Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 15 “About life”: Quantification and Calculating life.

Remove all doubt in the world. If you get rid of everything even with the smallest percentage of doubt what are you left with? politics you can doubt but math you cannot!

Top rich people are: Investors, real estate.

Retain a mindset to quantify.

You don’t necessarily have to be a linear reductionist.

Enter life into the calculator. Overcome, make peace with math and statistics.

Figure out: Margin of error, rate of going insane, projected income, percent of failure.

Quantify real life with satisfaction, odds of success, regret and fun.

Don’t abdicate about living wise.

Don’t fixate about living wise.

Find a balance of both and work with the medium of those two. Instead of being hard on your self fixating or writing it off abdicating find a way to get the “lets make it better” mentality.

You can have anything but not everything.

Give up the reason for being a certain way for something good. Do not be a victim to the tyranny of your history.

Many things you are wrong about in life but 1+1 will always equal to two.

Use a calculator for/of life.

When asked how or what i should pursue ask and think like an investor: “let me quantify my success chances, margin of error, projected income – the value of my projected value is..”

Your body is your temple:

Generate your calories intake with this link:


Calories: 1750-2450 calories per day

Carbs: 100-159 grams per day

Salt: 3.75-6 grams 3/4 teaspoon to a table spoon.

seasalt=good, table salt=bad.

Sugar: 0 grams if possible

Fat: 20-30% of total calorie intake divided by 9 grams = the amount of fat you you should eat.

transfat=bad , saturated fat= not so bad, mono sat/poly sat = good, omega 3 fatty acid = very good.

Water: 2 litres a day

Think math quantifying a real life math equation:

I could go with this architecture job instructing drafting or i could stay with my current teaching job which i tutor 2 days a week making 350-500 bucks but is inconsistent 50% of time making 150-250 value. The new job if pays 30 dollars an hour for maybe 5 hours a day i would make 750 bucks a week if working 5 days x success rate of 80% x chance of getting better job 200% due to experience x happiness +30%. $780 – $1560 depending on chance  of getting a better job, projected week income value is much better than current job thus i should go for this opportunity of getting my hands on this job asap. Happiness would increase immensely.

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