Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 23 “About life”: Perspective, innovation, insight; Overcoming the wall

In the middle of a storm how do we land when the winds push you side to side?

Make the plane go where we want it to go.

Geometry: The fastest way to a destination is a line.

Perspective; Look back in history. Some people have a problem putting food on the table. Ask, is this a first world problem?

Innovate our way around if you hit a wall. Only innovation can get through the wall. Mentally if there is a will there is a way.

Do it by force, dig under, run around it, helicopter.

Inhuman environment: like gravity, physics, inertia, earthquake, tsunami, tornado and fire.

Humans can be obstacles too.

Keep in perspective. When there’s evil being done to you, rarely will it be the evil you think it is.

Break it down to baby steps. Linear reductionist. Everything falls in together and in order. Problems that keep you up at night. Take perspective of the situation and innovate.

Life is the grind. Landing a plane in a storm, make it land where you want it to. overcome obstacles; a wall in front of your life. Parkour your way through it. Make it beautiful and a piece of work.

Life is a canvas; have will power, generate faith, generate force of will, have a natural inclination.

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