Defining the world of light.


3 parts to the body of a model of light. The wave function has 2 dual opposite natures. Then comes oscillation which controls the order and spacing of the waves and particles. Then comes particle the solid substance or identity of the light model.

Physical light:Top/Bottom duality of wave, particle and oscillation.

Abstract light: Human nature/Human Conscience Chaos, Identity and Order.

Metaphysical light: Body/Mental Physically, Consciously and Spiritually

Ideal light: Information/Rules CodesValues and Virtues

Studies of light: Religion/Science Technology, Humanism and Divinity.

Planes of light: Vacuums/Room Space, Earth and Heaven

Conceptual light: Philosophical/Spiritual Ethics, Humanity and Morality

Constructive light: Evolution/Creationism Science, Humanism and Religion

Bodies of light: Fallen/High Spirit, Human and Angel.

Notional dark light: Motivational/Nocturnal  Darkness, Emptiness and Nothingness.

Notional light: Generating/Adapting Experience, Life and Legends.

Moxie light: Evident/Emotional Intuition, Encouragement and Motivation.

To help understand what I am trying to do. I am defining all the aspects of what light can manifest as. Here are 12 of my current favorite abstracts of light.

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