Reality of “The Hero’s Legacy”

The hero never gets what he wants in life; the girl, the life, glory, the money, it’s just the way the world works. In most heroic stories the hero has to die in order for the sacrifice to be significant. It’s like how great people’s work seem to only be of great importance after their passing and it is a sad fact. A heroes legacy seems to always to be the martyr, the sacrifice for the greater good. Everyone appreciates a good deed and they move on but is his good work in living spirit in everyone’s daily life? To that i say yes. The spirit of our heroes or martyrs and sacrifices are attributed to everything we are able to do daily. Without them all the things we have and will become is not possible. We mustn’t forget how fortunate we are as a collective to get as far as we have as a human race. Never forget we’re all in this together.

Refuse to be the rebound for another’s dream. Refuse to be unoriginal. Be original and full of ingenuity, Be a collective. Don’t be scared to be a part of a collective, the collective shouldn’t be scared to be you. Don’t be afraid to share ideas, to give freely and to be generous. We are worlds of abundance always giving. We are not limitless but we can fight with teeth and nail to extend our hope, faith and redemption across the land. Each time growing stronger, better then before.  We’re all equal, with vulnerabilities. We’re all human; inflicted and vulnerable to death, disease and sadness. This is the human condition; we’re a part of a team and we look out for each other. There is no ego. The ego is in the mind. There is no “I” but really a “we” when something needs to get done. You do everything you can and pour your heart out, rinse and repeat. Give it your all in everything you do down to your last nickle in your pocket. The less people around you suffer and the more light you give to the world the more you grow as a person.

Keep the spirit burning. Keep things real and intense. Keep it interesting, keep our dreams true and never let our creativity die. Don’t give up and i pray all your hopes and dreams come true to a moderate degree. Because we’re fighting and biting and forgetting to chew. Some of us on the field want everyone to know that when we’re out here on the Earth battling our Earth issues spiritually, we’re thinking about you.

Service, Honor and Justice.

Faith, Hope and Redemption.

Wisdom, Creativity and Knowledge.

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