Concern’s for the USA’s inevitable collapse into depression

Picture source

“United states and a 25 year depression” <link to video

The United states is under real danger of a collapse just like the fall of Roman empire or an event equivalent to the Britain’s post WW2 state. They have trillions of dollars in debt. The Federals of the USA have no clue what they are doing. The Chinese are stealthily trying to crush the US dollar by smuggling gold into China preparing for a surprise reveal when the time is right. The States have made many enemies Iran, Russia and China. Their rivals through the IMF are scheming to destroy the Dollar currency. The USA is said to soon experience a 25 year extended depression which will devastate the country.This is all told by Jim Rickards The CIA’s Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor.

I live in Canada but i’m interested in this development of a potential fall of the USA dollar. The bottom line is USA is in a lot of trouble and a potential collapse is likely to occur. Reckless monetary policies by the federals are propagating and promoting money spending which is bringing the USA to the brink of collapse. The velocity for spending is going down and headed for a crash. USA cannot grow debt without causing the economy to aggressively slow down. “it’s worst today then the great depression”. Federals have 56.2 billion capital and 4.3 trillion liabilities.

The problem with all this is that without the USA, Canada might lose a partner of military strength. What happens to the states affects the whole world’s currency. With Russia claiming Canada’s land wasn’t distributed fairly is also troubling. What happens to the great west when Russia, Iran and China take over? But then again China being the master of Censorship, USA is the master of propaganda. The problems and circumstance the USA has run into was inevitable. There is no balance in both these systems who claim to be super powers. China’s shadow banking won’t hold up for too long buying empty inflated assets is economic suicide.

I’m not sure what the world is trying to do in terms of helping the good hard working people. What are their intentions increasing the world’s suffering? Why are they acting so selfishly instead of working together to support the USA in it’s time of great suffering? With all the work the USA is trying to keep the world safe from corruption, we need to give them some relief from their collapse. Canada needs to put in some relief efforts for it’s fallen brother. And the USA needs to rebuild a new system based on community and not just capitalism. Corporations running rampant doing as they please is not ideal. Their lust for money is just as corrupt as the communists agenda in keeping their people mindless and ignorant.

The system needs to change but i don’t think it needs to go through the process of a collapse in order to change. If only people had some control over their earthly desires, if only corporations weren’t so greedy and if only the country didn’t have so many hidden agendas abusing the people through propagation, things like this wouldn’t have happen. Life is precious and no one deserves to die of hunger, thirst and lack of shelter. Especially in a first world country which hasn’t experienced what a third world is like. This may be the process of life but the good people don’t deserve to suffer because the country’s puppeteers made bad decisions. Maybe we can learn something about the fall of the States and do something to avoid the consequence of poor choices based on the fact we are also democratic.

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