Unravel our Universe


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Throughout my studies of life and light. I have encountered dreams that i have come to realize is part of life and light. This is possibly due to the fact that spirituality is a part of dreams and life and therefore a big part of light. I have found a pattern or formula the world seems to be theoretically following. Everything is possible with the power of ideas and imagination. (and maybe unseen hands.) These words are as close as i get to describing what the world of experience of these realms are. Otherwise they are incomprehensible and unimaginable to the degree of what they truly are; such as “radiance” i don’t know what powers it, the extent of what it’s brilliance can do and how/where it is used. It’s just a vague word to describe something beyond our comprehension.. based on our dimensional plane of studies and science. As science can be called magic or witch craft when not understood; so is this case.

Today i will be dissecting the universe into bits and pieces so that i can – (i call the process) “humanize it”. To a state we can comprehend and understand a little better about the world above, below and beyond. This is my personal understanding of the universe and i understand most of these words. Curiosity killed the cat, but i’m a little bigger than a cat don’t you think?




Categories: (Stars and space) Cosmos, Eternity and Divinity.

Behavioral: (Angelic conscience, Angelic nature) Joy, Hierarchy and Unity.

Form: (Duality of condensed functions) Frequency, Core and Radiance.

Idealism: (Glorifying and Falling) Honor, Love and Service.




Categories: (Creation, Evolution) Science, Humanism and Religion

Behavioral: (human conscience, human nature) Chaos, Identity and Order.

Form: (duality of negative and positive functions) Wave, Particle and Oscillation.

Idealism: (Redeeming and faultering) Redemption, Hope and Faith.




Categories: (Black arts and necromancy) Abyss, Empty Suffering and Nothingness.

Behavioral: (Demon conscience, Demon nature) Rage, Cast Rank and Discord.

Form: (Duality of deviant functions) Sound, Earth and Darkness.

Idealism: (Carnage and Failing) Destruction, Hate and Legion.


These worlds are just ideas and i can only sort of guesstimate them. This is all left up to imagination and deductive reasoning so therefore i cannot fully comprehend it’s ideology and describe it.

So i did it and it sort of works you get a very vague and general idea of what it’s suppose to be but yes i think this is what the components to their essence is.

For a detailed look at how these columns and rows are made and organized please see: Philosophy on light and Philosophy on light simplified (revisited).

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