Demons and Geniuses, Words that have been warped by time

Define Evil; Demons and Geniuses. According to translations to English, what do they have in common?

To make a long story short:

Genius and demon mean two different things. Genius gets tied with creativity and intelligence. Demon is associated with hell and evil.

In Greek Daimon means genius or as translated “indwelling spirit or intelligence”. Daemon in Old English means Demon. And as you can see as the Greeks carried over the language to the Romans to the English of today obscuring the meaning of the words. Obviously Daimon as an indwelling spirit does not represent evil or good. The Grey spectrum has been saturated and obscured to be either good and bad by time and mistranslation.

In Arab the word for “indwelling spirit” is genie. A genie is also tied with creativity and intelligence thus equivalent to the word Daimon. Djinn is also what they call a genie. Apparently Genius is also a latin form of the word Djinn. So Now we can see that both just meant genius and that they both sit at indwelling spirit of creativity and intelligence.

We can see that from Greek to Roman to English Daimon = Genius went to become Demon. And backwards from the meaning “indwelling spirit” Genie we get Djinn which becomes Genius. These two words have warped the word from Genius to demon in one big loop. Was this on purpose or is there a connection between Genius and Demons?

Inspire is another word that also means inspirited which means to have spirit. But is having spirit evil as this is leading to say?

They say we have demons inside of us that we create those demons and that we shouldn’t trust our demons ever. But what is life if those demons never spawned? I read once that God made life but made a bit of evil so that it would bring about change. For change cannot happen without opposition. We cannot completely obliterate all evil for it would put the world at a standstill and off balance. Starving it of any momentum, movement and rhythm. Ideally we need to keep it under careful watch and under a leash is what we want to do.

This brings me to wonder what is it truly to be a demon because angel is a indwelling spirit and not evil. Genies are not evil. What is evil but frustration, confusion and the feeling/being lost due to illness, circumstance and condition – motive, nature and ego – hunger, thirst and weariness.

“Neurometaphysics blog” This is the blog i was reading and inspired to write this article. I actually wrote  out the blog so i could remember better all the details of his research. Cheers

Chapter: Progressive Mediums

Paragraph: Vehicle, Clock and Reality

Sentence: Intelligence, Ability and Genius, Speed, Accuracy and Precision, Form, Consistency, Frequency

Chapter:  Human Evils

Paragraph: Trauma, StrugglesNature

Sentences: Frustration, Confusion and Lost, Hunger, Thirst and Weariness, Physical, Mental and Spiritual Dysfunction.


Words: (confusion and the feeling lost, being lost, due to illness, circumstance and condition – motive, nature and ego.)

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