Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 7 “About life”: Constructive Thinking.

Framework of success 67 steps. Day 7:

Constructive thinking and risk.

Positive psychology; why don’t we study it over chronic health issues? It’s a learned consciousness.

We are rewired to be helpless:

Dogs are trained to be helpless in a scenario where a 1 foot fence would hold them back from jumping out because of how they were trained with the 10 feet fence. People are trained to be helpless thus depressed.

People are caged to be helpless and unhappy.

We are conditioned to be helpless.

Learn more, self teach and read more. Use your resources like GPS, Internet and Google.

Don’t be a salary slave. Look outside the box and own your business.

Cause and effect. Modern times can be advantageous and sometimes not.

It’s a time where you have the freedom to launch a business. You can even recover and rebuild from bankruptcy up.

Risk in the modern jungle is the best way to go. Safe is a bad thing in this world. No opportunities no change means not good. Some people that you meet in life you’ll never see again. If you seek love talk and mingle with alot of people. If you seek business talk to alot of business savvy people. Find people who have an interest in love, life, happiness and wealth.

If you want it go for it. Be creative about it. reps and sets. practice it. *Read a book by Arnold Schwarzenegger called total recall.

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