Sacred Geometry

Phi, pi and Euler imbued in the Giza pyramid, music, Fibonacci, metatron cube, Kabulah, Star of David, Pentagram, the heart, platonic shapes, words, paragraphs and chapters positive thinking.. everything, oscillation, light, male female energy the yin and yang, fractals, dimensions, thinking as a collective. This path has led me up to here and looks like someone has already understood it better/illustrated and explained it a thousands times better then i ever could.

It starts off telling about female and male energy. The polar opposite component energies that all humans have inside them. Male energy is suppose to be rigid and squared whereas female energy is curved and circular. The energy is controlled by your right female part of the brain (creativity) and left male brain (focused). The Yin and Yang are a good representation of this balance of forces in a person. Male energy is also very linear and narrow whereas female energy is about being open minded sometimes almost moving in a oscillating state.

The Fibonacci law is basically a law that adds it’s previous number with its current to get the next number and so forth starting from 1. It creates a outward spiral effect that is related to the universal constant phi. It is found in nature most of the time.

Phi is also called the golden mean being a universal constant going on forever just like Pi and Euler. These three constants are the only none repeating constants that go on forever. They can all be found in one structure in the world called the Giza Pyramid.

The Giza pyramid is a interesting complex in that it is built and aligned with the constellation of Orion. There are actually 3 pyramids that reflect the three stars of the constellation of Orion. The Pyramid of Giza has the constant pi, phi and euler imbued in it. It was amazingly said to have been built from the top down which brings me to assume it was created in a way that we do not yet understand yet with our current technologies. The pyramid of giza is said to be the solution to squaring of a circle which was said to be impossible in world of mathematics until they discovered these constants in the giza pyramids and it’s construction.

The flower of life is a pattern as seen above that makes 6 circles that create a 6 petal flower. It holds geometric shapes within it such as a cube, the egg of life, Kabulah, Metatron cube, a pentagram, hexagon, the fruit of life and other very important geometric shapes. If you are not familiar with these shapes here are some brief descriptions. It consists of 16 circles. And has a “zone of hullucida” all cells have this “zone of hullucida”.

Cube: 4 sided object with equal sides.


Egg of life: 8 circles seemly overlapped to make a 3 dimensional cube of circles. It is the morphic essence of what your starting embryotic cells are made of. This 8 circle egg structure is the embryotic cell that creates the color of your eyes, heart, liver and basically all parts of your body.

Kabulah: Is an ancient Nemurian/Atlantian/Jewish tree that is represented by a planets on the sides and an evolving state of elements from the bottom as the elements moves to Moon, Earth, Sirius to the crown of god. The left and right pillars are called the pillars of mercy and severeness . Left pillar consists of splendor, strength and understanding. Right pillar victory mercy and wisdom. the lines connecting the circles inbetween shows the path and connections it has to it’s neighboring circles. The sequence is a ascending left to right zig zag pattern or descending depending on which way you want to see it.

Metatron cube: This is also found in the flower of life and it is a 3 dimensional geometric star shape with 8 points. In it holds the 6 pointed star, hexagon and fruit of life, egg of life, flower of life and even a Kabulah. The Metatron cube is derived from the egg of life. The fruit of life is a female structure with its curves and when all circles are connected to each other with lines it creates the greatest structure ever the Metatron’s cube. It’s a divine shape based on the Platonic solids of Plato’s “The Elements”. All 5 elemental platonic solids fit into the Metatron cube.

The fruit of life is basically the above picture with the 12 circles only. This is what creates things as they are and the basis of all things that are made in life.

If you’ve ever studied the 5 elemental platonic solids they are made of corresponding tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, icosahedron and dodehedron. All faces and edges are equal.  corresponding elements are fire, earth, air, water and ether. Ether is a inter-dimensional element which i don’t think we’ve been able to study yet. It is also called Tachyon or Prana Energy. It is an illusive element able accessible anywhere anytime in space. There is also a 6th element called the void. These are all the elements that are said to be in Platos elemental platonic solids. There are all shapes available to us except the hexagon. The hexagon is also a strange in that it only appears in a microcosm to macrocosm order especially in the flower of life.

The Egyptians knew a deeper basic level of geometry and it may or may not have been true that it was first seen being used in Lemuria or Atlantis. The tree of life (Kabulah)  and the flower of life was the most basic of their geometric knowledge.

Vesica Pisces is when two circles overlap to make an eye. It is said to be the beginning of consciousness. This is also how the Flower of Life begins. It also has the roots of 2,3 and 5 which are numbers that go on forever.

The Seed of life actually looks like the egg of life but it has a circle surrounding it. It has some biblical references to it saying that it came from nothingness, “god moved to” and “there was light” to cut it short. This is the sequence in which the seed of life is made.


This is the video.


“Sacred Geometry Video”.

Have fun!

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