Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 9 “About life”: A book a day, approach life with many advisors.

“Read a book a day. Wage war with councilors” -Tai Lopez

Successful rich homes are filled with libraries of good books usually. This is the trend, emulate it.

When reading you are pretty much downloading information from smartest people in the world.

“Survival machines that simulate the future are ahead of those who are using overt trial and error time and energy approach which is some times fatal. Energy is finite.”

Books are the easiest way to simulate experiences.

Emulate good and simulate the bad to figure out the good.

Simulate the future in your mind.

They don’t operate alone. Have coaches, teachers, mentors at your side to help with your decisions.

Read a book a day about health, wealth, love and fulfillment. Do not fall victim to consumer advertisement. Some books only have a few good concepts and the rest are fillers to be sold. Look for quality in a book. Read up on the author. Find the credibility in who he is and what he does. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and look for books that have fought the challenge of time.

The good life is a straight and narrow path.

Rewire your brain to make learning pleasurable.

Tips when reading:

  • read several books at a time.
  • buy stickers, highlight quotes.
  • jump books when bored.
  • read going to bed.
  • read books for it’s credibility and content.

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