Theory for three dimensional poetry; through ascendance.

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Introduction to three dimensional poetry;

Refer to: Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous three worlds. Pt 1

A Psychological Scientific Synthesis of the Spiritual Frontier Pt. 2

Usually there would be title for the book of thoughts. The system is one of fractals resulting the upper stanza will hold a general macrocosm of the sphere whereas the lower stanzas will break off into smaller fractals. From book, chapter, sentence/stanza, and words they break down to smaller components as they progress downward. Every tree has a tag which usually starts the stanza for the chapters off. Traditionally there is usually only 3 trees physical, mental and spiritually. The fourth is the assumption that all three realms share a point and can resolve their differences and find a solution which is a vertical ascending nature i intend to call benevolence. Out of love, compassion and understanding comes the dimension defying element that works towards a higher light, usually upwards in the pyramid like spectrum.

For example the traditional trio, power, wisdom and courage. love would transcend all three and act as a medium gateway to the higher domain of the system which is all under the family tree virtues. We now look at Function and wonder what the other 2 components would be function, paradigm and purpose. We realize that the tree comes from the book of Infinity so we trace it back to that.

Infinity; Hero’s words tree: Purpose, Function and Paradigm. Manifestation.

(1) Purpose: Consciousness, Identity and Ideals. Intuitive values.

(2) Function: Power, Wisdom and Courage. Passion.

(3) Paradigm: Perseverance, Redemption and Love. Transcendence 

What i’ve done above was take the tradition Infinity’s; Hero’s words tree and changed it into a transcendence tree adding the ascending traits. The Manifestation Tree now exists and we describe what this tree is capable of; Through this tree we realize that manifestation through these ideals can bring Teleportation, Time travel and Telepathy. And the ascending element that would ultimately come out is materialization which is the creation of things from thin air.

(4) Manifestation: Teleportation, Time Travel and Telepathy. Materialization.

(This below is just a footnote to remind me of what it is i’m looking for).

(5) body, mind, spirit and soul.

Transcending the world of space, time and dimension.

This tree’s study would enable great potentials if mastered but this is only true if we were using the human body to it’s highest potential.. Like 90% of the brain for example. Instantaneous evolution and transformation is something out of our order and ability thus these are equivalent to fable and reduced to fictional writing.

Reading from the mapping of this tree spectrum brought me to speculate;

From this tree i extracted that the body; Through purpose, obtaining consciousness, power and living under the theme of perseverance. Can inherit the manifestation of Teleportation.

From this tree i extracted that the mind; Through function, obtaining identity, wisdom and living under the theme of redemption. Can inherit the  manifestation of Time Travel.

From this tree i extracted that the spirit; Through paradigm, obtaining ideals, courage and living under the theme of love. Can inherit the manifestation of Telepathy.

From this tree i extracted that the soul; Through manifestation, intuitive values, passion and living under the theme of transcendence. Can inherit the manifestation of Materialization.

Probably not the best tree to do an introductory on because of how weird it is but hopefully you get the point. As i said this tree is unbalanced and probably more on the lines of fictional than logical and almost borderline nonsensical. Definitely fun though.

Please note Purpose, Function and Paradigm is something that requires a bit of potential, inheritance and work. It’s a combination of things that attribute to these unnatural abilities and not something expected out of ordinary human beings. Keep in mind but don’t let it trouble your thoughts.

Unexplained number 2; contact with random

When i was sleeping just now.. it felt my whole head vibrate at a strange frequency. Not violently but like when you ring a bell and stick your head to it. I think i just had someone try to get into my head psychically. I tried to send a message but i was speaking in full sentences – they were translating in letters. I could hear him saying out single letters. After not being able to make out the first sentence he told me to download some kind of translator. Download into my head? lol. “click on the bar up ahead” he said. It was defnitely a male voice. Not sure if he was talking to me or someone else. I woke up after that. I Think someone is trying to contact me. It makes no sense for anyone to contact me at the moment i don’t know what i can do for them. I’m not psychic but maybe i’m attuned to pick up signals. There has got to be some kind of technology out there in this time or the future that is telepathic. Maybe that is what i just experienced. I could hear them clearly. I should ask Janon about what psychics feel when they receive a message.

The dream i had before this had many random people in it and they were trying to get connected. I usually am able to recall my dreams, but this one was blurry.

lol. This does not mean anything. It is not life altering. I just hope it’s from the future and not some random dude from this time plain. How cool would it to be able to talk to a person in the same timeline from great distances? It’s been done, it’s called a telephone.

Something unexplainable

I don’t know how to explain this but i had a weird experience last night when my entire dream became like a computer interface where i could control everything and monitor my energy levels and such, there was talking in the background by other people (plugged in?). Is this what it’s like to be in a Merkaba? Or is this something else? like an interconnected dream state where we share the same dream? This is the first time i tried to click on something in my head.. i think i’m turning into a robot. Weird thing was i’d wake up and go back to sleep only to have it happen again. i’m probably gonna have to low key this because it’s just a silly dream. I think i’ll type more on this topic if the dream becomes consistently in this state through out the next few nights. It’s probably just too much time on the computer using Autocad and blogging i suppose. I’ll know i’m less crazy when i have a conversation with a person in that dream that actually lives in this this space/time/dimension. That brings me to wonder if anyone living has ever had a shared dream experience. I should probably keep a dream journal and keep this blog relevant to my topics instead of just throwing weird random dreams and explaining them all the time.