Esoteric Concepts of Ascendance.


Vertical Binary Ascendance Properties:

This is one of the fruits of my works. The True Binary is composed of the three; Chakra Ascendance (Body Alpha), Esoteric God Formula Transcendence (Mind Omega) and Aspect and Ratio of Self Empowerment (Spirit Crossway) components. If there was a science to ascendance it would probably be in this section of the very abstract esoteric studies we just went through. It is very important that you acknowledge that this is just a ladder list of ascendance climbing up to where ever.

Chakra Ascendance, Body Alpha:


Esoteric God Transcendence, Mind Omega:

Ladder of Human God

Aspect and Ratio of Self Empowerment, Spirit Crossway:Molecular and Aspect of Self


Ascendant Protruding Binary:

All three combined Gives us the True Ascendant Protruding Binary. But they are all vertical alignments in this spectrum thus there’s no Protruding Binary to a Protruding Binary. An Ascendant Protruding Binary in this case would be annulled or redundant.


Universal Paradigm; A Humanist Perspective Of Everything Mapped. Free 33 page pdf of writing.

The Book of Universal Paradigms

^click link for free pdf download. 33 pages read.


It’s done! the poems and written parts are complete. Maybe need some illustrations. I’ll keep it free to download until i decide otherwise.

The system allows you to see between the lines of matrices in life. The connections, roots and deviations are in the  threads that hold the world together. Once you can read the system, order is in place and we can identify the problems. Conflict won’t be such a big deal as long as we navigate out of it in time with the right planning, preparations and mentality. The inspiration for writing this is out of unconditional love; compassion, understanding and communication.

I might have used the word cool in there once, forgive me. This work is free because i’m not sure how the world will take it. Hopefully with a grain of salt. I worked pretty hard on it, proof read it a few times. I’m sure it could be better if i had a publisher. But i just wanted the project off my chest until i figure out what i want to do with it later.

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Coherent Dreams That Analyze Life


For the past month I’ve been blogging regularly and everything I learned that day I started dreaming about the next night as if subconsciously putting a puzzle together and attempting to solve it. Like for example the other night I finally completed world of eternity, star, divine, death and life. And that night I started trying to align them with their proper axis in my head in a dream. Someone approached me with a small hovering Merkaba for what ever reason and it was glowing and golden colored. Maybe just to show me what it truly looked like. He might have been of Jewish descent with his beard suit jacket and strange hat.

I think what deams are there for us to make sense of all the random things that happen in life and gives a clear or sometimes riddled answer about what is happening to you and your life. Sometimes sorting it out, organizing it and sifting through the garbage information for only the good and meaningful things.

I was just messing around with my new tapered pendulum I got suggested by a friend. And i asked “in the past what was i?” and I got an answer and it said Delenn. I searched it up and i got a fictional alien character from Babylon 5. Her character was very wise with quotes about life and wisdom; pages were literally littered with life and wisdom metaphors. She used a metaphor in this one scene with a candle and said that the candle represented life. And the flame is the human soul.. and that when that flame goes out it meant that life had gone out too. Everyone is unique as a flame and once that flame goes out no where in time will there be a flame like it in the universe. We are all made of star essence that have forgotten ourselves and before we lived by, petty desires, ego and who shines brighter. We were wise and understanding beyond worlds.

This was profound to me in that i shared this understanding too. This concept of who this woman was sounds like something i wanted to be like. If not as the person maybe just her wisdom. I have forgotten about the world of imagination through television. I haven’t watched T.V. for a long while now. I suppose all sorts of characters are out there have been created for a reason, maybe for us to relate to, look up to and idealize. I will continue to analyze my dreams in search for what it is truly trying to tell me.

Maybe it’s time for us to outgrow our cocoon and go through the process of metamorphosis to become something more than human. A being of compassion, unconditional love and understanding. There is more to life than what is set in front of you, a world full of personal messages and hidden values worth more than man’s gold and riches. Wisdom so profound it transcends the material and into the divine. I’m a treasure hunter at heart and looking for answers that may be riddled and unlocked through puzzles.

And this is not my journey alone but our journey as a collective. What is mine is yours and if you’ve gained something from all this, i am content and happy. I hope you find what you long sought for. Before you were born; your purpose existed and your reason for being here engraved. All is written in the frequency and waves of time in the multiverse. All you got to do is imagine and find your wave to ride; all decided on your ideas, thoughts and decisions.

A Glimpse of The Three Worlds As One; A Symbolic Dream

Yes another dream, it felt like i was part of it’s construction and as if I walked through a gateway to another world; this one was highly symbolic to me.


It started with the creation of the door way.

(Some background info, not sure if relevant to story but it was still part the dream so i’ll just leave it.)

The Inuits were known to have eaten dead whales. They got the idea that if you ate something you gained/inherited their powers. They ate something in the past they weren’t suppose to, something from a different world. They all turned to golden upright birds and waddled from the carcass.

The worlds Heaven, Earth and Hell aligned. Usually in the creation of this world hell would poke holes through the veil and cause death of sickness such as cancer. It was unstable and these were called miniature black holes that would force a cell to grow as tumors.

There were 3 rooms of interest in this giant house i explored. One is guarded by the spirit of Life and the one i visited was guarded by the spirit of Death. I was making a angelic reading and fell through what i call a carpet roll around me. (The idea was that in inter-dimensional 4th dimension crossing between worlds you would feel like you were running a rolled up platform which is the 4th dimension of time tying up the 3d world we live in today.) In this room a spectral woman in black with a skull mask appeared before me, I called her the Spirit of Death. The Spirit of Death punished me for some reason. Battering me repeatedly striking blows at my forearms trying to hit my head with a mace/club. I was able to kill Death because she had some kind of old industrial projectile weapon (it was ghostly) in her other hand that i used against her putting a perfect hole in the center of her head. Apparently Life was in the other room doing the same thing punishing those who came through the 4th dimensional door. There was a lady – she filled the role of an investigator and she told us that there was a killing in the room of Life where the victim was battered to death (guess that was Life going at it). As i would’ve been by Death had it not been for my evasive moves.

The third room was where i met 3 babies and a ceiling that was almost endless and it was constructed of makeshift wooden planks that make a round room. I think this was a signifying of the 3 ideal worlds being born in one room. I noticed that each baby when brought near each other became highly uncomfortable and started crying endlessly as if they contained a field that caused a disturbance around them. I figured out that the demonic baby caused supernatural atmosphere that scared the earth baby. And the demonic baby would be frightened by the angelic baby. I guess that would mean the human baby would scare the angelic if it were the perfect triangle (emotional mind reading disturbance?).

There is one more book i was suppose to write. Eternity: The Book of Death but it sounded too morbid and no one likes to read about death. I think? i might just write it and keep it at hand until i see what it looks like.

Interweaves of time; Logic into the multiverse

The future is staring at us right now with our satellites and eyes in the air; our social texting, Facebook messages/status, email, Google searches, downloads, blogs they all tell a story and this information is immortalized until the end of time unless the service provider shuts down or corporations really take away our freedom of using the internet. When i speak of immortalizing something just the thoughts and actions that happen can be recorded this day and age making the world an interactive accessible media for the future.

Take for example Google story telling. it tracks your location and plots it into the story book, makes panoramic views of pictures you take. Places you eat, travel to and visit are all recorded with this google story book. Take a look at what is possible with my friends vacation to Korea. 

William Wong’s Korea Trip. It’s all organized, clean and easy to use. I wish everyone worked with this, it would make traveling pictures so much more interesting. We have technology that allows us to instantly bring up searches about people, places and things. It’s an amazing age to be alive with technology, people and nature. Especially GPS and how they are working on automated self driving cars now in California. 

We live in an age where we’ve evolved into different time eras. Our origins came from Africa (Modern Human Origins for elaboration) after finding the remains of Taung found in Johannesburg, South Africa. Taung the human ape child (click for full story) had the brain of an ape and flat face of a man and stood upright. Theres a theory an aircraft that travels many lightyears away and when it returns to the world it would be centuries ahead in the future. Perhaps in moving far the body retains some youthfulness while the other ages vastly. Perhaps the living conditions, life experience and environment forces a change in a person in adaptation to things such as abundance of nutrients, exposure to sun and forthcoming challenges that make Europeans so much more different than modern Africans in physical features. Adaptation to an environment where it is cold and people are in doors all the time and not in the sun so much could attribute to pale skin. An acuteness for smell or taste may attribute to stimulating the olfactory for the nose. Or it could be the need to filter dust better as they are around more books. Eyes and hair are just a phenomenon of natural selection and error of dna coding. These are all speculations based on science but you get the idea.

Life in a multiverse:

The point is we are living in an age where multiple universes on one earth is very possible and the idea of norse gods living among us from a different dimension of time/space could be very possible. Heaven in the future and Hell of the past. Or if we dig deeper Era of humans in evolution all in one living time frame. Those who have deviated in evolution more then others. Not that one can be more evolved then the other because we all evolved differently according to our conditions, circumstance and environment within the same time frame living in the same world. Deities have been rumored to roam the earth and live amongst us in the past. Could it be that we could be offsprings of otherworldly humanoids? Deities can live for a long time apparently and they can come and go sometimes. All they need to do is add a branch to the human species and they have done enough imbuing future generations with their essence. Interbreeding of angels and deities is not a new thing. It has been recorded in biblical times such as the Nephilim who have roamed the earth during those days. Angels and so forth fallen from their realm of life onto earth banished never to return. Living a mortal life with mortal inflictions and problems. All of this speculation of course trying to be as scientific as i possibly can.

If realms of different dimensions exist the future would already be here. Stories about Prometheus giving the gift of fire to man – the start to the beginning of technology. Rumors of an advanced civilization living in the past such as Atlantus. Rumors and evidence(?) that there was some tampering with our past. Fact becomes truth, truth becomes story, story becomes myth, myth becomes legend; time degrades information and it’s validity as time progresses. Without technology to accurately monitor and record everything that is happening like today we cannot verify these accounts but even rumors have their roots and reasons. But strange phenomenon like ghosts, demons and u.f.o accounts happen every day – unexplained and unsolved. There is just so much in the world we don’t understand.

Maybe my next topic will be on Ley lines – Hope i provoked some thoughts.