Poetry; Bitter Sweet Lullaby: In love with an idea

Bitter Sweet Lullaby;


In love with an idea,

Secrets, Enigmas and Hidden things.

Only the lost know that they need to be found.

So that forbidden misunderstood things can be privileged.

The secret to the insanity.

Is that it is two face to one coin.

The disease is part of the cure.

The taboo that is death is also found in life.

Who knew the medium to death and life was love.

As much as we bring those we love to experience life.

We also bring them in to allow them to suffer death.

It is not because we hate them that we do this.

It is out of love that brought life and death of a person.

It is love that brought us together on this Earth to experience it as we do.

It is love that will dispell the sickness of the world’s disorder, dysfunction and illness of the soul.

Compassion, Love and tolerance that..

Eradicates extreme sorrow, pain, discrimination, hate, rape and torture.

It is heart breaking to love,

and rewarding as well,

To act as if i knew love well,

is to ask if i was capable of it.

The redundancy to that question is,

why one would keep himself to the point of insanity

for a make belief idea.

Because, i’m in love with an idea.

A fool, idiot and martyr for the flames.

The secret is that they know me well, but i don’t know them.

To be honest is that fair?

I’m waiting for divine intervention and beacon of light.

For a sign that it’s alright,

To be who i am,

To allow my soul to mend,

To know that there is purpose to my existence and a destiny bigger than myself.

Love creates bridges,

It has substance,

It fights harder if it fails,

It creates miracles as it works when nothing else will.

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