Forgiveness for the past.

“Mending the heart” article and image source

Everyone makes mistakes. It doesn’t mean it’s okay to make mistakes on purpose. It just means we have to be more extra careful when we do things and to forgive people who make those mistakes when they do something wrong. To give them a chance to redeem themselves for what they have done is opening a world of opportunity for them to show that your wrong. That they can change and be better. That their mistakes don’t make them who they are and that the greater good in them outweighs the bad. Forgiveness of the heart is the first step of living free of grudges that hold you down and go on with your life. If the cut is deep enough that it cannot heal let it be and move on. Maybe with time they will realize what they have done to you. No anger just walk away. Justice for their acts will be in how they continue life in this manner and how people will treat them. There’s is no escaping a label that is engraved in your identity. Knowing this they will suffer their misguided acts as reminders of who they are for life.

In the end you want to be around people who bring happiness and positive energy to your life. Let the negative people stay with negative people until they understand what synergy and positive thinking can do for a person. It’s healing properties help you to cope with life and encourages you to share your abundance of energy with the people around you. It’s important for you to create your picture of happiness in life because your happiness means everyone around you will be happy. It’s contagious in a good way and your laughter and smiles bring others the same thing. There are health benefits to laughing alot in the long run, it’s scientifically proven that having a positive outlook in life attributes to your general health, immunity and overall success.

In conclusion like they say “forgive and forget” and also “let it be and move on”. Things happen for a reason and if that reason is not justified then the people you’re dealing with aren’t good people. It’s best to let them be and leave them in the dust. As your personal best buddy and most favorite person in the world; look after yourself and don’t let life and abuse get the best out of you. Most importantly of all, don’t let them take advantage of you if you’re going to forgive them for the same mistakes every time. If you are patient and loving like i am, warn them and tell them if their on their last straw and then if they continue leave them for good.

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