Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 6 “About life” Lottery Mentality is an Illusion

Eating well takes time and there are no short cuts to living healthy and eating well. The reason why supplements are there is to compliment your diet not to take it over. Same with love, love with time and proper attention will give you what you deserve in the end. If you don’t sow you won’t reap. Put some effort into the things that you want but prepare for the consequence/reward. My financial goals are to save maybe save $1000 a month and let it grow. For Happiness i’ll just start with watching one of these videos with Tai Lopez to learn and become more wise about life every day. I think i’m going to make sure i live one day at a time and  push a little every day towards my goal just to chip a little weight off day by day.


Media bias: The more you hear it the more true it is. Some times its not true but you hear it so often that it becomes a reality.

Good life is exponential. You don’t hear about how it is before it comes to be. Life is a grind.

One must build on strength. If your genes tell you you’re meant to be lean and muscular go with it and run marathons, tone and try to bulk for lean muscle.

Life is a sculpture, chip at it. Live the grind. Do not approach life with the lottery mentality and expect to win.

Feedback analysis: Research, test and observe. Read up on it before just agreeing on other’s words. Be a scientist of your own life.

Embrace the truth, avoid media, don’t have to be conventional. Control your media.

We want information to come easy but not easier. We want things simple not simplified.

Correlation and Causation: Life and financial success start with you chipping away day by day with a goal in mind. No one just wakes up rich being poor the day before doing absolutely nothing. Sweat, tears and hardwork is the grind of life and without the grind there is no life. You never hear about the grind in the news but you hear only about the product and the success. People can start from a trailer in the poorest state in USA and grow up Valid Victorians and become great presidents.

Small good decisions every day makes the man lose the lottery mentality it is an illusion.

Go to bed a little wiser.

Step by step. discipline yourself everyday. day by day work on yourself and improve on yourself.

health, wealth, happiness and love are the big pillars in life.

If you can’t find a sucker in the room your the sucker.

Life success is the fruition of many factors.

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