Esoteric Concepts of Ascendance.


Vertical Binary Ascendance Properties:

This is one of the fruits of my works. The True Binary is composed of the three; Chakra Ascendance (Body Alpha), Esoteric God Formula Transcendence (Mind Omega) and Aspect and Ratio of Self Empowerment (Spirit Crossway) components. If there was a science to ascendance it would probably be in this section of the very abstract esoteric studies we just went through. It is very important that you acknowledge that this is just a ladder list of ascendance climbing up to where ever.

Chakra Ascendance, Body Alpha:


Esoteric God Transcendence, Mind Omega:

Ladder of Human God

Aspect and Ratio of Self Empowerment, Spirit Crossway:Molecular and Aspect of Self


Ascendant Protruding Binary:

All three combined Gives us the True Ascendant Protruding Binary. But they are all vertical alignments in this spectrum thus there’s no Protruding Binary to a Protruding Binary. An Ascendant Protruding Binary in this case would be annulled or redundant.


The Veil of the Underworld, Time and Multidimsion


The Veil:

I think that based on the dreams i’m having, something is telling me that multi-dimensional travel is undesirable and can only partially succeed and may reach but cannot completely penetrate the veil physically. The form you will mostly likely be able to see and move will be a strange form like a spirit watching from three perspectives one from above third person, your personal conscience as the 2nd person and from first person acting as a character simultaneously. In a dream this is most likely the case where all possibilities are possible. The multiverse while dreaming allows us to live many small miniature lives that in the end make up who we are, influencing us to become who we will become with a mix of reality in life too it becomes a product of your true identity.

I believe that the veil to the underworld is a different sort of veil where it can in some way interact physically with the living. Seeing that death can be on the same plane as life being linear and 5 dimensional. 5 dimensional being time and being able to fold time. All is connected and the deaths of other people and my own that i experience are interconnected with my present life. The fold is only active in my passing for example but i know in another form after i pass away i am able to make that fold happen because of our omniscient state as the dead. My theory being that when we die we are omniscient in all 3 views of 3 sets; 1st perspective, 2nd perspective and 3rd perspective, past, present and future, dark, habitable and light. These are the planes we can see and know of and because as i said our lives can be touched by the dead. We can feel their presence, learn from them and be influenced by them through being inspirited or inspired in a way.

The Veil of time is the only veil i know that we can cross over spontaneously without even knowing. It is the only veil that can be broken and where objects are able to move through unaltered and unchanged. There are time zones in every place that can be crossed and aging that makes time evident and all this leads to the idea that time can be manipulated but limited by our life span as all things. Just as light travels at the speed of light which reduces aging. We must seek to move as light and bring glory of life, light and heaven  to the world forever.Though we lack the technology there are natural phenomenon about time travel on Earth by mother nature. But this sort of time travel is spontaneous and random and therefore you travel at your own risk.

In conclusion there are many forms of perspectives, times and states that a person can exist in and being able to tap into these things and being in tune with yourself you will be able to discover the secret that  is yourself, your identity. Your identity is something you will build forever as long as you live. As  i can speak in third person unconditionally, 2nd person to you and first person as if i were talking about myself and still be intelligible; So will you in this life of dreams, life, death and afterlife. I’ve learned that i’m a healer but i do not know how to channel my work into something constructive and viable to this world. I have only my words, dreams and inspirations. I know I am a healer at heart and maybe some day someone will help me realize that.

Nuclear missiles around world disarmed by higher power. Resurrection and Blog obscured direction.


“Nuclear Missiles Around World Disarmed video 1”

“Nuclear missiles CNN America’s disabled missiles video 2”

“Nuclear Missiles Disarmed by UFO Article”

I read from a government report that all around the world nuclear missiles have been disarmed by unidentified flying objects as early as March 16, 1967. It seems a higher power is at work in solving the nuclear arms race, something out of our control – or specifically even the USA military’s. All 10 missiles have been disabled and accounts of unidentified flying objects were encountered throughout the incident that was covered up until recently leaked and now confirmed on CNN. Retired Government officers and several accounts of military personnel testified about the incidents. I’m surprised this was not blown into proportion by the internet.

It looks like our world’s fate is in the hands of higher powers. That the importance of our evolution and world’s survival has an important role in the future. There are forces beyond what we know and it could be human and it could be not but what ever it is it’s saving the world from ourselves. It’s basically saying Nuclear War is definitely something we do not want to see and the ease into a transition into a new era will be lead by divine hands. Rest easy and continue your journey, all is good.

I had a strange dream. In it there was a being who was discussing a fail safe built into the system in case this certain person of importance died that he could be resurrected if there were the right 7 chosen people there they could bring back to life a God Head. They would only make up the inferior bottom half from the jaw line down and the god head would make up the rest of it up. I think they were talking about the god conscience and it exists on Earth but we don’t know by whom and if he even realizes he has the god conscience. Or maybe it’s not just one person but all of us who have the god conscience. If the Christ conscience is indeed us and we are growing into something beyond human, that would be amazing. In the dream i also met an angry spirit who was looking at a diagram branching out into different realities and one of the realities is that the being was God. This is where my theory that there may be a now living benevolent being with omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient abilities. Maybe even a group of them. The tree i saw had the roots Mage, Healer and Creator. Which leads me to believe this is in human form what a God Head is; a Mage, Healer and Creator.

“Life on Mars traces of life”

I had recently read an article on Mars and how there may have been life on Mars at one time. This is interesting in that if it is true that we had beings living on our neighboring planet, how much of their culture and things did we borrow from them? And maybe some of us are truly part martian and don’t even know it. All i know is if there is truly intelligent beings out there in the world who live among us in the multidimensional plains then it is more a reason to push for a an intelligible, understanding and wise life.

My thesis has gotten to the point where its becoming very other worldly and that makes this thesis a little more complicated to decipher,  rationalize. make sense in a comprehensible manner. I know there is a meaning in all this in the end but the more we dig into string theory the more fantasy like this blog becomes. Think positive, picture your paradigm and get into practice of affirmation are all tools that are highly recognized by the psychological community as being positive influences in your life. To keep in tune with life and find a way to navigate through the chaos, dissonance and negativity is the only way to realize your paradigm vision. The place you ultimately long to go to. It is not only a place you long to go to but a feeling, atmosphere and ideas that make the identity of this “place” you gravitate towards. Again all these things are for the most part good but cleaning up all these theories and ideas will soon be something that may become quite a difficult task to complete.

Butterfly Effect; Changing the Ripples of Life

For every purpose. There is a reason. Either selected/inverted, circumscribed/uncircumscribed, circle/square. The world and everything in and around it has meaning and life is never black and white. It is a spectrum of grey. Extreme ideas need to die down quietly and the voice of conscience needs to be focused on.

Every detail in space, time and dimension has it’s reason for being there. That rock in front of you was placed there so that one could trip over it, to be displaced, to be an annoyance or to bless a person’s life with a meaningful accident. How ever you want to look at it, that rock has a reason for being there. It too realizes life in the multidimension and every event that occurs to it happens to alter the reality of everything around it. Like a pebble hitting the water and rippling it affects EVERYTHING that surrounds it even to the decimal of places. The butterfly effect that can double and triple the consequence. This is how life works, it’s spontaneous and unknown what outcome can come out of any particular event, condition and circumstance.

Every action has a reaction and we shouldn’t be afraid of what happens to us unless the people who it affects actually hurts someone we love. But what ever happens to us makes us stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. Consequence is only dangerous if it’s life threatening and you’ll make mistakes and you might end up paying for it but the end rule is life goes on and you’re responsible for continuing it with the events, circumstances and conditions put on you because of it. There’s no need to worry about time travelers, abnormal and supernatural because we can’t control it. It is good to be aware of it but to be concerned about it is really not something we should be focusing on. Life really is “a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re going to get” This is the reality of the system and we cannot truly memorize the steps to becoming who we were meant to be, there is only the realization to be it and attempt to be it.

The necessary steps has always been to picture your ideal place to be, to envision it and step into it with your mind, to affirm it through words and put it into practice by getting use to seeing pictures of it, knowing places to go in it, understanding what needs to be done to get there. We know that it’s a struggle because of the chaos, dissonance and negativity that is in the world but we strive everyday to overcome these obstacles in order to realize this moment in our life where life is paradigm. Everyday that passes is more of a reason for it to be something you would want to find yourself living as. It’s difficult to know when and how your going to get there. Even if it’s a make shift and held together by scotch tap and glue there’s going to be a moment where you will live the picture you drew in your head about a place your soul really desires to go.

In conclusion i believe that in life you just have to go with the flow but keep in practice, mind and heart everything that you lived to see happen. Because you only live once, life is about exploration but as well as fidelity and modesty. So live with moderation disguised as your most secret fantasy and be excited for life. Life makes more sense when you’re enjoying it, laughing and having fun with it.