Meditation Dangers and The Untold About Christ


“Dangers of Meditation”

In this article i will be talking briefly on my findings on Meditation it’s dangers, it’s benefits and alittle on those who have attained enlightenment, where they attained it and Christ his path that was not told.

This website states all the dangers to meditation. It’s crazy how the path to higher consciousness can drive someone insane and there are very real dangers to the path of enlightenment. As a person who is diligently meditating and seeking enlightenment they may come across. 1. Distracting experiences, 2. Developing powers (like tuning into peoples minds and concentrated heat), 3. Absolute absence of god, 4. Kundalini (seeing snakes everywhere.) 5. Seeing lower worlds. (insanity, haunting dreams), 6. Contact from other worlds (whispers, energy, touch), 7. Dreams (clear dreams that may drive a person insane or afraid.)

I pretty much summarized what the site had to say. I’d recommend reading the whole article because it’s really interesting and goes into greater depth and detail. I can’t say my mind or spirit is ready for the state of enlightenment. I think too much and get random thoughts here and there that would probably make me an ideal candidate to be one of those who go crazy. I do like the spontaneity of my thoughts for creativity’s sake but absolute control of the mind sounds like an anal discipline. The benefits to meditation is that you gain awareness, unconditional love and a stronger chakra circulation. Other effects include stronger healthier spiritual mind, heart and body,. Side-effects may include hullucinations, strange ablities, delusions, tuning into thoughts(?) and insanity.

I’ve only heard things about the higher dimensions. Where the mind is able to materialize objects instantaneously. Flight, healing, telepathy, precognition, eternal happiness, time travel and inter-dimensional travel. These are all strange to this world and dimension of living, but we can see traces of their existence through accounts and uses throughout history.

From what i read, Buddha when he started he had to go all the way to Burma to learn about enlightenment and Christ in his 13 years missing from age 12 to 30 had to go far east for 13 years to the Himalayas in Lakh, India where he visited a Buddhist monastery. The Buddhist also have an account of Christ in a manuscript called “The life of Saint Issa, the best of the Sons of men”. The missing 13 years of Christ is also backed up on the account that had he stayed in Judea he would have been married at 13 which all boys of the Jewish decent were married at. The Three wise men who also visited him at birth were also of orient also say that the bible excluded alot of important information.

“Reference to Jesus’s lost years”

Here’s a small movie about his journey of 13 years he was missing.¬†“Christ preparing in India”

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