Unexplained number 2; contact with random

When i was sleeping just now.. it felt my whole head vibrate at a strange frequency. Not violently but like when you ring a bell and stick your head to it. I think i just had someone try to get into my head psychically. I tried to send a message but i was speaking in full sentences – they were translating in letters. I could hear him saying out single letters. After not being able to make out the first sentence he told me to download some kind of translator. Download into my head? lol. “click on the bar up ahead” he said. It was defnitely a male voice. Not sure if he was talking to me or someone else. I woke up after that. I Think someone is trying to contact me. It makes no sense for anyone to contact me at the moment i don’t know what i can do for them. I’m not psychic but maybe i’m attuned to pick up signals. There has got to be some kind of technology out there in this time or the future that is telepathic. Maybe that is what i just experienced. I could hear them clearly. I should ask Janon about what psychics feel when they receive a message.

The dream i had before this had many random people in it and they were trying to get connected. I usually am able to recall my dreams, but this one was blurry.

lol. This does not mean anything. It is not life altering. I just hope it’s from the future and not some random dude from this time plain. How cool would it to be able to talk to a person in the same timeline from great distances? It’s been done, it’s called a telephone.

4 thoughts on “Unexplained number 2; contact with random

  1. Yep, he’s talking to you – loud and clear. Don’t panic. He doesn’t want anything from you. He’s guiding you. I wonder (may be way off track) if he’s guiding you to try my dowsing method. I’m assuming he knows you’ve been talking to me.
    It’s dead easy. You open a word processing program and hold a pendulum over your computer keyboard. Let it hang still, right in the middle, between G and H. Ask a question and see if the pendulum starts to move. For me it swings about and if it goes say left, I move my hand slightly left, then it might go up, then along and it ends up rotating over a specific letter. I type that letter and return it to centre. Sounds very laborious, but I’ve built up quite a speed now and of course I have a typed record of the message on my computer. My HD friend tells me it helps if I type my questions to him, as it focuses what I’m saying for him, so I do my questions in small case and the answers in upper case.


  2. If you go to any crystal or new age type shop, they will have dowsing pendulums on sale for a relatively small sum. It needs to taper to a point, so that you’ll know which letter on the keypad it is pointing to. It doesn’t matter at all what sort of crystal or chain you use, so whichever suits your price and appeals to you.
    It acts in a very similar way to a lie detector. As you hold the chain and let the pendulum hang down, it will pick up tiny changes in your body that would be invisible if just watching your hand, for instance. I’ve found that it can also pick up communications from elsewhere – like a TV aerial, I suppose. There are plenty of online tutorials on how to dowse.
    A good first step is to hold it still and make a statement such as ‘My name is…..’ If you tell the truth, the pendulum will react in a certain way. Mine nods back and forth, for example. If you say ‘My name is Marlo Brando’ it will react in a different way.
    Take a look at my post http://janstoneblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/dowsing-with-death-part-2-of-my-journey-into-alternative-communication/ which has a pic of a pendulum and explains a bit about how I learned to use it. Have fun 🙂


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