Spooky Action Quantum Mechanics: Crazy Physics for the New World


You see it in electronics; resistors, capacitors and microchips all running on the idea that is quantum mechanics. To see it evolve and grow into architecture and more technologies would be so amazing. Can’t wait to see the “Spooky Action” theory in application.


I had a dream. That i could make a save spot at any point in my life. I chose that moment when i moved into my old house on 82nd street. Right next to this church i never did go to, it was one of the only houses on the street. A rowdy neighborhood full of uncertainty and sometimes scary people who regularly broke into our garden store shed and of course stole my collection of lego. I would love to see what variety of versions of myself would have come had i done certain things different and what my life would be like. Maybe in the future if i keep a pin point date and place i could come back and see it when technology allows me to.

Anyways, I ran across this video about quantum mechanics. It’s a great introduction to the things i was looking at earlier about “Spooky Action” quantum mechanics. This thing is a real life law and not just a topic of philosophy. It’s ideas used to create rules that make systems. This to me is my gold nugget for the time being. I love these new ideas about particles acting as waves just like how we couldn’t figure out how light could function as wave and particle. That depending on the quantum amount of energy that came off a system of protons and electrons of light will give off a different line color depending whether it’s upgrading levels or downgrading levels in a prism. Quantum mechanics and Quantum entanglement meeting an understanding through John Clauser Physicist’s experiments later refined by french physicist Alain Aspect creating a experiment that proved that the spooky action of replicating another object through quantum physics was possible. It was now a rule, just like how planets revolve around the sun through gravity. Spooky action is now a thing that maybe a tool that allows us to down the amount of work required to make “perseverance and trying many times consistently” into just a simple equation of question without trial and error solution. This idea of making a binary with both on and off power is also very, very exciting in that it flows with my current line of thought about where this world is going with science and religion.

We’re headed for very exciting times with the new movies, games, technology, vacations, jobs, books and so much more.

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