A show of integration, a sign of community working together.

Lately the tension between civilian and the mistrust of police officers has gone up. Frisking of suspicious males namely latino and blacks has outraged a lot of people. It’s all psychology, if a person is suspected of doing bad things and frisked it is assumed they are up to no good. This leaves some distaste in the civilians eyes and a small grudge against society; it also wastes people’s time and  makes them feel bad.

This new program where people are rewarded for following the law and promoting positive activity may sound expensive but it sounds like something that would help the community mend trust issues with police officers. Instead of avoiding cops and we try to impress them is a rather valid idea. I know from my experiences even though i haven’t done anything wrong i’d rather avoid police attention knowing i could get a ticket for some reason but to get a gift card for doing what i do best would be a great change.

I believe this sort of effort is a step toward better integration into the community aspect of the system. This is the sort of balances we need to see in the system to help better the world around us. We don’t see 3rd world countries giving out gift cards to reward people for good behavior. This makes us distinct from everyone else and puts a better light on our police service who work very hard to serve and protect. The negative attention they have got with corruption, over-policing like racial profiling and frisking and just police abuse has gone way out of hand and this  is just one thing that will change their appearance to the public in more positive light.

I’m very excited for this program to spread more in the American countries. I hope this is a stepping stone to a change in our policing system.

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