A System That Validates God as Very Real Whether He Is or Not


A system that includes a higher power and purpose is one that  encompasses life itself and guides us in a direction that is humble, full of humility and altruism. A nurturing life force that encourages, reinforces and balances life. Though this is true we must learn to implement these ideas and also to evolve learning new ways to improve our lives at a humanism level. To figure out our priorities and identify what we lack and should improve on. Thus i put an interest in this idea of bringing in the god concept in life even if it may not be the old biblical god or perhaps it’s an alternative version of him one for the tame improved urban life. Improved through time and adapting to the theme of humanism.

-in my reply to a recent post.

“If god were a concept, this would force people to believe in the idea that there may be a god. If they are forced to ask if there is a god there would be hope in the doubt that there may be a god. In hope that there is a god we may be brought to faith that there is god. The concept god encourages us to build for a better world, It is also a grand tool maybe made by god himself if we believed in god that there’s a world we cannot comprehend and thus why he lives in us forever even if we don’t believe in his existence.  What you breath into life through god makes his presence ever the more valid and real. So as long as we believe a higher power is out there, we are encouraged to live out our days righteous and so the system of God may be a purposeful one.”

The power to identify with a being of higher power is sort of a relationship between mentor and student. The student once ready becomes a mentor himself whereas a being needing to achieve everything that is needed to be god will never achieve it in this lifetime but may encroach certain domains of it’s virtues. It is delusional even pompous to think that we can ever reach the physical, mental and spiritual limits of what god is. Even so we in nature still need to go in that direction even and improve in that direction spiritually and mentally. To be prepared and uphold what we believe is true and right.

You cannot argue this loophole in the validity of god. You cannot disprove god nor can you prove that he does exist. He is both neither nor the other. He is and isn’t. This idea of a binary being both on and off in quantum computing is the idea that maybe god is integrated into everything around us. That maybe him not being real and the argument of not seeing him with the naked eye is false because his essence is in every living thing that reasons. That maybe him existing and the argument of him being real is also falsified because he’s only a concept that he only lives in the actions of a noble being and those who act out of the goodness of heart. It is both and neither. Both extremes of these perspectives are wrong but when put together it makes perfect sense.

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