The Outside World, Personal World and Building bonds


In the process of making sense of life and building identity; The outside world, personal world and building bonds comes to be the most important aspects.

A world of many universes put into in one place is an interesting concept. This place is one filled with all heights of creativity and i believe the world exists not only in the imagination of the whole collective but in a world parallel to us where all ideas exist. An ideal world would have variety of things to see and change our mind in our taste of what we like. Staying only to what we know and are familiar with will not allow our vision of an ideal world evolve and change into something bigger and greater.

Even so there must be a diverse variety in the outside world as well as a balance of what we like in this world surrounding us. Surrounding us with what we love and what we aspire to be and have is something we can do to make our experience on Earth better. Collecting and organizing things is a human habit that we do subconsciously and we do it because we enjoy having things that we can identify with around us. It is human nature to have things we love to remind us who we are and in having things this builds identity in a way when you’re growing up. And we are always growing up whether you like/believe it or not we grow with every experience, thing and event that comes up in our life.

Building relationships and connections with people, events, places and things is the name of the game. The more relationships established the easier it is to navigate and figure out what, where, who, why, when and how of what you’ll have to do to get what you seek. The more relatable we are, kind, and virtuous we are the more people gravitate to you for what ever their reason. We are like magnets made of amazing content still needed to be extracted like planets holding a gravitational pull due to it’s mass. We attract ideas for the reason that we need to and want to connect to others. It’s an amazing journey of helping others achieve this as well. All else is trivial or will come with time, work on your relationships and all will come together in the end.

In conclusion; Life is the world around us in the macrocosm and life is in the microcosm of our own personal space. It is in the connections and bonds of everything around us that makes life worth while and interesting. We need to focus on building our relationships that we have and continue to establish new ones as we go. Young or old there is always something to explore and new aspects misunderstood that should be re-explored. Talk to new people, ask them what they do and hand out more cards. You never know who your next employer will be in the future. You’ll never know what you’ll love. You’ll never find out what you haven’t discovered if you stay in your shell. So open up and see the world.

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