Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 20 “About life”: Reinvent your world

Reinvent things in your image.

There are those who watch. There are those who wonder. There are those who make things happen.

Innovate your way out of the situation.

eg: charter your own jet + get people tickets. Is a solution off an island.

“Screw it, lets do it” book

Make what you like into your occupation and re-imagine it.

You get 1 humanity goal and 1 selfish goal.

Be realistic

But not self sacrificing

make it your passion.

but do not be completely delusional.

Be patient.

Be in love with the reimagining process.

make your life look, sound and be good.

Be Specific in how you define it in: Health, Wealth, Happiness and Love.

Write down what you want from those 4 pillars reimagining what you can improve in them.

Introvert/Extrovert; know what you are and incorporate it.

Live life with intentions.

Goals are fixed on social aspect of life. If you have slurpy, twinky eating friend. You may fall to slurpy, twinky peer pressure.

Reimagine big don’t worry about being delusional. Have courage. Screw it lets do it mentality.

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