Notes on: Tai Lopez speeches Chp: 0-1 “On life instructions.” Starts with a direction. What’s in the package?

0: Things to do:

Find a mentor. spend time with the three levels of mentorship: low, same and 20 yrs ahead. aim for health, wealth and love. Be consistent. Be aware of mistakes.


1: A random highschool classroom. A genie lets you choose 1 kid you can have *10% of that kids income for his entire life* who do you choose? Why isn’t it you? The intangible is what you should pursue to be worth a damn.

three people in the world: those who think about whats happening, those who make things happen and those who wonder about things that happen.

Do you deserve it. Are you worth a damn? The key is awareness. It’s all about the packaged expertise not just the single talent.

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