Learning from Tai Lopez about life. notes: chap. 2 E.S.S. , Adaptation.

Life is not about being the strongest, or the smartest. The one that can adapt is the one best able to survive.

To be changeable and adaptable is a feature most desirable in this world.

Let us replace the 500 year mentality with E.S.S. (Evolutionary Stability Strategy).

The cow and grass. Cows eat grass. Grass likes to grow fast and vastly. Cows strike a deal with grass encouraging it to grow so cows can eat them forever and ever. The symbiosis relationship creates the E.S.S. that cow saliva with the good bacteria (flora) heals the grass and the grass grows back faster so it can feed the cow.

Newton said: For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. We want to evolve by creating a balance between the two extremes.

Cut a deal with life. Don’t push the other “side” too hard to the point where it can’t recover. Everything is not black or white.

Exchange deals with experiment failures for direction, wisdom and knowledge.

Strike an E.S.S. with the world and life itself.

Avoid Certainty Bias. Don’t follow word for word what the general are doing. If your fructose intolerant don’t be eating fruits and end up dying. If things change find a new stability.

Don’t be a victim of hard wiring, flow and experiment. Adapt and change. Avoid black and white, good and bad. Even the words good and bad now have better word choices and they are in the shades of grey. Grow your spectrum of shades and colors and be more specific. Start thinking in hues and tints. The more specific you are about things the better you can express yourself.

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