Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 8 “About life”: Integration and outlook.

Integration of ideas and life pillars:

Linear reductionist is what we’ve been taught that separating everything is the way to go. If your life was a 10 and separated into 10 categories.. not every one of those categories would equal to 1. Some would be 2.. or multiplied by a different category, or less then 1 and so forth. Some would make it so that your life is beyond 10 in measurement.

Integrated life. Try to make everything work and compliment each other. Take it as it comes and integrate your lunches with social time with a friend.

Stop the thank god it’s friday mentality. You want to forget what day it is and live life. If you’re living a life where you’re only excited waiting for your next vacation maybe that job isn’t for you.

Life is work and work is life.

You can listen to people but you don’t have to agree with everything they say.

It’s better to have good days of a rating of 8-9 points everyday rather then having perfect 10s once in a while and running into really bad days because your expections are so high. You forget what normal is.

Tap dance to work. Find something worth being excited about going to work.

Fulfillment, love, finance and health. The great pillar of Eudaimonia. These are the things you have to work on and try to integrate together rather then compartmentalize when executing them in life.

Levels of success: Pleasure, authentication, social cause and being in a community or group.

So many opportunities in life, how do you sleep attitude.

Let things bump into each other. let love happen during work or during working out. let happiness happen when you work out. Let things happen when you do other stuff.

Can’t sacrifice a day doing nothing excited for tomorrow.

Integration increases Dopamine in head.

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