Solidified light; real life light sabers and other applications

Lightsabers make everything better

(picture source)

“Solid light” article.

This is a strange behavior in light that was discovered lately and it involves The Rydberg Blockade Theory where two photons of light come together going through a medium of frozen Rubidium atoms cooled to near absolute zero causes light to act as a molecule. From what i understand forcing it through this medium causes the two photons to increase it’s electromagnetic field and come together when exiting the Rubidium medium causing it to be like subatomic particles and act as if they have mass. This is an amazing find in that it expands a whole new world of technology. Possibly making crystals out of light and new generation quantum computers. Microprocessors that will hit physical limits in increasing computational power.

I just thought this information is really important in the study of light and it’s behavior through transition in mediums. From the world of fish to the world of birds through some medium out there even light is altered to be slowed and solidified under certain events, circumstances and conditions. This being a change in medium and the event they collide into another photon under the condition of being that exact moment. Everything changes, light can turn into mass and with these new mass types we can make structures of information in solid form so that the information will never be lost and circulate for all of time; new worlds of technology is possible. Artificial crystals; technology of information through resonating crystals will soon develop and their natural vibrations will branch off to healing of the sick mental and physical and transmitting of information via vibration. If they can get photons to act as a information processing unit that would be a giant leap for man. Not to mention solid light would also be a stepping stone for light sabers. Real life star wars would come to being.

In conclusion i’m excited for the new gates we have opened for technology. And here’s hoping Jedi’s will protect our planet from the scourge of hostile aliens.

“May the force be with you.” :o)

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