Sacred Geometry: Part two notes (incomplete)

“Sacred Geometry Video”

( for picture source)

These are all topics i want to learn more about, verify and go into depth when blogging it. Definitely come back another time to check up on any updates on this specific blog. Might be just an assignment list i want to work on progressively.

This is the video i’m just trying to summarize based on my experience with the Sacred Geometry.

He goes to say that polyps in undersea coral each experience a dimension of life on their own just like we do extended from God.


A polar graph with a golden means spiral on top of it will reveal binary and Fibonacci sequence numbers. 

Keith Kritchlow

“From the middle of the equilateral triangle you draw a line up and then to the bottom left corner of the triangle, left intersection goes up and back to bottom left corner and so forth. Continuing in this way, each successive proportion will be the harmonic mean between the previous proportion and the total length, and all of these proportions will be musically significant.

½ being the octave, 2/3 being the fifth, 4/5 being the major third, 8/9 being the major tone [step], and 16/17 being the half tone [half step]”

Using binary intersections to make an equilateral triangle. Place 2 fibbonacci spirals over each other to represent duality which is how nature works and you have a star of david. Now each node of the star gets a circle and voila you have the fruit of life.

Music and light related to harmonics of frequency (sin wave) and fibbonacci spirals

Light harmonics and dimensions related to this tetrahedron shape.

Sin wave correlate with sound and light in the eletro magnetic spectrum.

Everything in world is related to sin wave. Atoms or vibrations particle and wave.

7.23 cm wave length is our dimension between our chakras and radio wave.

Lower dimensions have denser and longer wave length then higher dimensions lower energy. Higher dimensions have short wave length. We are  based on the 3rd note in this life we are moving to the 4th note frequency. There are 12 notes and 12 overtones.

64 square, 8 x 10. 10×12, 14 x 18. Vitruvian man

12 strands activated work in sync with 12 chakras.

Moving from a carbon based life to crystalline.

Dna works as datastorage.

 Psycho coherence

Neuro cardiology brain power 40 thousand neurons. Thinks on its own.

The torus is a energy of giving and receiving. Vibration and frequency.

Gravity is conscious field.

Love and light. Light has mass but mass has no agreed definition.

Plants absorb information and make sugars with water and nutrients from soil.

 Electricity and magnetism. Male and female points and curves.

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