The Float System of Networking and Community

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Threre are three main sources of power in a country; you have your economic, social and political power. Even if this is so, there is one power that exceeds these in flexibility and it’s versatility called Community power. The difference between social power and community power is that social power is the power to climb the ladder, deal with needy factions and influence a person/group of people. Community is a network of people working together providing services for each other reaching for standards so that goals can be met. It’s a combination of all three and it can be substituted in each column back and forth. If you have a Economical, Social or political Problem it can be sorted out through the Community and addressed as a Community problem.

We shouldn’t take for granted what community is and networking is such a fantastic tool. Forums are a means to connect as a community to resolve conflicts that may arise when making global decisions . The majority is us and don’t forget that, if we have something we have to say and don’t like. We go on strike, sign a petition and voice our cause/concerns. We are a democracy and it is the people that make up the system, not the government. The government is just a supplement while we are the core center that holds everything together. The glue that holds us all together is our connection to one another our roles and obligations to one another. We are the substance, a body is nothing without it’s functions.

In every system we should have a float system alternative to what that power is in charge of. This emphasizes the importance of inner circle of important figures that are esteemed and up voted to be on a council. As well as a Union that protects the normal working individuals too. There is much importance in structure of a system and we our system isn’t just a 2 dimension tree but more of a torus shape 3 dimensional bringing back power, info and contributions to the middle where the money, energy and services can be distributed throughout the whole of our existential reality.


column 1            column 2       column 3             Float

Economical        Social             Political              Community

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