Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 17 “About life”: More grind is better grind.

Do you know anyone who has put in the hours of work and gained nothing from it? Even your extra efforts can be converted to acts of charity. No one’s extra work is ever in vein.

Altruism is the act of being selfless and devoting time to show that you care. We need more of it.

To be a leader you can’t just outsource life it comes with heroic efforts.

The grind will bring great products to your very life.

Live life, put the hours in the work and you’ll find happiness.

Untrick your mind try to not be bothered by that mentality that makes you think the grind is bad you need to pave a road to the city. You need to make your way to the place where all things meet, the crossroad of much activity. This is the place where you make dreams happen.

Happiness can be found experiential and in the moment. The grind will bring memory happiness. The extremes of what you had to do to get there and the sacrifices you made will help you get to that happiness.

Don’t be excited to do something only 4 hours and hate doing that thing. Make it so that you want to increase the hours. Spend more hours into that thing you like doing best.

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