Intense Dark Dreams, Morgan Le Fey

An 8 hour dream i couldn’t escape,


Foul green fire engulfed the bottom corridor. It seems a gateway of some sort has been opened. Monstrous shadows that I hacked with an axe wouldn’t die, it seemed physical induced damage would do nothing to them. They would fade and come back from a different side and every angle. It hit so hard and fast, we never saw it coming. Pushed outside of this building we huddled and waved away at these ethereal creatures that would come at us relentlessly for hours, starting to feel discouraged as i saw our efforts dying. I saw her pale face as a corpse queen bluish green with no iris. A witch of great power corrupted and bent on a revenge much deeper then i can understand, anger infested every thought and such a dark sense of hate to inflict pain and suffering. Who is this woman and why has she manifested they way she has? The only name i could think was Morgan Le Fey.

Controlled men, seduced men, conquered men.

Thrown into a marriage i never wanted.

I was a healer and later plotted and schemed.

The man i wanted never loved me back.

I played with dark forces and conjured many aberrations.

I wanted to bring about the downfall of my half brother and his lover.


I am Morgan Le Fey, The Witch

It is I who should have been queen.

It should have been i who ruled.

I’m a goddess, a fairy, a healer and a witch.

I had many names and many faces.

I could morph into any animal, do anything.

I foretold futures that i despised.

I had to entrap the souls of my 250 knights in order to ensure loyalty.

Tell me it’s unfair to have so much power, control and influence yet not have the one thing i desire over all else. The one love i desired to happen never did. The string of lovers i regret for that one that got away was all that matters to me until this day.

I couldn’t let him go, controlling him made it worse. All the sorcery and enchantments at my disposal and i couldn’t get the one thing that mattered. My love was a lie.

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