A Hero Out of Place: in the urban modern world.


What are the implications and conflicts that would come up bringing in battle born heroes into a world of tame urban and civilized? This would happen. John Snow a soldier of the great wall in the Game of Thrones series would be placed in a dinning room in New York and we’ll see how that plays out.

A Hero out of place:

A heroes mentality is to strive for being number one. Competitive and hardened by years of hardships and challenges. A person of the past could not thrive  in a world created for the civilized in the modern world. One would go crazy without the physical stimuli and lack of hard work unless he sought it out. The age of development and the past is the place where influence would echo through time beyond death thus great leaders back then would be remembered as iconic leaders and prophets rather than just a simple teacher in rags or a rambling fool of influence.

It’s important to keep the heroes spirit in tact and strong for when challenges come they can be met equally. With stubbornness, perseverance and wit, bickering would not become a waste of breath in a debate and may be drawn out to become resolutions and understandings. Random small talk can become thoughtful conversation. Ideas can become thought provoking questioning of the universe. So forth, the soul of the matter is that if we train as heroes we think as heroes.

The mentality of strength is not just in the testosterone, it’s in wit, cleverness and understanding. It is almost feminine, you cannot have one without the other. Here you must use the power of both worlds and wield it so that you can have the best projected outcome. Balance is one tool you must understand but the truth is, we’re not prepared for the truth. How to harness it to understand it. We must be prepare and understand balance. To unlock the power of traditional conservative religion and rapidly evolving liberal science. These are the worlds two extremes and if we can map them and scale them we will understand a worlds farther beyond this.

The world of determining what certain things are may be completely wrong because divided we are nothing, together we can be more. The idea of separating people into categories is wrong because potential of man is based on how he grows up, his experiences, and how he goes about his way. Mongoloids, Caucasian, Negroid; these words are used to the purpose of identifying a certain category but never a means to divide the human race. Understand the balance of this grave situation which caused a separation and later determining race by class. This is dangerous to us, those who were born from hardship seem to live and do better in the modern day world. Great investors and minds seek out those who do not fear hard work and go to immigrants to find cheap and good labor.

Heroes are born everyday. And i’m not talking sword wielding hack and slash barbaric heroes. I mean brave, noble souls with great aptitude for greatness. Greatness does come from the light and nor the dark. It comes from genuine interest, noble causes and driving force.. the ingenuity of it all comes with time but greatness comes from wielding both worlds and aspects of things. Having a good balance of both without falling prey to being a subject of either side. You just become a easy target for others if you label yourself a certain thing. Know what you are capable of, but don’t let the world know what you have coming for them. Place your heart in the right place is all the world asks, as you are a model built for supporting and encouraging life as a guardian you should excel at this task as a nurturer, healer and teacher. This is a personal goal no matter what course you pursue.

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