Even The Cookie Monster Teaches The Secrets of Life

Purpose, Passion and Resistance.

Can The Cookie Monster a fictional childs puppet describe the meaning of life, purpose and dispell addiction all at once? The Cookie is the objective and reward in the cookie monsters mind. It may be a physically material but life works the same way. If you accomplish the current work, apply the right amount of energy, exercise the right ideas that are required  then you will get the reward or product in your life. Life results are an occurrence of many objects in a stew that makes a product. It’s very simple minded for a cookie monster to objectify a cookie but to understand the process of getting there and learn about another word called “Passion” makes life make more sense.

If you know what you enjoy something in life. You should pursue a career related to it with the mindset and consideration of what outcomes it may bring. The goal should also should be to find a balance or medium on what is practical and a thing you love to do. Something you can possibly do effortlessly in your sleep so to speak but don’t be afraid to work if you’re goal is a really big one like starting a new company. It comes with time, patience and money. Passion is the word that expresses what you are feeling when you love what you do, or what you love doing.

The last Idea is that life is also about resistance. The abuse of substance, material even people can bring about addiction. If you have an addiction your first step is to identify it. If it is an addiction it is causing problems detrimental to your health, life or over all happiness. If you are not satisfied about any of these you need to evaluate life and see if you’re doing anything to hurt these three things. For cookie monster he could have diabetes, or overweight or losing friends/respect because of his cookie addictions. It’s as simple as that, but the hardest part is consistency. If you let up for one day then you’ve destroyed your progress.

The cookie as a life objective or fake cookie; often dressed and appealing to the eyes is often deceptive in it’s ingredients which may bring out a affect of disorder for mind/body, direct personal health problems, life dissatisfaction. It’s like an exotic mistress, fun to talk to and do certain stuff with but purposefully made as a nurturing mother for your children not so much. A book may also be misleading in its advertisement but what is it’s value in content and will it teach you anything about life itself, was the read worth it? Size up your profits/benfits and invest on it if it’s a good idea. Beware the fake cookies, they taste and fill you up with plastic. We call these process brand cookies. Relatively the same contents but companies may not care about the processed sugar they used, how much of it, or added other types of additives like food coloring.

The cookie can also be a product of your labors which is a different concept. It is the real cookie, you know what you put in them and what you want in them. It is the process of gathering all the required materials for an object to be made like a cookie for example. The 4 pillars in life are wealth, health, happiness and love. Maybe not in that particular order but if you stir those up a real cookie appears. Beware an excess of cookies can cause failure also, an abundance that is not controlled can destroy you. So share it among others and share your abundance of cookies with loved ones. Destribute the cookie monster life mentality. Life is in cookies.

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