Music – As a component of experiential life.

(Growth/Healing) Experience., Light, Music


Music is the color of life. It expresses the moods and emotions in a song. Just like an experiment about how certain clothing will make you think better about yourself thus improving your ability to do things, “Clothing Powers” so does the music that you carry on you. Life of experience cannot be complete without the accompany of the notes and song of a, (for example’s sake) acoustic guitar melody. It doesn’t matter what instrument you use to lighten up your day. Music may help in performance and sometimes growth according to an experiment with plants and music. Plants will grow much faster with Beethoven piano music opposed to no music. Constructive and sound music will provide a constructive sound environment. Music encourages growth, so does Sunlight in it’s providence of vitamin D. These are the components to experience or growth and healing. They both have a great impact on life itself both as a stimulus and a catalyst for healing and growth. Our two main reception functions are through sound and sight, they are the most valued source of experience in life.


Just like in life we must compose our own song with each decision and idea we make. With time we’ll compose a song of light and spread it where it is lacking light. We’ll do this until our world is a glowing radiant ball of a symphony on Earth. Glowing and radiating music and heavenly light across the dark abyss of space.

Defining the world of light.


3 parts to the body of a model of light. The wave function has 2 dual opposite natures. Then comes oscillation which controls the order and spacing of the waves and particles. Then comes particle the solid substance or identity of the light model.

Physical light:Top/Bottom duality of wave, particle and oscillation.

Abstract light: Human nature/Human Conscience Chaos, Identity and Order.

Metaphysical light: Body/Mental Physically, Consciously and Spiritually

Ideal light: Information/Rules CodesValues and Virtues

Studies of light: Religion/Science Technology, Humanism and Divinity.

Planes of light: Vacuums/Room Space, Earth and Heaven

Conceptual light: Philosophical/Spiritual Ethics, Humanity and Morality

Constructive light: Evolution/Creationism Science, Humanism and Religion

Bodies of light: Fallen/High Spirit, Human and Angel.

Notional dark light: Motivational/Nocturnal  Darkness, Emptiness and Nothingness.

Notional light: Generating/Adapting Experience, Life and Legends.

Moxie light: Evident/Emotional Intuition, Encouragement and Motivation.

To help understand what I am trying to do. I am defining all the aspects of what light can manifest as. Here are 12 of my current favorite abstracts of light.