A Glimpse of The Three Worlds As One; A Symbolic Dream

Yes another dream, it felt like i was part of it’s construction and as if I walked through a gateway to another world; this one was highly symbolic to me.


It started with the creation of the door way.

(Some background info, not sure if relevant to story but it was still part the dream so i’ll just leave it.)

The Inuits were known to have eaten dead whales. They got the idea that if you ate something you gained/inherited their powers. They ate something in the past they weren’t suppose to, something from a different world. They all turned to golden upright birds and waddled from the carcass.

The worlds Heaven, Earth and Hell aligned. Usually in the creation of this world hell would poke holes through the veil and cause death of sickness such as cancer. It was unstable and these were called miniature black holes that would force a cell to grow as tumors.

There were 3 rooms of interest in this giant house i explored. One is guarded by the spirit of Life and the one i visited was guarded by the spirit of Death. I was making a angelic reading and fell through what i call a carpet roll around me. (The idea was that in inter-dimensional 4th dimension crossing between worlds you would feel like you were running a rolled up platform which is the 4th dimension of time tying up the 3d world we live in today.) In this room a spectral woman in black with a skull mask appeared before me, I called her the Spirit of Death. The Spirit of Death punished me for some reason. Battering me repeatedly striking blows at my forearms trying to hit my head with a mace/club. I was able to kill Death because she had some kind of old industrial projectile weapon (it was ghostly) in her other hand that i used against her putting a perfect hole in the center of her head. Apparently Life was in the other room doing the same thing punishing those who came through the 4th dimensional door. There was a lady – she filled the role of an investigator and she told us that there was a killing in the room of Life where the victim was battered to death (guess that was Life going at it). As i would’ve been by Death had it not been for my evasive moves.

The third room was where i met 3 babies and a ceiling that was almost endless and it was constructed of makeshift wooden planks that make a round room. I think this was a signifying of the 3 ideal worlds being born in one room. I noticed that each baby when brought near each other became highly uncomfortable and started crying endlessly as if they contained a field that caused a disturbance around them. I figured out that the demonic baby caused supernatural atmosphere that scared the earth baby. And the demonic baby would be frightened by the angelic baby. I guess that would mean the human baby would scare the angelic if it were the perfect triangle (emotional mind reading disturbance?).

There is one more book i was suppose to write. Eternity: The Book of Death but it sounded too morbid and no one likes to read about death. I think? i might just write it and keep it at hand until i see what it looks like.

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