Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 21 “About life”: P.A.S.E Energies Be The Cameleon.

PASE Energy, assessing it and improving your social skills.

Your brain is hard wired to socialize.

Understand, persuade, turn people/enemies into friends.

Change people’s mind every where.

Understand and identify your core.

P = Practical

Get things done, secure and scheduled

A = Action

igniter, action energies and not patient

S = Social

Talkative, Hippy, Light talk

E = Emotional

hold things in, intense, sensitive.

Figure out yours and people’s priorities and energies.

Casanova – “play the chameleon.”

Ontology is the study of the nature and relation of being.

Be a chameleon to appeal to others.

like beings are attracted to like beings.

PE get along.  Must be wiling to change. must be adaptable.

SA get along. hard to finish stuff. Great at starting stuff.

Be sociable , be adaptable and bring it out.

Be aware and type people.

Thesis – Thinks every one is different

antithesis – Thinks every one is similar but in different groups

synthesis – Understands everyone is an individual but group them together.

Synthesize people and ideas.

Avoid extreme ideologies, never type or over type but balance them.

People need to not just start listening, or actively listen but accessing ideas.

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