No home for those who thrive on the dark and abuse the lowly.


We had great religious prophets/leaders in the world including; Muhammad of the Islams, Moses of the Jewish and Christ of the Christians. They have gifted us with a world we see today and wisdom that influence the world we live in today. Though this is true we must remember that we live in a secular world now and are bound by rules of man. We should be more worried about going to jail for dating minors, drinking and driving, modern people rules, public intoxication, representation and taking care of our bodies. This is modern society for the urban. We’re civilized smart and tame, contemplating and intelligent capable of many things. I’m sure all these people were capable of being able to use all the technology and things we are today. Their nutrition may be different but their minds are not. They do not think better than we do.

The only difference is that they had different rules they had to abide by which influenced the rules they implemented on themselves, be it through the roman’s rule or even no rules and from scratch. The rule of Muhammad may be to pray everyday before you wake up before you sleep and before you eat. Stay a virgin or die by fire for shaming your family. Don’t blaspheme the holy Koran or you’ll get stoned by rocks, heaven knows there’s probably no rocks around in the city. Those are archaic ideas instilled in a person for that time frame, place and mentality. It may be Gods rule for the time, but even God wouldn’t want these ideas to work against his people or himself in the future. These ideas must be left behind because they are hindering the potential of man. We need to adapt and survive the new world. New imbalances in the human body from nutritional intake, fat intake, sugar intake and salt intake must be monitored. Exercise must be monitored, blood pressure and mental functions must be monitored. There are more things to worry about than the control of what other people think because that on it’s own is impossible. It should be more about what people feel from their hearts is right without the absence of the mind through consequence, circumstances and conditions.

Going to Moses who actually wrote rules on tablets to guide his people. This was a step up from those dark desert ages Muhammad lived. Know that our brains yet have not changed dramatically since than and it is just rules that have been implemented on us. God was told to be with this man and he led his people out of the Egypt out of slavery. Taught them rules to abide by, not as extreme of rules as been set by Muhammad back then. Though Muhammad lived a harsher and more dangerous world which reflected in the rules he instilled in his people. This was all good and now we have the modern Jewish people who are bankers, lawyers and business people leading the modern American world. The Islamic people are left behind while Israel the jewish have moved on to better things. They cling to a medieval world that exists today only to be extinct soon as the world will purge the undesirable societal parasites who live sadly maybe in poverty, theft, crime, prostitution, terrorism and thrive in such. Those who thrive in the sickness of the dark will be nothing more than a memory holding on by a thread of life in this modern society. Justice and Order don’t exist for those who aren’t willing to live under partial surveillance and willingness to change. Why do you deserve to roam freely if you have dark desires that you cannot control in the real world and ashamed to show it in life?

Christ was a stepping stone for preaching, teaching and creating a starting point for redemption. He gave us a second chance through his atonement rule. This is just another game rule implemented into a world that needed a new start. Now more than ever do we need this new sort of atonement into life in the modern world. Will we ever get another prophet identified by the heavens under God? This i believe is not necessary because the kingdom of heaven is already established on Earth as you can see. The modern world is what it is and it just needs refinement and workers because instilled in us we all know what work needs to be done, what ideas need to be emphasized and what wisdom needs to be instilled in people. We are going in the right direction all the prophets made sure of this. They have done their jobs of the past but we need new mentors in this world more current and latter leaders we can look up to. This is the new world, it’s not made up. Not run by anyone older than 100 years it’s run by young people who believe in freedom of thought and justice. Those who lack it are in the wrong side of the world and on the wrong team. In this world we’re all capable of being shepherds and self made heroes.

This is the modern world. The new prophets heroes are you. You are the only ones who can change the world around us through your efforts by work, ideas and wisdom. Those who want a free life and fresh start even now are attached to those who do not care for the free life. Separation is necessary for some and integration for new ideas and people are even more necessary. This world is not run by tyrants and to a degree we are headed in the right direction. Let’s just work with what we have and build on it and be mindful of the many things that are out there. There’s people doing their own thing believing they are doing gods will for their people and such things. Whether it’s a medical mental disorder or spiritual disorder we do not know. We just need to be mindful, intelligent and contemplating when acting here on out above the rest of the world.

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