You Are an Insect. What is the cost of change.

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There is a forbidden word that must not be spoken. That if God has to exist then of course there must be evil, an opposite of what he is. There may exist some form of evil out there but not necessarily the one evil we are thinking about. No one in the world is capable of all the worst evils in the world unless he is pressured, fantasizing or suffering through a disorder in making it his goal. We take the idea of Good and work counter productively by producing and creating an opposite image of what we do not want. I mean it could reinforce the image in our head of what is good and bad but the point is we do not know what that may look like. Looks can be deceiving. There is inaccurate and accurate but there is no black and white. No good and bad.

You know how rumors start and how they can get twisted. Synonymous words takes us to related words which brings us to crude comparisons and metaphors. This is what happens in history, things get warped and information gets changed in the process of time. The idea of good and bad have to evolve, maybe from Good and bad to.. Levels of correctness: Justified, Functional and Disorderly. The question is why is some fallen angel suppose to be God’s greatest enemy? God has no equal. It is time to move on. If we think about it the opposite of the most powerful being in the world is the most wretched, primitive and disgraceful insect in the world. Let us redefine what evil is; to be a hording, mindless insect with no positive virtue. This is where we went wrong with the system and became delusional and misguided.

There is nothing attractive or seductive about being an insect, there is nothing good or virtuous about being an insect. There is no positive things that you can say about insects other then they live off the ground and care about nothing around them. This is a key step in dispelling evil. People in general are stupid. I cannot claim to be smart but the level of stupidity that people of our history has amounted to. The righteous crusaders, to the enemies they fought, every human being who had forsaken the subtle and unconditional love their mother showed them is an insect. Those who do not do their research and study only things they were born around with are insects. There is a library of ideas, studies and worlds out there and if you do not seek to improve yourself and somehow disallow yourself from reading any other books about life, you might as well be hordes of mindless insects. The idea of romanticizing a arch-enemy is ridiculous when there is no function other then to challenge one self for change. This is all good and dandy until you become delusional and paranoid.

Not pointing fingers but Christ did not write the bible, it was written by men inspired by God to write the words they did. I believe in the purpose of God and Christ; That they were defined and established as they are for a reason, and i believe there is some degree of truth in words of men inspired by god but i do not believe in men due to his nature, tendencies and objectivity in life. The people in power wrote those words and they wrote them to use and abuse evil as their medium to overcome their trials. There’s is nothing wrong with the act of referencing and i have nothing against these wise biblical men and the act of referencing to the extent of recycling their words and finding new ways to comprehend their quotes and understand their quote is a very good practice. The only thing is your looking for things that may not really be intentionally there and set there for you to see. You are practicing the act of manipulating words and warping them to your cause which is not good.

I believe in God of higher purpose. I apologize though, but i do not believe in the Old God of Christianity we use today and do not care too much for some of their practices this day. Nor do i believe in whether or not Satan is real. I don’t believe in Anti-Christ or being atheist. I believe in building a sustainable, healthy and active life in a modern day age where we are free to produce ideas and not be detained for it. I believe in constructive criticism and cynicism but i do not believe in abuse, bashing or hate. I will not stand for discrimination in my eyes, those who do it will just deal with the consequences of those people with less moral hands than mine. Lack of tolerance will have it’s consequences. The times of change is unraveling and justice is distributed through karma or darwins “every action has an opposite equal reaction rule”. The way you treat each other will determine how you will be treated.

Remember, don’t be an insect.

2 thoughts on “You Are an Insect. What is the cost of change.

    • Hi Yeshua,
      Carbon is one of the most abundant elements in the universe. All things are one way or another carbon based. It can also be the most versatile in that it can become one of the strongest materials in the world becoming a allotrope such as a diamond. I believe carbon is the basis of life but i believe silicon is the evolutionary gap we have not made but trending to towards. If there was intelligent life out there it would have to be silicon or carbon based. But i do not believe this is mainstream information and a matter of my personal opinion. The balance is like that on the platform of humans, where humans are versatile capable of becoming very competent, sharp and resilient as a diamond would be. It can also be flexible in changing it’s direction, skills and professions as carbon could be. Humans are carbon based and to this basic level the only duality i can see is the negative and positive charges in it. And the ascending levels to be carbon, silicon and if the trend is correct germanium. That is my analysis on the element Carbon and it’s potentials. As for balance it is also found in the helix of a DNA pattern. It is in the goldy-locks area of the periodic table that enables us to establish sustainable life.

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