Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 16 “About life”: Edge effect and broad minded.

You are in a jet of life, you don’t want to learn from trial and error because the chances of getting killed and maimed is high. Learn from other’s, learn from books,  learn in general and emulate these ideas to simulate a future that is weaved from the understanding of everything you know summed to become the event that is your future.

You need be the people running the show and gain the renaissance mentality. You need to learn to be eclectic (know many things), either investing or being the man that has all the strings at his disposal. Being in control means you have options and more opportunities.

Download new mindsets into your library of knowledge and ideas.

Successful writers read 200 books before writing their own. Have an inventory.

Be the person behind the scenes running the show, know more than one language, learn history, learn art: history, music, architecture.

Nuances, know your shades of colors and grey. Be that one person you can pick up as interesting.

Reef + ponds and cities. Are places of high activity your brain should be the place of high activity.

Edge effect, know the other sides perspective. Broad minded, know many small things and general ideas/concepts. You have no right to argue another side unless you know more about that idea/concept than they do.

Iron sharpens iron. People and ideas rub off on each other and be sharper.

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