The Veil of the Underworld, Time and Multidimsion


The Veil:

I think that based on the dreams i’m having, something is telling me that multi-dimensional travel is undesirable and can only partially succeed and may reach but cannot completely penetrate the veil physically. The form you will mostly likely be able to see and move will be a strange form like a spirit watching from three perspectives one from above third person, your personal conscience as the 2nd person and from first person acting as a character simultaneously. In a dream this is most likely the case where all possibilities are possible. The multiverse while dreaming allows us to live many small miniature lives that in the end make up who we are, influencing us to become who we will become with a mix of reality in life too it becomes a product of your true identity.

I believe that the veil to the underworld is a different sort of veil where it can in some way interact physically with the living. Seeing that death can be on the same plane as life being linear and 5 dimensional. 5 dimensional being time and being able to fold time. All is connected and the deaths of other people and my own that i experience are interconnected with my present life. The fold is only active in my passing for example but i know in another form after i pass away i am able to make that fold happen because of our omniscient state as the dead. My theory being that when we die we are omniscient in all 3 views of 3 sets; 1st perspective, 2nd perspective and 3rd perspective, past, present and future, dark, habitable and light. These are the planes we can see and know of and because as i said our lives can be touched by the dead. We can feel their presence, learn from them and be influenced by them through being inspirited or inspired in a way.

The Veil of time is the only veil i know that we can cross over spontaneously without even knowing. It is the only veil that can be broken and where objects are able to move through unaltered and unchanged. There are time zones in every place that can be crossed and aging that makes time evident and all this leads to the idea that time can be manipulated but limited by our life span as all things. Just as light travels at the speed of light which reduces aging. We must seek to move as light and bring glory of life, light and heaven  to the world forever.Though we lack the technology there are natural phenomenon about time travel on Earth by mother nature. But this sort of time travel is spontaneous and random and therefore you travel at your own risk.

In conclusion there are many forms of perspectives, times and states that a person can exist in and being able to tap into these things and being in tune with yourself you will be able to discover the secret that  is yourself, your identity. Your identity is something you will build forever as long as you live. As  i can speak in third person unconditionally, 2nd person to you and first person as if i were talking about myself and still be intelligible; So will you in this life of dreams, life, death and afterlife. I’ve learned that i’m a healer but i do not know how to channel my work into something constructive and viable to this world. I have only my words, dreams and inspirations. I know I am a healer at heart and maybe some day someone will help me realize that.

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