The Heart that Matters; Theoretical View of the Heart.

The Heart that Matters;

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In every life the potential for life giving attributes is breathed into their hearts. In it the components that will allow them to live, love and show compassion. The heart in itself has neurons in them and thinks as a brain, probably not as articulate but it functions as a vital organ and a memory bank that stores information. It is versatile as it is strong and functional. This is the key to knowing the most important organ in life. The Egyptians also knew that the heart was the most powerful organ in the body and in the mummification of Osiris thought that they could preserve his heart for his return.

There are 3 general ways to view things in life; personally, subjectively and objectively. Chronologically,  the first perspective being personal it may sound selfish but it’s all about what you want. All that is critical to the universe of the man/woman comes from the heart. The center of your universe would be you and the heart. Your planet the center of your living plane. Your solar system/galaxy your personal plane of existence. Lets do some purposeful/active/inventive thinking here. Who is to say that the big black void in the center of the universe called the massive black hole is the center of your universe when everything that happens is here, in your heart. The scientific notion that a super massive black hole is the center of your world is irrelevant and also belittling when you are in charge of your universe, you get to say what needs to happen, what goes and what doesn’t. You determine your destination in life. It is our universe though and from this perspective you are the single entity that makes the rules in what you want to see. This is one way to establish the 1st view of life we see on a daily basis.

The heart of the matter is you must be willing to not be ignorant and see it only one way but two to three ways. You acknowledge that that there is more out there and your galaxy is scientifically revolving around this super massive black hole but you have your own field of gravitation and things around you are under your influence. Except you get to choose what, when and how it happens. Remembering that your not the only field of influence with gravity to change events and things around you. There are those who have more powerful levels of influence and they can do more then tell normal people to do certain things. There are also numerous numbers of influences and this can cause even more distortion, dissonance and chaos in what you see in front of you. Understanding one view of the world from the personal 1st person view, then understanding an subjective view from the 2nd person view is another and understanding a objective view from the 3rd person view is crucial in seeing the whole picture.

The first person view is one personal and one usually being seen from your very own eyes. You control this world it is personal and you are in charge and able to establish a field of influential gravity. The second person view is one where you are a spectator watching as an equal beside/among and talking as if you were aiding a friend with advice and compassion. Third person view is one where you are indifferent and not in the same plane as the person you are watching. As a spectator you know the people and see it all through a lens from the sky. Sometimes seen as a “objectified” state it is highly recommended not to think so forward for the sake of your humanity. But it is also the summation of all views and perspectives in consideration that have gravity on the subject. So this view is a product of every force transpired influenced by the human field of gravity in the event.

The views of the heart are crucial to the study of the things around you. We must use the combination of all three views to get the best results even when only speaking from one of the three chosen perspective spoken tenses. When speaking from the heart you are essentially speaking a truth that is a medium of all three perspectives seeing from all sides incorporating compassion, love and a divine justice in all situations. It is only through the heart that we see the most reasonable, correct and justified state of our life. And we must push for this truth so that man can change and become more than we are currently. More divinely inspired, influential and hungry for truth.

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