Dreams are the unsung memories.


Sometimes dreams that are conjured up seem like memories. Recalled in the past and influenced by current conflicts in life becoming a stew of emotion and thoughts that collaborate to produce this product that are your dreams. It is this process that makes me call dreams unsung memories and dreams are as important as life as I have come to understand. It is a smaller world where we can in a way sometimes control the elements, direction and environment if we really apply ourselves. Unlike our bigger world (The real life outside world) where we have less control over things appearance, function and nature. It is the macrocosm versus the microcosm and the macrocosm expands to be bigger where the microcosm contracts to become smaller. The dreams can be within dreams and within dreams whereas the macrocosm real world can expand into City to Province to Country to World to Solar system to Galaxy to Universe.

Dreams play an important role in that it influences you subconsciously throughout the day. It sits in the back of your mind throughout the day and changes your thought patterns and whether to be cautious that day or not. It makes you wonder and ask questions and it also inspires you sometimes to aspire for greater things. Life and dreams are an assortment of many different things and you never know what you are going to get. Different recipes give different results and products and thus so do dreams and life’s products. We do what we desire to do and take what we desire to take this is the result of our desires to produce a world we want to produce. This is why the world around us is the way it is, if we desire bad things then bad things will surround you, they may even control you for example if you marry an abusive/controlling person. Your objective is to be in control of your life and it’s direction not the other way around where the world controls you.

Really, dreams are memories and they influence you as any memory does as experience and should be treated in the same way.. to learn from and improve by. It is everyone’s objective to succeed in life. It is your choice to make a life where you can be happy. Life is your design, savored and not be taken for granted. You only have one life so make it happen. Make happiness happen, think positive, be creative and own your life.

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