Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 14 “About life”: Preparation and balanced perspective.

“It’s all your own fault”. Is the mentality you want to get into when you are defeated. Can you really predict the future? No one can tell what calamities or accidents can happen in life. It just happens.

The things you are not prepared for is your fault.

Be prepared for the dark day.

Do not be egocentric do not make the world revolve around you.

Mistakes are made to learn from but better alternative is to learn more from others experiences and prepare for mistakes to come.

You can only be massively positive if you are massively prepared.

prepare when it’s easy and prepared when its hard.

You can’t blame the blind for leading the blind. It’s your responsibility to take charge of your own life.

There is no one asset in the world. not gold, houses, silver or wood. Assets move around and life is unpredictable.

Expect for change, be prepared for it.

You cannot be one of the two extremes completely; optimist and pessimist.

You need to be both presevering and hard on yourself at the same time simultaneously.

Alternatively you can be pessimistic throughout the duration and end game optimistically.

There’s a time and place for being positive and pessimistic for preparation.

Have a balance of both, find the medium.

Prepare for calamity or to meet an expectation.

It’s always safe to assume your missing something.

Biological rewiring you reproduce so genes don’t die.

Approach life without intoxicant, delusions or diversions.

Don’t put off what you can tomorrow when you can today.

Don’t rely on other people’s charity. You need a foundation and a backbone basis.

Don’t abdicate and don’t fixate. Meaning don’t push off and don’t be aggressively hard on yourself. Have a balance of both, find the medium.

Don’t be trapped. We are simulation machines, simulating ideas and people of the past or future to make things happen.

Determine your assets and sort out your liabilities.

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