of life. It’s like a perfect balance. At the moment i have lost the interests to do anything but blog my work in life and in dreams. I should probably focus on my classes and passion for some kind of hobby but i guess in a way I’ve lost the spirit for those things literally. I guess a way to get the spirit back into you is to align yourself and plant that seed again and imagine so that you’ll go back in the right direction for life. Because school is really important i got to get back into the practice/spirit/idea of enjoying it.

Coherent Dreams That Analyze Life


For the past month I’ve been blogging regularly and everything I learned that day I started dreaming about the next night as if subconsciously putting a puzzle together and attempting to solve it. Like for example the other night I finally completed world of eternity, star, divine, death and life. And that night I started trying to align them with their proper axis in my head in a dream. Someone approached me with a small hovering Merkaba for what ever reason and it was glowing and golden colored. Maybe just to show me what it truly looked like. He might have been of Jewish descent with his beard suit jacket and strange hat.

I think what deams are there for us to make sense of all the random things that happen in life and gives a clear or sometimes riddled answer about what is happening to you and your life. Sometimes sorting it out, organizing it and sifting through the garbage information for only the good and meaningful things.

I was just messing around with my new tapered pendulum I got suggested by a friend. And i asked “in the past what was i?” and I got an answer and it said Delenn. I searched it up and i got a fictional alien character from Babylon 5. Her character was very wise with quotes about life and wisdom; pages were literally littered with life and wisdom metaphors. She used a metaphor in this one scene with a candle and said that the candle represented life. And the flame is the human soul.. and that when that flame goes out it meant that life had gone out too. Everyone is unique as a flame and once that flame goes out no where in time will there be a flame like it in the universe. We are all made of star essence that have forgotten ourselves and before we lived by, petty desires, ego and who shines brighter. We were wise and understanding beyond worlds.

This was profound to me in that i shared this understanding too. This concept of who this woman was sounds like something i wanted to be like. If not as the person maybe just her wisdom. I have forgotten about the world of imagination through television. I haven’t watched T.V. for a long while now. I suppose all sorts of characters are out there have been created for a reason, maybe for us to relate to, look up to and idealize. I will continue to analyze my dreams in search for what it is truly trying to tell me.

Maybe it’s time for us to outgrow our cocoon and go through the process of metamorphosis to become something more than human. A being of compassion, unconditional love and understanding. There is more to life than what is set in front of you, a world full of personal messages and hidden values worth more than man’s gold and riches. Wisdom so profound it transcends the material and into the divine. I’m a treasure hunter at heart and looking for answers that may be riddled and unlocked through puzzles.

And this is not my journey alone but our journey as a collective. What is mine is yours and if you’ve gained something from all this, i am content and happy. I hope you find what you long sought for. Before you were born; your purpose existed and your reason for being here engraved. All is written in the frequency and waves of time in the multiverse. All you got to do is imagine and find your wave to ride; all decided on your ideas, thoughts and decisions.

Shared Dreams Technology; Theory and Application.

Theory time! Innovation caps on:

I was just thinking. Something occurred to me last night and i experienced something like that of a shared dream. The experience of it anyways is the main focus, not that it may have been real. It was interesting to hear a sort of commentary from people on the side about what they were seeing. What if the world of sharing dreams was possible and you were able to plug into another person’s current dream. Imagining the science behind it would probably have to do with fields (magnetic, ley lines, colored light, data storage and frequency technology like crystal and how it resonates), something to read brain waves, electrical impulses, sin wave signals to the brain, coding from machine to comprehensible human language and chemical signals to the brain. The application for this type of technology is like an alternate reality where the laws of physics does not have to apply, and all possibilities are possible – yes even the inception idea where we can live life times within life times in the dream. A massive surge of experience and knowledge through this world in a fraction of time. This would increase our knowledge several times over about life, experience, reality and even give us the technology to carry information from the human brain to machine and vice versa. I’m just saying that this technology could serve a application that can teach the basic ethical living through experience like a simulator without physical life threatening consequence. Because life is about making mistakes right? What if we can make those mistakes and see the consequence without having to live them in real life? These are all viable questions that if possible can change our reality and sort out unstable/sick and behaviorally imbalanced individuals that may cause harm in our society. When i say “sort” i mean treat and help them, correct them and change them to live normal lives. (identify them? a bit of a ethical breech of privacy but i think it’s necessary for the safety of the whole.) This would solve so many things in life that even the correctional system of justice would approve. Applying a science to this dream sharing technology, applying understanding of light completely (philosophically, rationally, spiritually,  scientifically, religiously and synthetically humanized) we’d conquer life with just these two things. If we can make a connection between frequencies, information, energy fields (to power and establish energy to a sphere of the brain), sin wave signals and the brain this could be very possible.

From my imagination i can see a humming crystal resonating at a certain frequency releasing information. The crystal would have to be levitated by a gravity field or magnetism so not to cause any interference. There would have to be a source of energy probably most likely electricity but what if it required a massive surge of energy? Higher level of energy technologies would probably be ideal probably not necessary because it should be just like plugging into a console gaming system. Dreaming should just be a luxury on the go not a necessity. I could see using a certain colored light to provoke emotion. What about the combination of light (electromagnetic radiation) as information converted to sin wave and sin wave sound frequency of a crystal. This combined would create an information pattern that resonates and creates a field. If the frequency/vibration makes the body react in a way. (like the frequency to make you soil yourself) this could lead some where. Color establishes mood and electromagnetic radiation carries information. Sound resonates and can cause physical movement and impulses in the brain. If both interacted with just the brain the combined efforts would result in a proto-dream sharing system since everything is subconscious. We could study people affected under certain frequencies and colors to start off.

I guess we have less expensive means of artificial learning devices externally like video games and simulation programs through computers and consoles. But we sleep 1/3rd of our life, if we could put that 1/3rd of time to good use then we would increase the curb in human development and learning. Then again what would this look like? This might just be a bunch of colored lines and waves that we need to decipher like a screen of binary a computer reads. This could be just like a story book reading on a long strip of action, reaction we can read at the start of the technology in a time preferably our living time. But with ingenuity and design we in the future can simulate what that would look like and render images that of what it should be. It could also have symbols (like a castle) to represent certain ideas like what we lived in and events, things and ideas.  The world internally from the microcosm is just as important as the external macrocosm. Our devices developed in the premises of the macrocosm on big screens and real life in day life, is not more important than the premises of the microcosm in dreams and internal life in sleeping life. Sorry for the HUGE post. I apparently had alot to say.

Something unexplainable

I don’t know how to explain this but i had a weird experience last night when my entire dream became like a computer interface where i could control everything and monitor my energy levels and such, there was talking in the background by other people (plugged in?). Is this what it’s like to be in a Merkaba? Or is this something else? like an interconnected dream state where we share the same dream? This is the first time i tried to click on something in my head.. i think i’m turning into a robot. Weird thing was i’d wake up and go back to sleep only to have it happen again. i’m probably gonna have to low key this because it’s just a silly dream. I think i’ll type more on this topic if the dream becomes consistently in this state through out the next few nights. It’s probably just too much time on the computer using Autocad and blogging i suppose. I’ll know i’m less crazy when i have a conversation with a person in that dream that actually lives in this this space/time/dimension. That brings me to wonder if anyone living has ever had a shared dream experience. I should probably keep a dream journal and keep this blog relevant to my topics instead of just throwing weird random dreams and explaining them all the time.


The Flower of Life, Music and Chakra (interrelated)


Chakra is also related to the flower of life. Chakra and it’s color orientation has alot to do with enlightenment, meditation and spirituality; it has an alignment in the flower of life that places each chakra channel in the correct place. I’m unsure if enlightenment is a path i’d be interested in yet anyways because i’m good here right now. I’m just curious and contemplating, left alone to my thoughts. i think enlightenment means awareness, conscious of everything and everyone and passionate understanding of life. I guess there’s more then that like the Merkaba theory that allows you to move through different dimensions changing your body’s frequency etc, which would be awesome. Chakra energy centers has it’s own geometries. Starting from the bottom:



1. Root Chakra – I am, Life

2. Sacral Chakra – I feel, Order

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – I do, Wisdom

4. Heart Chakra – I love, Love

5. Throat Chakra – i speak, Power

6. Third Eye Chakra – I see, Imagination

7. Crown Chakra – I understand, Understanding and Will


Chakra also has to do with music as shown here. Apparently each note in an octave corresponds to a chakra energy centers.



Phi, polar grid, binary, Fibonacci sequence, chakra; music is a mysterious thing in that all these things are related perhaps it has a role in light as well seeing that it could be the wave component and oscillation of another form of light.

Experiential Active Light: Experience, Light and Music(Growth and Healing). 

I found this website that describes the chakra in detail, its relation to the hemispheres of the brain, its relation to music and it’s imbalances, affirmations and much more. Sound Essence of Chakra. I can’t go into how much detail she’s put in her work. Cheers.



colors affect mood and chakra generating sources such as your organs.

Reiki masters specialize in opening/healing these centers.

7. Pineal gland, Crown/Spiritual

6. Pituitary gland, Intuitive/3rd Eye

5. Thyroid gland, Expression

4. Thymus gland, Love

1. Adrenal gland, Survival

3. Pancreas, Power/Ego

2. Testis/Ovaries, Sex

A Bluish man and third eye?

Also on a short note. I had a small dream last night, a glimpse of a bluish weathered rugged bald man with a painted eye over his forehead. I keep thinking about it today like it should mean something, as if we were suppose to communicate, there was a moment where a small sized lightning bolt struck the ground, i read that it means that i am no longer ignorant of something or it could be my awareness or insight to something. I was thinking the man was an old Nacaal, or immortal as they call them. Not sure why i dreamt such weird things or how he got in my head. Your mind and dreams thinking up incomprehensible ideas is pretty normal.

 The land of Mu, Nacaal and Leylines will be a topic for another time.


Waking up from a dream within a dream

Ever had a dream where you wake up to yourself waking up in bed… maybe within another dream and another dream and you just can’t wake up to the real reality? It’s something like the movie the Edge of Tomorrow. Where he keeps waking up to restart his story from a specific point in time reliving the same events and sometimes experience over and over again. Each time growing stronger better and remembering all previous experiences. My last dream was like that.. And it was rewinded again and again until i got it right the last time. It’s reflective and equivilent to worlds within worlds, microcosm within macrocosms. Maybe dreams are just another depth of dimensions. What if we could wake from our reality at one point and finally see what we really are or were. Actual inter-dimensional higher beings who have fallen from their place long ago and we’re just trying to get back to where we once came from. Our bodies capable of so much more but we are just untrained and have not been able to tap into our true potential because time has made us rusty. We hear of people in the past attaining things like enlightenment in the past through attuning their bodies to the world and environment. And amazing healing from the heart/mind of tumors in China by chants and mantra. I’m just saying there’s so many things we claim are fictional that now we are finding to be plausible. Things we claim are superstitious have actual science and rational explanations. Like consciousness, soul, intuition, human connection and paranormal phenomenon. Things that are put aside because they may be just too out of this world like chakra energies and it’s vertical alignments for example. Things like meditation, Tai-Chi, breathing exercises and philosophy seem like old people practices/lame but actually essential to a being’s growth and development.

There will be new technologies in the future that may allow us to record our dreams at one point. And how awesome would it be to record some incomprehensible things that you yourself cannot understand how you conjured up. I’m just saying what if there’s a world beyond this one that we can achieve in this life time without technology but through our very being of learning, understanding, taking care of ourselves our mind and body and just experiencing life? If all that is necessary to ascend to the next level of game is our already equiped mind, heart and body. Would that not be exciting? The possibilities like prolonged lives living up to 900 years like the old humans of biblical times, Osiris resurrecting from being chopped up, immortality, inter-dimensional travel so many possibilities. I know i should ground myself soon because this is not at all scientific but i’m allowed to dream and let my imagination express itself; so i will. I just think we as a society overlook some very elementary things that we should incorporate into our lives to better ourselves, everything is created for a reason. And because society hold back from certain information afraid of scaring the public. We should be aware of this and allow us to think outside the box so not to miss anything important. This is one of my objectives is to find the truth.

Turned to rock by a serpent and evil spirits.

Had another dream. It was an Eastern Dragon and it consumed a man by twisting his head off. The head went up in a cloud of smoke. Watching from afar a man confronted him who glowed green and he was a round man, bald and in robes. The dragon looked into his mind and went to the location where all this man’s gold was hidden. There was gold and gems from all sides and the dragon shoved all of it down the mans throat as though it was to mock who he was and turned him to stone.

An interpretation of this story may be that the serpent is lust and that all the man’s work to enlightenment may be wasted through wealth and temptation by the serpent.

I recognize the animal that may be in me. It was like the dream was telling me that i was being bought out of enlightenment with money. That temptation is the challenge i face. Either that or someone is in trouble of this happening because i was in third person when it happened.

I read an interesting article today about a spirit that feeds on the polarization of a person’s emotions. I learned that it acts out of your blind spot and only exists when you don’t see it. What it does is that it hides inside of you and when you see the evil that is out there and do not have compassion for the person committing the evil, you yourself will be possessed by this spirit. Its an aboriginal evil spirit called a Wetiko. I think it means if you don’t identify with the evil inside of you with this other man then you yourself will be a a target for doing an evil of your own. I’m not sure i understood much more of his content but he is a very intelligent man who’s been a Buddhist for 30 years and worked with some famous monks. He went through some hospital time because they told him he had a chemical imbalance in the brain but he lives without any medication and is fully recovered despite the doctors saying he will have to take medication for the rest of his life.

If you want to check his work out.